1. SteveH

    Seat Belt rewebbing

    I sent my '78 driver's side OEM FJ40 seat belt to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. They advertise on eBay and the web that they will replace the webbing and clean/lube/repair the unit for $75 or so. I found a discount code on the web that covered the amount of the return shipping and then some...
  2. Chachi254

    Looking for replacement truck bed sides for 1983 Toyota Pickup Long Box

    Hey Mudders, I bought a 1983 Toyota Pickup long box this last summer, and while the bed is in pretty good shape, it's starting to rust and I want to get it fixed/replaced. I've been looking online and there are a few aftermarket bed sides around, but none of which are long-bed length. Does...
  3. C

    Project Barnwork 78 FJ40

    A friend mentioned he had an old land cruiser sitting in a barn and said he'd talk to his sister about us going there and moving it... he parked it 6+ years ago... Months go by (where I read tons of mud forum posts, day dream, and work on my 100, making every mistake there is to make), and I say...
  4. HawkDriver

    Builds  Hawkdriver’s 1975 FJ40 Refurb Thread

    Holy schnikies! There are enough “build threads” on this section that the subject should probably have its own subforum. This factor alone has been a main reason that I’ve hesitated to start my own thread, ever since the ol 40 was parked and this project began some 3+ years ago. Among the other...
  5. D

    1988 Cruiser Color Codes

    In the process of restoring my white 88 cruiser. Not sure exactly which "white" color code is correct? Everything that I've seen thus far, points me towards color code 045, but the color swatch looks beige/tan, rather than white. Any assistance provided, is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Zeus0623

    Builds  Newly Restored 40 With Questions from the Past

    Hello All! I am the proud new owner of a 1972 FJ40, British Racing Green. This truck is in great shape, however the restoration it went through has left me with some loose ends to tie up! CruiserHeads, I need some help! I am hoping to use this thread to post my progress as I sort through...
  7. H

    93’ Cruiser coming back after 10 years of sleep

    Hey y’all I’m new to the forum and need some help from you well educated folks for my fj80. Purchased by my dad in 1993 the rig was driven for a few years on and off but for nearly the last decade it has not been driven. Fired up a couple times several years ago but not driven. I need some...
  8. seth

    Builds  1965 FJ40 FST Restoration Thread "Old Yeller"

    Hey everyone! I hope you are ready for another teardown/build thread, because I don't doubt that this project is going to be an adventure... This is the second FJ40 I've owned – I also have a third I call Dirtbag – but Old Yeller is by far the most original. Over the last 6 years I have...
  9. Cartertsp

    Can't find a place to finish '76 FJ40 restoration (Phoenix, ARIZONA)

    Long story short: Purchased the FJ40 over a year ago. I'm 22 and have invested 1500 hours, and 15k+ in brand new oem parts, restoration tools, etc... Took it apart after driving it twice thinking i could restore it quickly. Took longer than expected. Was working on it outside my parent's house...
  10. Krondor

    Builds  1965 FJ40, What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

    1965 FJ40, What Have I Gotten Myself Into? It all started a few years ago in Africa. I was fresh out of high school and ready to explore the world. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life so I said, "fxxx it, let’s go to Africa". Anyways, I found a group called African Venture, which...
  11. E

    FJ40 Restoration, Convert to EFI?

    We are starting to restore our 1971 FJ40. My grandfather bought it new. It still has the original engine. The carburetor had previously been replaced. I want to keep it as original as possible, but I'm considering upgrading to a fuel injection system (possibly a Howell or Weber). Either fuel...
  12. MexicanNewby


    Hi, I am trying to get the semi float pair for offset diff as the previous owner decided to drill bigger holes to make way for wider bolts/studs, yeah this includes the drum as well! Does anyone know the spline count on these? Or the year they changed specs? I live in Mexico but have someone...
  13. Alexh85

    Builds  1978 BJ40 Restoration

    I bought a 1978 40 series land cruiser that I am going to restore. It has a B engine. So it will probably end up with a V8 I started by getting the axles sand blasted and painted, replaced all the bearings. And bought new 2" lift leaf springs, shocks, steering arms, brake cylinders and brake...
  14. N

    Project “Moose-Nuk”

    hey all! I’ve started tear down on my project. I have a 1991 TLC. Got it for $200, it was already hacked. So the plan is to keep it convertible and cage it and make a custom top for it. Also plan on swapping in a 5.3l vortec out of a 2003 pickup and got my 4l60e 2wd trans. I am keeping the stock...
  15. The FJ Company

    The FJ Company - 1964 FJ45LV Signature Series

    Hey Fellas, I've got a duesy for ya this time. We are building a very cool truck this year as a part of our Signature line-up. This time we are grafting our efforts that went into our SEMA 2017 build into an even more vintage platform. A 1964 FJ45 LV. That's coming out....might save...
  16. Swampfox58

    Not One of Our Own, But Still Pretty Sweet.

    Found this Bronco outside Ponce City Market in Atlanta.
  17. H

    '84 FJ60 Resto-Rebuild

    Hi all, One of the newer members here, and just getting around to starting a thread on my latest project - a 1984 FJ60. I previously owned a 1990 HJ60 (while living in the Congo) and had to get my hands on another cruiser when we moved back state-side. I found this one for a decent price...
  18. Economist LC76

    OEM Winch chain & hook correct position

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has information about TOYOTA recommendation regarding the hook fixation on the mechanical winch? The original brochures show quite unstable position of the hook. Looks like when you start driving the hook will contact the front panel Standard owner's manuals don't...

    HOW TO: remove the steering wheel and replace with a pretty one

    Unfortunately I am VERY late in doing this write up but well...I've been busy. @FloridaFJ80 and I traded some gear (of which I have YET to send him :bang:) and I promised him I'd do a write up and give my feedback. So here goes... First thing first is comparing the old steering wheel with 364k...
  20. BTUMAN

    eBay  1963 FJ45 Short Bed - Professionally Restored

    SOLD- Just jaw dropping. Amazing Restoration. 1963 Fix Top Factory Short Bed in Toyota Heath Grey You Tube Video
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