1. C

    Rear Chassis Restoration

    Hey folks! I finally got the rear bumper off after a long battle with one rusty bolt. This is what I have.... see pictures. Any recommendations for moving forward from previous experience? Also, any idea if this part that seems like a "buffer" behind the bumper should just be replaced?
  2. Phenx60bruiser

    Caught the bug

    So after 6 months of staring, drooling, and bugging my wife I bought my first land cruiser. It’s a 1987, 215k, and I got it for a whopping $2500. I think I bought the rustiest cruiser in North America however the frame has nothing but light surface rust (that I saw). I will be starting...
  3. LowSpeeHighDrag


    Just came across this video. cheers.
  4. OldMan Ray

    An FJ60 called Bruno - my NorCal Bay Area restoration project

    Hello, I’m new to the forum. I just acquired a 1984 FJ60 a few months ago, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! I started this thread to document all the repairs & upgrades that I’ve done with the truck so far. I started out as a 4Runner fanatic (I have a super dependable 2002 SR5 3rd Gen...
  5. J

    77 FJ45 Restoration advice required for the best sale price

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine would like me to restore his 1977 FJ45. He originally bought it to keep but has lost interest. He had a guy "restore" it for $2000. Besides taking nearly a year the job was 'what he paid for'. I told him that I will restore it properly so that he can get the best...
  6. M

    Help Me Finish My Roof Rack! Looking for NRS Roof Rack Brackets and Vintage Roof Ladder!

    Howdy fellas, I am looking for some "quick and easy" NRS roof rack brackets, I attached a photo at the bottom. I am currently running an old sears rack with the strap tie downs and well... It fell off on I5 once. It seems as if I have to tighten them every time I drive. Would love to get the old...
  7. suppjoe

    Builds  1987 FJ60 Restoration + 5.3 Vortec Swap

    Hi guys, my name is Joe (long time lurker, first time poster). A little less than a year ago I bought a 1987 FJ60. This thing was an interesting specimen. No carpet but also no rust as there was 30 years worth of road grime keeping the chassis nice and safe! The initial idea for the truck was to...
  8. Sparkman86

    Lucy the LC: 1969 FJ40 Frame Off Rebuild

    I found this bucket of bolts about a year ago. I'd always wanted a fixer upper project car and boy did I get one! This 1969 build, '70 year model, had been sitting in Arizona for a while judging by the condition of it. It looked mostly original and was relatively rust free. The engine had a...
  9. C

    For Sale  FJ55 ARMREST

  10. BigMouth

    40th Anniversary Reconditioning Project

    I have owned a 40th Anniversary for the past 10 years and it has become an essential part of our family. Having watched many build threads here over the years, I have finally decided to take the plunge and take our 140,000 mile LandCruiser (Special Edition #4110) back to something closer to...
  11. OffRoad911

    Sealing the Tub - Full Frame Off Restoration

    Another question for those who have done a professional full Frame Off restoration. Once you have removed the insulation material applied to the areas near the foot wells, how do you replace it? What material is used to replace the original material? What purpose does this serve? Also the...
  12. I

    For Sale  1976 Rustic Green FJ40 factory soft-top spec. Make offer

    It's a '76 out of AZ and CA with records of oil changes and documented miles. Looks to have been repainted in the 90's to red from its original green and the upholstery recovered but aside from that its mostly original.. Has the cool under jump seat conn fer storage boxes, rear heater, CB...
  13. N

    For Sale  72 FJ40 Project Vehicle, San Diego, CA

    I have a 1972 FJ40 project that I need to get rid of. I purchased it as a nearly complete stock FJ40 with minimal rust. My intention was to restore it to like new, close to stock condition. Unfortunately I can’t complete the project any time soon so I am looking for someone who wants to pick...
  14. D

    LX470 Project Build

    I currently own a 2010 Mercedes E550 it's a great car but a little tired of all these repairs becoming too frequent. I was told to buy one of these originally, but didn't listen oh well live and learn. I current taking on this project of this blizzard pearl 2005 LX470 168k one owner from Texas...
  15. scoobiedubes

    Wanted  1966 Bottle Jack & handle

    EDIT: Apparently the bottle jack I have isn't correct, so I'm looking to buy a jack and a jack handle. If you've got the whole kit (with the extensions) and want to put it all together that's fine too. ORIGINAL TEXT (for context with the replies below) I've got an early bottle jack and the...
  16. TristanFF

    1982 Land Cruiser BJ42 Restoration

    Hey everyone, Been thinking about doing this for a while but would any one on here be interested in watching a Canadian dudes semi-professional documentary YouTube series on restoring a vintage Land Cruiser? I’m doing 99-100 percent of the work myself and will be uploading shortly. I’ll add a...
  17. SteveH

    Seat Belt rewebbing

    I sent my '78 driver's side OEM FJ40 seat belt to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. They advertise on eBay and the web that they will replace the webbing and clean/lube/repair the unit for $75 or so. I found a discount code on the web that covered the amount of the return shipping and then some...
  18. Chachi254

    Looking for replacement truck bed sides for 1983 Toyota Pickup Long Box

    Hey Mudders, I bought a 1983 Toyota Pickup long box this last summer, and while the bed is in pretty good shape, it's starting to rust and I want to get it fixed/replaced. I've been looking online and there are a few aftermarket bed sides around, but none of which are long-bed length. Does...
  19. C

    Project Barnwork 78 FJ40

    A friend mentioned he had an old land cruiser sitting in a barn and said he'd talk to his sister about us going there and moving it... he parked it 6+ years ago... Months go by (where I read tons of mud forum posts, day dream, and work on my 100, making every mistake there is to make), and I say...
  20. HawkDriver

    Builds  Hawkdriver’s 1975 FJ40 Refurb Thread

    Holy schnikies! There are enough “build threads” on this section that the subject should probably have its own subforum. This factor alone has been a main reason that I’ve hesitated to start my own thread, ever since the ol 40 was parked and this project began some 3+ years ago. Among the other...
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