1. Shoulderleen

    Solved: Prismatic Powders Color Match for Oak/SEM Monterey

    I’m interested in powder coating some metal to match the factory oak color of the interior plastics of my ‘95. Has anyone gone through the $500 color match process with or found a powder that is an exact color match to Oak/SEM Color Coat Monterey? If not, I will pass the...
  2. O

    Beware of AAA Engine rebuilding 1FZ-FE

    So as stated I bought a new rebuilt 1FZ-FE from AAAEngine out of Southern California and if you want a summary of this post here it is: avoid AAA Engine at all costs. It has been an unmitigated train wreck. First I ordered the motor. Took a couple months to be shipped. Frustrating but I...
  3. CIR

    Lesson Number Two

    Lesson Number 2: Not every dream car starts out that way. We love the dreamers, the ones with high aims and unlimited enthusiasm to realize them. We work with experienced makers to transform classic vehicles into a quality end product fitting our clients desires. We act as unifiers in the...
  4. SNLC

    Builds 1995 full resto build

    Hey Cruiserheads! This build thread will document a full restoration on a 1995 FZJ80. This Cruiser came to us from Texas. The owner liked another 80 build we did and wanted the same level of detail and quality. We briefly discussed a v8 swap but pretty quickly that just went to full refresh on...
  5. E

    FJ60 OEM Steel Rim Restoration

    Hello everyone, Has anyone attempted or have any experience with restoring the stock, 15" steel rims for an FJ60? Not only re-chroming, but straightening and correcting runout as well? I'm at the point where new tires for the FJ60 always need massive balancing weights that end up falling off...
  6. A

    1988 FJ62 Rust

    I recently bought an FJ62 in decent condition that has some moderate rust issues. Ill post pictures to go along with it but I wanted to get opinions on what it may cost to fix it's issues and paint it to its original gray color. It runs and starts half the time, i've ordered a few things to fix...
  7. longjohn

    Knowledge for Noob

    New owner here of a 2001 100-series, bone stock and I aim to keep it that way. Thoughts on common things to tend to in the near term for general sprucing and daily driveability?
  8. B

    Dissembling some parts in the undercarriage for rust prevention

    Hi all, I recently got an LC, but it has some slight surface rust. I plan to tackle the rust with evapo-rust, rustoleum primer, rustoleum enamel spray then finish with a CRC heavy duty corrosion inhibiter. In order to get as much surface area as possible, it looks like I'd have to dissemble...
  9. Jonbdawg

    SOLD Middle Georgia: 1971 FJ40

    1971 fj40. Yes, this is a Large project for someone....hopefully. More than I can handle and looking too move this truck. No motor. All doors, seats, rear hatch and glass are here. I bought this FJ a few years ago after purchasing my fj80 and haven’t had time to devote to it and finally...
  10. truthdetector

    1997 Restoration

    First post, folks and I'd like to share the first major milestone of my 97 LC restoration project. Bought this beauty at an online auction. The auction pics showed the engine running and it was classified as "run and drive", so I took a chance and flew to Indianapolis on a one-way ticket with...
  11. RollTide40

    RollTide40 Rebuild

    I purchased a 1972 FJ40 last year. 1F engine, 3 on the floor. I’ve decided to replace the 3/4 tub. I will be putting a newly rebuilt 1F with a Holley sniper back in to mate with the original 3 speed transmission. I plan to keep the drum breaks, but I will be refurbishing the system. I will be...
  12. C

    FJ62 seats - Restoration or Original?

    Hey guys, first post here. English is my 2nd language so, sorry for grammar. So I have a FJ62 currently working on it and unfortunately is for re-sale (hopefully the next one will be mine too keep) my idea was to keep it but I need some money now. The FJ it's an 88 and the interior it's original...
  13. maxofarabia

    Barnfind Fj45 pickup - from Saudi with love

    It’s been a while but I’m back. After selling my Fj45 a few years ago I’ve slowly been playing the Toyota game and have bought and sold a few cruisers. Currently I’m sitting on a 1973 hilux, two fj45s, abs two Fj60s. I have learned my lesson on full restorations so now do my best to avoid...
  14. senatedestroyer

    Lx door restoration?

    my rig: 96 lx450, 181k, I bought my 96 lx a little under a year ago. I’ve noticed over that time the windows have loosened up (rattle when not fully up, sliding out of the track about 1/8th in.). Wondering if anyone has restore these; replacing clips/brackets, updating mechanics, replacing...
  15. Arabian Cruiser

    Dusty Love Restoration - 1964 Fj45 LV

    A few years ago I got a call close to midnight from a friend asking me if I wanted to go in 50 /50 on an LV. The numbers being thrown around were too rich for me and being an eBay auction, time was against us to arrange the funds and who knew what it would end up at. So told him I'm in but he...
  16. brhydock

    For Sale 85 FJ60 for sale upstate NY - price lowered 9K

    the time has come for me to put Bertha up for sale. Unfortunately, I need a better long distance commuter vehicle and don't have room for a third vehicle. I hope she finds a great home. Year - 1985 Make/Model - Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Mileage - 150000 Engine - 2F Transmission - 4-spd manual...
  17. ElHefe

    Rattle can restoration

    Getting body panels or parts repainted can be expensive and time-consuming (mostly your vehicle sitting at a body shop in the queue). Some of our vehicles warrant only the best, but I got mine to have fun and paying someone else to paint the truck really didn’t make sense. I had some sun damage...
  18. fixoldthings

    Mike Restores an FJ40 on YouTube

    A few months ago, I created a YouTube channel to document the restoration of a 1971 FJ40. In a video I just posted to the channel, you'll meet my friend Andy and the first FJ40 I restored about 15 years ago. We take them both for a short trail ride on his property in the mountains. During...
  19. MexicanNewby

    My Mexican 1965 FJ40V Build Thread

    This is a thread more than two years late but it has to start somewhere. Quick background: I have VERY little knowledge about cars and had never even considered a restoration project, let alone an FJ40. The first time I ever saw an FJ40 was in Phoenix while looking to buy an FJ80 for road trips...
  20. NOLACC

    88 FJ62 Restoration

    88 FJ62, in process. Stripped, epoxied, 2k primed, based, and glamour cleared - color is Toyota Cement Gray... any suggestions on resto-modifications? TRD running boards, roof rack, etc? Looking for any suggestions, thanks.
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