1. Jonbdawg

    SOLD  Middle Georgia: 1971 FJ40

    1971 fj40. Yes, this is a Large project for someone....hopefully. More than I can handle and looking too move this truck. No motor. All doors, seats, rear hatch and glass are here. I bought this FJ a few years ago after purchasing my fj80 and haven’t had time to devote to it and finally...
  2. truthdetector

    Body lifted off the frame

    First post, folks and I'd like to share the first major milestone of my 97 LC restoration project. Bought this beauty at an online auction. The auction pics showed the engine running and it was classified as "run and drive", so I took a chance and flew to Indianapolis on a one-way ticket with...
  3. RollTide40

    RollTide40 Rebuild

    I purchased a 1972 FJ40 last year. 1F engine, 3 on the floor. I’ve decided to replace the 3/4 tub. I will be putting a newly rebuilt 1F with a Holley sniper back in to mate with the original 3 speed transmission. I plan to keep the drum breaks, but I will be refurbishing the system. I will be...
  4. C

    FJ62 seats - Restoration or Original?

    Hey guys, first post here. English is my 2nd language so, sorry for grammar. So I have a FJ62 currently working on it and unfortunately is for re-sale (hopefully the next one will be mine too keep) my idea was to keep it but I need some money now. The FJ it's an 88 and the interior it's original...
  5. maxofarabia

    Barnfind Fj45 pickup - from Saudi with love

    It’s been a while but I’m back. After selling my Fj45 a few years ago I’ve slowly been playing the Toyota game and have bought and sold a few cruisers. Currently I’m sitting on a 1973 hilux, two fj45s, abs two Fj60s. I have learned my lesson on full restorations so now do my best to avoid...
  6. senatedestroyer

    Lx door restoration?

    my rig: 96 lx450, 181k, I bought my 96 lx a little under a year ago. I’ve noticed over that time the windows have loosened up (rattle when not fully up, sliding out of the track about 1/8th in.). Wondering if anyone has restore these; replacing clips/brackets, updating mechanics, replacing...
  7. Arabian Cruiser

    Dusty Love Restoration - 1964 Fj45 LV

    A few years ago I got a call close to midnight from a friend asking me if I wanted to go in 50 /50 on an LV. The numbers being thrown around were too rich for me and being an eBay auction, time was against us to arrange the funds and who knew what it would end up at. So told him I'm in but he...
  8. brhydock

    For Sale  85 FJ60 for sale upstate NY - price lowered

    the time has come for me to put Bertha up for sale. Unfortunately, I need a better long distance commuter vehicle and don't have room for a third vehicle. I hope she finds a great home. Year - 1985 Make/Model - Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Mileage - 150000 Engine - 2F Transmission - 4-spd manual...
  9. ElHefe

    Rattle can restoration

    Getting body panels or parts repainted can be expensive and time-consuming (mostly your vehicle sitting at a body shop in the queue). Some of our vehicles warrant only the best, but I got mine to have fun and paying someone else to paint the truck really didn’t make sense. I had some sun damage...
  10. fixoldthings

    Mike Restores an FJ40 on YouTube

    A few months ago, I created a YouTube channel to document the restoration of a 1971 FJ40. In a video I just posted to the channel, you'll meet my friend Andy and the first FJ40 I restored about 15 years ago. We take them both for a short trail ride on his property in the mountains. During...
  11. MexicanNewby

    My Mexican 1965 FJ40V Build Thread

    This is a thread more than two years late but it has to start somewhere. Quick background: I have VERY little knowledge about cars and had never even considered a restoration project, let alone an FJ40. The first time I ever saw an FJ40 was in Phoenix while looking to buy an FJ80 for road trips...
  12. NOLACC

    88 FJ62 Restoration

    88 FJ62, in process. Stripped, epoxied, 2k primed, based, and glamour cleared - color is Toyota Cement Gray... any suggestions on resto-modifications? TRD running boards, roof rack, etc? Looking for any suggestions, thanks.
  13. Shoulderleen

    ‘95 AC Computer Refurbishing

    Hello All, My AC works fine but sometimes I have to hit the buttons off and on a couple of times before the AC “clicks” into the mode I am setting it to. This is usually accompanied by the bulb for that particular mode flickering a bit before it finally clicks. Does anyone have experience...
  14. fixoldthings

    Mike Restores an FJ40 YouTube

    For the past few months I've been restoring a '71 FJ40, which I've been documenting on YouTube. There are 19 videos so far. I'm a first-time YouTuber, so I'd appreciate constructive feedback.
  15. suntrakr

    FJ40 Chassis rust question - with pics

    ok, full tear down on my FJ40 as it was starting to get rusty. Chassis in pretty good nic except for the rear suspension spring perches. Question is do you think the perches should be replaced or can we scrape out the rust that's pushed the plates apart and push it back together. The rails and...
  16. F

    1973 FJ40 Frame Off with 1uz vvti and a650 Swap

    First I want to say to everyone Please be safe, I am 63 years old and am told by my wife constantly that I am 3rd child she never wanted. But also know my limitations and this Corona is no picnic in the Park. It is deadly and devastating. Please only come in contact with others when it is...
  17. C

    Rear Chassis Restoration

    Hey folks! I finally got the rear bumper off after a long battle with one rusty bolt. This is what I have.... see pictures. Any recommendations for moving forward from previous experience? Also, any idea if this part that seems like a "buffer" behind the bumper should just be replaced?
  18. Phenx60bruiser

    Caught the bug

    So after 6 months of staring, drooling, and bugging my wife I bought my first land cruiser. It’s a 1987, 215k, and I got it for a whopping $2500. I think I bought the rustiest cruiser in North America however the frame has nothing but light surface rust (that I saw). I will be starting...
  19. LowSpeeHighDrag


    Just came across this video. cheers.
  20. OldMan Ray

    An FJ60 called Bruno - my NorCal Bay Area restoration project

    Hello, I’m new to the forum. I just acquired a 1984 FJ60 a few months ago, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! I started this thread to document all the repairs & upgrades that I’ve done with the truck so far. I started out as a 4Runner fanatic (I have a super dependable 2002 SR5 3rd Gen...
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