1. TroutFJ

    HEI dizzy install issue!

    Hey folks. So, I have everything else done, new tranny, desmog, headers, exhaust, Weber carb, and everything. The last thing is to get this dizzy installed and I can start her up! The problem is I've spent all day and last night trying to get the damn thing to seat to no avail. I've done...
  2. PcCruiser

    Gamiviti Install on LX470 Help

    Hey guys. So somehow my rack does not line up with my mounting points. Am I missing something? I can't scoot the rack back because I'm as far forward as possible on the rear and the front mount sits on the cross bar not on the mounting plate. See pics. Anyone have any ideas on how to get...
  3. techsis

    1fz-fe Refurb Engine Install Advice (what else to do while in there?)

    Been doing some soul searching after regaining possession of my 95 FZJ. My girl was taken by flatbed to a local dealer with highly skill LC wrench. Upon inspection, as feared, the engine needs replaced (the previous short term owner ran the poor girl with absolutely no oil). The service...
  4. 93yotasr5

    Where to install my koso temp gauge?

    I'm going to be doing a full hose /coolant swap on my engine this weekend and I'll be adding a "T" fitting for the temp gauge. I'm thinking of putting it down below the ash tray or on the left side of the cluster.
  5. NMC_EXP

    Need Advice: Rivet Nut Install Tool

    I need to buy a rivet nut installation tool. Wish list: -- Capable of at least 1/4". -- Fairly durable -- Price $75 max Question: Are the blank rivet nut slugs standard or do you have to buy Brand X nuts to use with a Brand X install tool? Ran across the Astro Pneumatic Tool Co model...
  6. ponytl

    Free leather lx470 tan leather used and a few install tips Lseat

    Ok I ordered these before christmas and have just been busy building motorcycles with my 13yo son I'd rate the seats/leather a good 8 out of 10, there are several threads on the install so I won't rehash whats out there... you do need to steam the foam while the old leather is off ... my foam...
  7. Jasonredwood

    Where does this bracket go? Carb install

    Took me months to get back to putting the carb back in. Dont recall where this bracket goes? Any help is much appreciated.

    ARB front bumper install HELP

    Installing new ARB front bumper on FJ62. The ARB brackets fit my frame, but the leaf spring mount covers the rear mounting hole. It looks like the PO may have altered the front leaf spring mounts. The mounts are to far forward. Thoughts on a work around?
  9. jawjatek

    Rear seat belt upgrade nut install

    I purchased the FJ60 rear retracting seat belt set to upgrade my 1987 FJ60 rear belts. The old lap retractors were old and jammed, and I want to be able to take along the whole fam on trips. Currently only 2 can ride with me, and one has to "ride bitch" using the rear center...
  10. ElJayBird

    A Couple Nagging Issues Following OME 2.5" Lift Install

    I'm having some alignment issues following my OME install. The truck still pulls to the right even after an alignment. It's not terrible but it's definitely noticeable at highway speeds. If I take my hands off the wheel, I'll be in the next lane within a second or two. I took it back to the shop...
  11. BMThiker

    FJC Harrop e-locker clamshell install

    I've been slowly rebuilding my front end drive train since last August when I had an unfortunate incident on a gravel road. I won't go into that in detail here, but one of the results was a blown front differential. A few months ago I was made aware of Harrop's option for the FJC through...
  12. DieselCruiser81

    Power Steering install Houston, Tx area

    Does anyone know a reputable person around Houston, TX who could install power steering in my 83" BJ42? Thanks
  13. Swoboda

    OEM HDJ Cooler Box/Refrigerator Install in NA 80 Series - Help

    Pretty new to posting on here so please forgive my forum etiquette. I have a 96' LX450 and was searching CL when I came across an OEM center console refrigerator from a Japanese HDJ80, the price was right so I picked it up today. I have searched the forums, and could not find a lot of...
  14. Monty231

    ARB and gear install question

    So I picked up a used ARB locker, I believe the model is an RD08. It is an older unit and uses a 1/8 BSPT bulkhead. I'm having trouble finding parts to connect the 3.5 mm line from the compressor to the locker. anybody have any recommendations? I called ARB and looked through their parts...
  15. M

    I'd like to remove my fanbelts and install an electric fan.

    I disabled the fan on my old Porsche 928 because it already had two electric fans from the factory. They only turned on when traveling slower than 45 mph. I liked them. Never had one cooling problem doing so. Reversible dual 12 1/8 inch X-Treme S-Blade electric fan with Variable Speed Controller
  16. W


    Hello, I just bought a new warn hydraulic winch 30281 (9 series) but i am not sure how to install / operate it. There is no remote control or something to winch / unwinch I am supposed to conect this winch to a pto hydraulic pump that will rotate just in one way, so the winch will turn just...
  17. mwm4211

    Lift install halted due to KDSS

    So, I finally scheduled an appt with Slee to install an OME Stock Load 2" Lift Kit. This, with my soon to be installed Falken AT3 (275 70 18) tires, will allow me to tackle a few more challenging Moab trails during our family trip late March. An hour after dropping my rig off I received a call...
  18. DirtScaresMe

    Bearing race install with no driver

    I'm staring at my torn down knuckle and want to pop my new races and bearings in. No driver on hand, none in town, and non can be here till Monday. And safe way to get them in?
  19. gpxl

    Arb Sahara (rubber extrusion, mount strips) install question

    I'm installing an Arm Sahara bumper on my LX470 and I can't figure out how to install the rubber extrusions on the wings due to the horrible image quality in the instructions. It's step 11 & 12 where I'm supposed to insert mount strips into the rubber extrusion and screw them in. The mount...
  20. A

    LX450 only subwoofer after new door speaker install

    1997 LX450 all working well installed front door speakers disconnected dash speakers tested new setup, worked fine, sounded good. didn't drive for 2 weeks drove truck, only subwoover makes sound checked fuses, all good (17, 21 from owners manual) pulled amp from dash, wiggled wires, unplugged...
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