1. H

    How I installed my bumper (V3) from Dissent Offroad and the BR200 lights

    This document looks like instructions for installing a Dissent Offroad rear bumper (V3), but it’s not. This document is a description of what I did when I installed my bumper. I followed instructions on the bumper install that Dissent shared in their good (but incomplete) YouTube video on the...
  2. 2

    Dobinson Lift Question...

    I'm trying to get a Dobinson (IMS) lift on my GX460. I've never gotten a lift before, so I'm still trying to learn everything. I've talked to a shop and they said I can choose the height (thinking 2, 2.5, or 3 inches but not sure what would have the smoothest ride as well). I will be getting an...
  3. mrjordann

    What is needed to replace the fiberglass top?

    I recently bought a new reproduction fiberglass top for my FJ40. What all do I need in order to assemble and install it? (Rain gutters/weatherstrip etc) and where should I buy? And does anyone know a good tutorial or instruction on painting and installing the fiberglass top? All help is...
  4. Overlandlc200

    Help with BP-51 rear shock mount placement

    I’m installing some BudBuilt shock mount sliders. I was an idiot and removed the shock from the mount. Any ideas how to compress the BP-51 shock to be able to get it back on the mount?
  5. K

    Doug Thorley Cat Back Install

    I just ordered a Doug Thorley cat back last night to replace a rusted out muffler. I was hoping someone would have tips on installing it. Or even a link to a build thread of an install? I tried searching but didn't turn up much related to the install. I've never installed a cat back before so...
  6. lamby3804

    FJ62 New struts install for rear hatch

    I know this has been addressed before. Just wanted to give feedback on how successful the new struts swap is. Order from Amazon: $28.50 Perfect swap. Don't make the mistake of putting the new pieces together first just because it's exciting. Luckily did this with only 1 strut. Use 12mm...
  7. Foam Cell Pro vs. Stock Coilovers

    Foam Cell Pro vs. Stock Coilovers

    Adding a Foam Cell Pro Lift to your rig allows you to install larger tires and improves on and off road performance.
  8. Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro Suspension Kit Install 2019 Toyota Tacoma

    Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro Suspension Kit Install 2019 Toyota Tacoma

    Step by step guide on how to install the Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro suspension kit on your Toyota Tacoma. Get your Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro Suspension Kit - ...
  9. Lessid

    ARB bumper install - fitting and wiring 80 Series

    First post hope I’m putting it in the right spot. I searched for a long time online and couldn’t find a good thread here or on the web or on YouTube. For most I’m sure this is an easy job but I’m no mechanic. So this is for all the newbies trying to fit the ARB bumper on. The instructions that...
  10. Recon Aircrew

    Metal Tech Slider Install

    Finally got around to installing the Metal Tech sliders on my Wife's '16 LC. It was a long weekend! I spent most of Saturday installing the rivet nuts and doing some test fitments. I spent an additional 5 hours or so today mounting the sliders. I did this alone, with some help from my wife in...
  11. screenflicker

    ARB rear bumper install questions

    This weekend I'm going through the process of installing an ARB rear bumper. I've read through a couple of the install threads here so far and they've been helpful in a few aspects. A couple things I've noticed right off the bat: there are major fitment issues getting the new bumper to fit all...
  12. jackhossross

    The last bit of my rear bumper install

    Hey guys, I've got my new 4x4labs bumper almost all the way installed. I am having a hard time getting it the last 1" onto the frame, I have removed all rivets and there is nothing blocking it, its just the friction against the frame (in my opinion) that is keeping it from sliding all the way...
  13. T

    Dash knockouts

    I tried searching this but didn't see a relevant post I had a pioneer 8000nex installed into my 90 HDJ81 this week. Apple car play with this unit requires connecting to the rear USB port which has an extension cable Does anyone know if there is a knockout piece that would allow me to mount...
  14. Green80Series

    FJ80 Gamiviti Roof Rack Install

    So far I'm a fan of this rack. I opted for the flat option instead of one of the ones with upward or downward facing side walls because it was less bulky and costed less. It has mounts for a light bar up front, which ill probably end up using.
  15. Green80Series

    Gamiviti Roof Rack Install

    Just me and my buddy installing a Gamiviti roof rack on my 80 in an office max parking lot.
  16. Green80Series

    White Knuckle Offroad Rock Slider Install

    Here's a little video my friend and I made installing some White Knuckle Offroad rock sliders on my 80 series. Let me know what ya think!
  17. AllLC

    Looking for Good 100/470 lukes 4x4 rear bumper install write up.

    Everything ive found seems to reference the 80 series install. Does anyone know if there is a good write up for the 100 series or lx 470? I know they're supposed to be the same as the 80, but i would still like to see a good one for the 100. Im preparing to install Lukes rear bumper on my 99...
  18. S

    Suspension install recommendation (NorCal)

    Hi folks: I recently got the Ironman Pro Foam suspension kit and need a recommendation on a shop in Northern California that would install it. My local mechanic only does stock and didn't want to take this on especially with the diff drop kit. OR I am ready to install it myself with help (and...
  19. sbelinge

    OME Install

    Hey @lechnito I've got a couple questions regarding your OME installation. At our last meet up you mentioned that I should buy the "yellow" torch correct? Is there a particular reason? How long did it take you to do the install and would you suggest starting on one end of the rig before the...

    Any tips, advice etc for HJ61 lift kit install?

    Hi all, the title pretty much sums it up. I'm going to do the lift kit install on my car my self and just wanted any advice, tips, warnings or things I should know before I start. The kit gives 50mm lift and includes the springs, shocks, bushes and U bolts. I've decided against getting...
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