1. jdayment

    LX470 Android Head Unit Install Question

    2001 LX470 I have power unit turns on but no sound. My wiring harness has ground wires for the speakers but the vehicle harness has no speaker grounds. Im using the diagram below. Where do i ground the speakers. I do have mark levinson i can turn the am on and off in the head unit. What do i...
  2. J

    Longfeilds install problem on fj40

    Has anyone ran into this.I just installed longfeilds into my 78 fj40 the only issue i have is the axle is not long enough to put clip on. I have the warn hubs but the axle is just about flush with the hub it looks like it needs to come out about 1/4 inch or so to be able to put the cluip on. Any...
  3. dugsgms

    Grizzly locker install

    Installed a Grizzly locker in the rear of my 95 today. Everything went smoothly with a couple of hiccups so I thought I'd share with the forum my experience. Took about 6 hours total including removing all the old gasket material from the housing and axle flanges. First of all, don't buy the...
  4. red66toy

    New brake master cylinder install question

    Is there supposed to be a gasket between the MC and the booster? I have a FJ62 and took off the old MC and there was nothing between the two but I thought I read somewhere there was supposed to be. Thanks for any help!
  5. Aloha Jen

    AC Evaporator box install advice needed

    Need some AC experts to give a bit of advice on the best way to get the AC evaporator box installed. How much of the dash needs to come out? Have the glove box out already, but it will not fit in. Do these other AC parts it hooks up to on both sides need to be loosened? Removed? Does the...
  6. Howardkats

    Locker and New Ring & Pinion install

    To ih8mud members in Utah: I need a referral for getting my new lockers and ring & pinion installed in my FJZ80 3rds. Can anyone recommend someone that does a great job for a fair price? I can take the 3rd anywhere along the Wasatch front. Thanks in advance.
  7. Volunteer

    XRC 9500 Gen II install

    Was gearing up for an Overland Trip in the Ozarks and couldn't make up my mind between needed projects flat roof rack or the winch. 4 out of the 5 of the group had winches but I hate burning up someones equipment to get me out of a bind. Then a deal crossed my face on a the XRC 9500 Gen II for...
  8. W

    Backup camera install help

    Clear this up real quick... I am terrible with electronics/electrical work. It's just something I've never been able to grasp in the smallest amount. If it's not plug and play, I struggle with it. I hate to be "that guy" asking this question... So my problem is I have a Pioneer Sph-da120 head...
  9. mattressking

    OME anti Inversion install issue!!

    Need some help, having trouble installing rear leaf springs on my 60. Running OME CS017RA on left and right. Anti inversion shackles don't seem to fit correctly. Any tips? It almost seems the leaf springs are too short. The arrow on leaf is facing the fixed end. I've tried running the...
  10. C

    Need help with Steering box install

    I just got a rebuilt steering box from CruiserParts. Got it all installed but when I went to hook up the lines the return line hole was too small. The high pressure line went in with no problem but the return line hole is too small. Can I just get a new return line with a smaller fitting...
  11. EPUro2019

    Slider Install

    I've read the thread about installing slee sliders. Not sure if there are any other options available currently but the slee version look great. For those that have installed them, how difficult are they to install? I am a mechanical neophyte and have limited tools. I imagine just based on...
  12. ozcrusier

    Help with 12ht aftermarket guage install

    I have been looking around my 12ht to fit my aftermarket gauges and it's not looking like a simple install with out losing my stock water temp gauge unless I drill and tap into the water pump housing ?. I'm thinking of running the manual oil pressure from a piggy back system on the stock...
  13. R

    Pre-turbo EGT probe location? and fuel injector rebuild question - 2L-T

    Hi all, Coming from the VW diesel world where there is passionate debate about the merits of pre vs. post-turbo EGT probe reliability, my usual mechanic balked at a post-turbo install (he's a friend as well). Are there any easy to get to and robust locations for pre-turbo EGT probe installation...
  14. bicycleagent003

    Radiator Install Question - Modify Retaining Bolt?

    Hey Team, I'm putting in my new Koyo radiator and after having had one hell of a time with the forward facing bolt on the PS of the radiator I'm thinking I'll grind it down so it's about 5 mm shorter than it was. I had a terrible time getting a socket on it because of its location. My deep...
  15. PNWScooby

    Tricks/Tips for weatherstripping install wanted

    Hello all. I am about to tackle the task of replacing the weatherstripping for all 4 sliding side/rear quarter windows on the troopy. Just wanted to see if anyone has any pointers before I get started? I am going to (would like to at least) do it without removing the whole window frame so I...
  16. M

    SPC UCA Install (real tome help needed)

    So I got my new UCA's in and am trying to understand how to get the top of the knuckle/upper ball joint away from the brake line and shock. I have the caster on setting D which they it says is good for 2-3 inch loft I don't understand the whole camber/caster settings. My plan was to get this...
  17. Gman509

    Advice needed - install new catalytic converters? Moving '01 LX470 to CA

    Hi all - don't post much, but looking for some advice. Currently in the Dominican Republic and returning to the US soon (San Diego area). Shipping LX back in May. Currently she is at 125k so I just did a bunch of preventative maintenance - changing all fluids, lube, repacking front wheel...
  18. torpedo51

    FJ6: is there a factory fog light switch and harness provision?

    I'd like to put some additional exterior lighting on this thing. I'd prefer to use whatever existing wiring harness provisions exist, whatever slot exists in the fuse panel, and a factory switch put into a blank on my dash. Where do I start digging?
  19. GXWagon

    Help with Lift Install Bellingham WA or Vancouver BC or close

    Hi, I thought I would put this out there to see if there is a fellow 120'er who would be able to help me install my IronMan lift. I just moved so we could use my garage I also have all the proper tools or I could meet at your place. I am in Vancouver BC but I also am back and forth to...
  20. C

    Help required with 24v to 12v reducer install

    HI all. I've done enough reading to have a fairly good understanding of how I can rig up a 24volt to 12 volt reducer in my 1990 70 series 1 PZ system... though through all my searching I can't solve one final dilemma. My reducer has 1 each of 24+ and 24- wires. I plan to ground the negative to...
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