1. sigorama

    Parting Out Parting Out 1987 FJ60, 189k miles, Blue/Grey Interior

    Fresh part out on a 1987 Toyota LandCruiser FJ-60. Transfer case is bad but lots of great parts and only 189k miles. View more pics here: https://sigfridsandsons.com/parting-out-1987-toyota-land-cruiser-fj60-189k-miles/ Parts include: -Bike rack and roof rack cross bars -Front and rear axles...
  2. Laughingjackal

    SOLD 1986: HJ60 2H AXT H55f - $4k OBO

    My HJ60 recently died and I don't have the time/space to part it out. It's a real bummer as I had the engine fully rebuilt about 10 years ago. One of the cylinders was not getting enough diesel and now there are shavings in it. I was going to drop another diesel into it and swap the body...
  3. DoubleNickels

    H55 Rebuild, Scratching my head here...

    In the process of buttoning back up my late 80's H55 and associated split case. In addition to swapping input shafts (thanks to help from Georg at Valley Hybrids), I opted to throw in new synchros and seals. I'm now hung up on what seems like excessive thrust/play of the counter shaft. I've...
  4. OffRoad911

    BJ40 4 Speed to 5 Speed Conversion

    Would like to hear from anyone who has successfully completed a 4-speed gearbox conversion into a 5-speed gearbox. If so, what was the improvement and are there any long term issues with any of the components used to align the system?. What speed difference has been noted on the B Type Diesel...
  5. tschuszl

    FJ62 Transmission Issues

    Hey Guys, I know there are lots of threads on replacing 62 transmissions...but I wanted to get more local feedback and advice from you all. This summer my transmission overheated several times, and then a few weeks ago it starting having trouble shifting up in gears. The guys at LCNW...
  6. Living in the Past

    SOLD Split case hand brake parts, AZ

    Sold. For sale the three different than one piece transfer hand brake parts. Have the rear bearing retainer, rear output shaft and brake drum. They are used and in good shape. Other parts needed are the same as the one piece transfer case hand brake. $550 PayPal friends and family shipped in...
  7. R

    H55f/H151 shifter locations with 1HDT in 70 series

    Hello, I am looking at a new FJ75 project that I would swap a 1HDT into (the vehicle has a good H55f in it behind the 3F.) I have been reading about the challenges with attaching the 1HDT to the H55f so I was looking at using an H151 but what I have not been able to find is the relative...
  8. D

    H55F swap assistance (oil leak, frayed wires)

    Hi all, transplanting in an H55F into my HJ47 and just have a few questions for the group as I progress. 1) After removing the transmission and bell housing, I noticed my rear main seal was actually in what appeared to be pretty good shape, despite the fact that I have been leaking oil from the...
  9. 84pickup

    SOLD Used h55

    Doing a 5.3 swap and can't afford the AA adapter for my h55. Found a good deal on an nv4500 so I'm selling the h55. It's got somewhere around 50-60,000 miles on it, shifts smooth, no noise. Located in SE Idaho I'll be going to Sacramento and Chico next week for a wedding. Asking 2000$ comes...
  10. prosport

    Wanted 13BT full engine with/without H55F 5 speed

    Hello, I’m looking for a 13BT Diesel engine with or without a H55F 5 speed transmission. I’m also interested if you have a split case transfer case to go with them too. Thanks
  11. Richfj60

    SOLD New H55F and AA set up for 5.7 Vortec/SBC

    Hi all, I am selling my project. I have a brand new H55F 5 speed, Advance Adapter kit , and a good strong 5.7 L Vortec Engine that came out of a running suburban. Engine was a warranty engine and is believed to have less than 100k miles.that I was going to put in my 85 FJ60 that is currently...
  12. W

    1988 fj62 a440f to h150f swap

    I currently have a 1988 fj62 and the trans is completely toast on it and I have an option to get a fj70 series 5 speed manual as long as i pay just the shipping for it. Has anyone swapped a 5 speed h150f behind a 1hz diesel in a 62 with a 3f motor? I'm guessing it wont be a bolt on project but...
  13. Paul DiNapoli

    H55 conversion parts question

    hey gang, starting the journey to collect all the parts & pieces to put a 5 speed in my 62. I have the HF55 (the easy part that's orderable) and the whole aisin clutch kit. anyone care to share what kind of prices I should expect to be quoted for things like bell housing, cross member and...
  14. Tylerh84

    H55f on 2F help!

    Alright, so I have been digging around and I am pretty sure something is up. So I have a 2F with a H55 installed from PO. My question is where should I be speed/RPM wise. I'm pushing 4k in 5th just to do 60mph. I'm fairly certain that the diffs have been geared down for larger tires because I...
  15. relaxedcruiser

    H55F - urgent question

    Hi guys, I´m just about to start to rebuilt my H55F with nice shiny new parts... Amongst other parts I ordered the springs 33371-20010 for the third/fourth and 33391-36010 for the fift speed synchros. Closer inspection showed that they are all the 33391-36010 version which is slightly longer...
  16. robstercraw

    Wanted H55F transmission

    hi there - looking to convert my 87 FJ60 to the 5 speed. Let me know what you’ve got, of if you know of an H55F for sale... Thanks!
  17. G

    Impressed with a question.

    OK, it has been awhile since I have been in the diesel powered vehicle game- my first car was an 1980 Diesel Rabbit/Golf with the notorious headgasket issues, and was a PITA to fire up in Buffalo, NY winters. My Dad, who passed it down to me was not the most OCD when it came down to maintenance...
  18. CAW16

    H55f source in NC

    Good afternoon, Are there any Toyota Dealerships in NC that will source an H55f and shifter, new? Do you know what the going rate for the transmission is, in US dollars? Thanks, Chad
  19. T

    For Sale NC: 1988 FJ62 H55f 166k

    1988 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser 166k Miles Location: Charlotte, NC SOLD Craigslist browsing turned into owning an 80 series again. My wife wants a vehicle gone and unfortunately the 80 makes more sense as a DD/Family vehicle. Very reliable daily driver. No breakdowns or repairs during my...
  20. PNWScooby

    For Sale 91 HZJ75 Troopy 22,000KM's

    SOLD Well.....:bang:. I am FAR from happy about this. This is my ultimate dream vehicle and I searched very hard to find it. I built it up the way I wanted and now unfortunately work has been slow so I need the funds to pay for the boring stuff in life. Vehicle info: 1991 HZJ75RV Troop...
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