1. joesfj40

    For Sale  1984 FJ60 3B swap H55F California Price Drop

    1984 FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser Clean California Title Current Registration just paid Titled as Diesel 3B Swap H55F Trans 188,818 miles*** on the Clock No idea as to where this car started its life, where its been, or who did the work on it. Found a this awful old ad of this car for sale here...
  2. thewadejack

    H55F Planning/advice please :(

    Alright, I know I want a 5-speed. I want to go on road trips and not worry about it sitting in 4th gear for over 5 hours. I currently have the original 4-speed with a TBI swap in my cruiser I bought in November. One year from now I want to at least bought a 5-speed from one of the sites that...
  3. I

    fsm for h55f

    so I have tried searching this on here and also on yahoo. is there a specific fsm for this transmission and if so can some one tell me where I can purchase one.
  4. I

    Wanted  h55f top plate and or shifter

    looking for a top plate for the h55f that will be used on a late model year 86 fj60 as well as the shifter. or if someone knows a part number if they can still purchased new from toyota
  5. I

    h55f rebuild diagram

    does any one know where to find one of these. I searched the site but I did not find one
  6. B H

    WANTED: H55F Transmission

    I am in search of an H55F 5 speed transmission (P/N: 33030-60450) to install in a 1984 FJ60. If anyone knows of a good source I would be most appreciative for an introduction or contact information. Thanks in advance for any help the community can provide. -B
  7. Big Sass

    Ls1 Regrets...

    Hi everyone, I would like to hear from people who have converted to the LS or vortec engine. Did you regret using the H55f over the 4l60e?? have you had problems with the h55f behind the v8? I just bought a donor car and with and ls1 and the 4l60e, i was planning on using the whole GM drive...
  8. 4Cruisers

    New H55f/Shift Lever Installation Caution - Factory Gear Setting?

    I'm trying to finalize my to-do lists and cautions regarding the installation of a new H55f 5-speed (behind a 3FE and in front of an FJ62 transfer case) in my '86 FJ60 project. I recall reading somewhere here on MUD fairly recently (last year or two) that the H55f gears are "pre-set" at the...
  9. DoubleNickels

    H55F - FJ40 Specific Top Plate...

    Has anyone ever tried reverse engineering and reproducing the infamously rare H55F top plate meant for (non-US) FJ40's? I thought I heard for someone working on a CAD model, but can't seem to find it now. I'm equipped with the skill set / experience and am considering undertaking the challenge...
  10. DoubleNickels

    Trade  Boise: Have A440F, Want H55F

    Hey there. A local shop performed a tranny swap for a fellow local cruiser head and had this take-out A440F. I bought it as a spare for if/when mine goes out on my 1989 FJ62. I'd entertain trading it for someone's manual H55F. Some pictures below, please reply or PM me if interested. Thanks!
  11. P

    For Sale  Toyota H55F five speed tansmission, "rebuilt", complete.

    Hi, I am in southern British Columbia, Canada, and have a Toyota H55F five speed manual transmission for sale. $1000 USD and that includes the driveshafts to convert from a 4-speed, and bellhousing. It came out of a 1983 BJ60 diesel with a 3B engine. Currently taking up space in the back of...
  12. jaybird72


    REGISTERED AND FOREVER SMOG EXEMPT IN CALIFORNIA. HAS CALIFORNIA PLATES THAT ARE NOW ON THE TRUCK. This is a 1987 FJ60 that has been professionally converted to a Toyota 2H Diesel (by Cruiser Solutions). It recently had the engine replaced by an allegedly low mileage 2H after the first was...
  13. Colington

    1989 12-HT how do I replace my fuel filter?

    This post may illicit a chuckle from some because it's likely very easy but I've simply never done it (and perhaps it belongs in the diesel/24v section, but I get more replies here. I took my cruiser out today and noticed a strong diesel smell so I went home and upon further inspection I...
  14. RBA

    For Sale  1989 FJ62 Lots of extras include H55F installed

    1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 I have spent the last year slowly upgrading and servicing this truck to make it perfect. Exterior color - Grey Interior - Grey Miles - 245K In great condition both inside, out and mechanically. With lots of upgrades and accessories. The truck has a long Toyota...
  15. 15bt Tacoma

    Builds  Introducing my 2004 Tacoma built on 1ton chassis with dual wheel rear end

    My 15bt finally made it to America Truck's fist drive with Toyota 5vzfe Can any help me with this drive train swap? Trying to mate a 15b turbo to the h55f gearbox. The most common diesel swap here is a b series cummins with a dodge or ford gearbox, 15bt is relatively unknown here in the USA...
  16. 15bt Tacoma

    Worlds first 4door dually Tacoma and 15bt swap

    Built my 2004 Tacoma on 1 ton dually chassis. Running great not but I'm about to perform the greatest drive train upgrade on it. 15b turbo and h55f gearbox. Need info on how to mate those two Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. K

    For Sale  3B, H55F, and associated parts - Georgia, USA

    The Parts: Running 3B and attached H55F from a 1985 Canadian BJ60. Pulled and transplanted into a 1971 FJ40 in 1999/2000. The engine had approximately 170,000km (~109,000 miles) on it at that time. Has had roughly 10,000 miles put on it since then. Engine harness, EDIC, glow plug controller...
  18. Thesixty

    Hj60 5speed conversion help

    Hi I recently bought a 1982 hj60 fitted with 2H diesel with deco turbo kit. It had the 4 speed gearbox fitted until I took it for a drive and realized that it needs a 5 speed desperately for highway driving. I bought what seems to be a h55f 5speed out of another hj60 Everything has gone in...
  19. jaybird72


    Gauging interest. I just bought a 2H engine which has about 160k and guaranteed to run well but decided to go in a different direction. Will post pictures shortly. $3500 obo. $1700 for H55 5 speed. Both for $5k. I will arrange shipping in the US.
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