1. Cesarf13

    Intermittent Cold Start Issues - Fj40 1972 Stock

    So Guys I LOVE my FJ40 but VERY frustrated with my Intermittent Startup issues - hope you can help. A bit about my FJ40 - New Batery, Cables, Sparkplugs, Startup coil (Internal Resistor). - Stock Carb (to my knowledge) - Stock Distributor (to my knowledge) - Has the Evaporative Emissions...
  2. B

    Holley Sniper 2300 install with PowerSurge

    Does MUD really need another Sniper thread? Probably not. But, here goes anyway. I bought this Cruiser about 6 months ago. PO had done a half-assed desmog (the air rail was removed, EGR disconnected, but the cooler was still hanging on, air pump was still there, along with a few miles of vacuum...
  3. bigboiimigel

    Builds - Leroy takes a dip in the Fountain Of Youth

    (LONG POST INCOMING Had this truck for a little bit, but now we are finally getting into the rebuild of ol' Leroy. I purchased Leroy in the fall of 2018 from Salida, CO. Found it on craigslist for a fair price and decided to take a better look at it because ya know, Colorado desert means no...

    Manual Desmog a 2F engine 2020-07-22

    60 Series Desmog
  5. cornboy

    Correct belt size 3FE with no air pump

    Belts are making an annoying squealing sound. I can not adjust the tension on the alternator because it is maxed out. p/o installed Gates: TR24664 for the power steering and Gates TR22401 for the Alt. both of these are too long. seems simple but my 3FE is also had its air pump removed...
  6. Gentlejackjones

    For Sale  2F Smog system from '84 FJ60[Gulf Coast - Ala.]

    I recently de-smogged my '84 FJ60 here in Mobile, Ala. I have a box of smog equipment. I also have the Aisin carb that I took off in favor of a Weber. $175 for the smog stuff, plus shipping. $200 for the carb, plus shipping.
  7. B1oodyBuzzard

    Early 80 desmog

    I know there are multiple threads on desmog and vacuum line routing, but I haven't seen a diagram I make sense of yet or pictures that match what I'm seeing. Attached are pictures with the ports and hoses numbered and I was hoping to have someone help me connect the "dots".
  8. wngrog

    Pig Specific Desmog and Charcoal Canister

    Lots of threads out there about desmog but I can not find my specific question with a title search. I'm sure it's covered but buried in other threads. If so please link here to help people searching :) My question. I've removed the smog garbage from the 1977 2F in my Parts-O-Pig project...
  9. W

    Lets talk 3fe Desmog.

    This is for some deeper discussion for me as I under stand how to do it. and have the desmog guide for the 3fe. 1. what I know, the 3fe is designed to run desmoged, I will get better power, smother running, and possibly better over all mileage but this is debatable and not really important. 2...
  10. dustinuhls

    What Can I Get Rid Of Here? Any Pics of a Desmog Diagram?

    PO removed the smog pump, but I don't know what else I can get rid of to clean up under the hood. It's a '75, and no vacuum line to the distributor, but I don't know what else most of this does that's all vacuum lined to the carb. I've tried searching and found diagrams, but I still don't know...
  11. CriderFj40

    I need the community.Please help me Desmog (Pictures!!)

    I was driving home the other day and heard screeching and noticed smoke... I fried a belt because i believe my Smog pump is sized. I confirmed this by getting new belts and fired it up and heard the noise again and watched as the smog pump pulley did not spin but the belt was. From lots of...
  12. sdbrassfield

    Fresh Desmog - Do I need Fuel Cut solenoid to work or not

    Just finished a desmog on my 87 - 60 series and truck is running better than ever. Still has a small idle problem. It idles better now than it did. No intake leaks. I removed the Fuel Cut solenoid to inspect it and it is working but found that the o-ring is missing. Do I need the o-ring on...
  13. colby1979

    For Sale  Jim C Desmog Kit 2F

    This is a desmog kit I purchased from Jim C a couple years ago for my FJ60 and never used. I payed $170 and will sell for $160 shipped via priority mail and can accept paypal friends/family as payment. Please contact me via pm with any questions. NO LONG WAIT! Thanks, Colby
  14. fj40fillet

    For Sale  79 FJ40 Emissions Part From Desmog

    Anyone interested in my emissions parts from my 2F desmog. Air Pump with bracket EGR Cooler Vacuum Tubing Manifold Air Injector Manifold with broken tube Other Parts Will post pics if there is interest.
  15. BigRiggs

    Desmog Spaghetti Piping Question

    I'm in the middle of my desmog and after many searches I decided to start a new thread. Can I remove the driver's side bolt on the thermostat housing to remove the metal spaghetti piping without comprising the gasket/ leaking coolant fluid? I have a lot of projects going on at once, and I'd...
  16. Phatty

    Desmog reference

    Is there a desmog reference or directions? I ordered desmog parts from Jim C. Am I making it more complicated than it is? Thanks in advanced
  17. Output Shaft

    EGR Cooler Blowing Chunks

    and not just chunks, but small stones: Hard, abrasive, iron oxide rocks. I thought I'd share something new I just learned about the lowly EGR cooler. The cast iron EGR coolers can internally rust to the point that they'll eventually cough out disturbingly sized chunks of rust "stones" that...
  18. oldschool4wheeling

    Builds  1979 FJ40 Old School Overhaul

    Hello everyone, here is my story and my 40's story. I saw my first FJ40 in 2012, and absolutely fell in LOVE with it. I know, I know where had I been, living under a rock some where?? Well needless to say after a relentless search I found my baby. An unmolested well slightly molested 1979...
  19. LetUsHoldFast

    After de-smog: high idle, fuel leak

    My 1992 fj80 started idling very rough whenever in gear, to the point where I thought it was constantly going to stall when stopped at the stoplight. Figured I had a vacuum leak, and sure enough the pipe near the check valve of the air manifold was rusted and snapped in two. I pulled air pump...
  20. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  Boise: Emissions / Smog Components (FJ60)

    See pictures below and let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to PM me or post here in this thread. I tried to price things appropriately but let me know if I'm way off on anything. With the exception of the Evap Emission Control Device (FJ55), these all came off an early 80's FJ60...
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