1. Bullzi

    Builds Bean! The Adventure Continues (1987 FJ60)

    Feb. 1987 FJ60 Freeborn Red Name: Bean I’ve been putting this off for a while now, but I think the time has finally come to start documenting the continuation of the Bean’s journey. My wife and I were lucky enough to buy the Bean back in March of 2019 from Theron of ‘This Wild Idea’. It had...
  2. H

    4/86 fj60 build

    so begins my journey, im sure many headaches and joys are ahead. bought a 86 fj60 from a friend that had sat in his garage for ten years. he said that the power steering pump was leaking when he drove it last. i got a hold of it, and started going through things. it started and ran, fiddled with...
  3. Vitek

    Building my HDJ-80 and dads HZJ-80, EU

    Hi, So me and my dad we have two 80s, in this topic I will discuss their story, purpose and the work on them. 1996 VX spec hdj80, factory triple locked, full leather, sunroof etc. 1HD-FT, full time 4wd h151f with hf2av 1993 STD spec hzj80, no lockers, bench first row, vinly everything and...
  4. Analog

    Analog’s ’19 GX460 Alaska Build

    I picked up a lightly used (≈10k mile) CPO ’19 GX460 in December in preparation for a move from Texas to Alaska for work. As much as I loved my '06 GX470, I wanted something newer and lower mileage. I went with the simplest GX I could find. No air suspension, no camera-based driving aids. I’m...
  5. efg34

    Aluminum Falcon - 2010 GX460 build

    Hey folks! I just picked up a 2010 GX460 Base in Knight's Armor with 108k miles. This is my first truck and my secondary vehicle after my 2018 Porsche Cayman GTS. As you can tell, I live in the NYC area and am looking forward to exploring the Upstate NY, NNJ, and PA in my new off-roader.
  6. enox

    krusty 80 build thread

    Finally its time to document my 80's history. It started with 227,827mi when I bought it. March 2018. EBC brakes first off Kumho 33" tires first Painted stock wheels Snorkel lift kit OME 3.5 heavy front and 2.5 heavy rear ARB bull bar with 12k smittybilt XRC gen2 winch castor correction...
  7. 12ht75

    HJ75 12ht turbo selection

    I have transplanted a 12ht into a hj75 and now I'm at the stange of selecting a turbo. I believe I have narrowed it down to two turbos from reading and just need some help as in reality I know stuff all about turbos. I'm not interested in a ct26 As for the engine it has. Balanced internals...
  8. TorqShep

    Builds Parked 13 Years Build Thread

    About 2 weeks ago I was out buying parts for my 1991 Comanche and in the yard near the Jeep being parted out was a 1996 Land Cruiser. Guy asked me if I knew anything about them and said his boss wanted it off the property as it was taking up space. Apparently, someone had brought it in looking...
  9. MrBaconjr

    Feleena from Far West Texas

    I’ve owned a LOT of cars and trucks over the years (somewhere around 40), starting with a Triumph Spitfire in college, and then through a series of trucks, SUVs, and European sports cars and wagons. Been a while since I have owned a vintage machine- buddy of mine got a built up 80, which...
  10. S

    Builds Spyduh's Crawler80 Build

    New page for my Crawler 80 build. Bought a locked 80 from a member a while back and it needed some love to get running. Now I'm getting into the actual build to transform it into a dedicated crawler for the Rubicon, Fordyce and KOH. Here are the current mods (as of 06.12.2021) Engine / Trans...
  11. Grouchy

    74’ fuel return question Holley Sniper TBI install

    Hey all, Wondering if the return line from the original carb set up will work as the fuel return line on the Sniper TBI setup. Not clear how that return enters the tank (baffles or what have you inside the tank) and if I can use it for that or do i need to install an bung. thanks for the help!
  12. psilocyBen

    GX470 Storage Box/Sleeping Platform Complete!

    Very happy to finally have finished my storage system/sleeping platform and wanted to share it. Ended up being more challenging then I thought, but was definitely a rewarding experience. I spent weeks looking up other people’s designs and ultimately decided to do a system somewhat similar to...
  13. adventurefam

    2013 LX 570 Build: "The Wanderer"

    Goal: Build a vehicle capable of taking our family of 5 (3 boys under 8) and all our gear on off the beaten path adventures. We also wanted the ability to carry friends or grandparents along on occasion. We considered Land Rover Discovery, LR4, LR3, Lexus GX, 4Runners, Landcruisers, and...
  14. SwordThane

    1977 FJ40

    Hey I've been creeping on the forums for a bit, but decided that I finally needed to document some of the results of my build so far. I have gotten a bunch of info from IH8MUD and you guys have helped me get to where I am now without even knowing it. I am sure mine isn't the only story like...
  15. CrusierCobes

    HJ60 driveway resto/build

    HJ60 build 1986 HJ60 G Auto OME heavy duty 33 10.5 on FJ55 rims Restored (ish) Precursor, First build thread, we were working on a strict budget as I’m a student. We posted a wanted ad for an HJ60 on Kijiji in Alberta, and someone ended up replying after being referred to us by someone else...
  16. E

    1971 FJ40 - PNW Blue Patina

    I picked up this F40 locally a few days ago. Its a Jan of 71. Outside of being local, it had a lot of what I was looking for. A Fuel-injected V8/Automatic Swap. I grew up working on these motors and feel much more comfortable troubleshooting and wrenching on this setup. My other project car is...
  17. Rusto

    :BUILDS: Blinded by the diesel, revved up like a duece - 1975 BJ40

    Well, I did it. I bought a 40 series LandCruiser to go with my FJ60. It's a 1975 BJ40 originally from Costa Rica. This will be the official build thread, as it needs a lot. TONS of good things about it for sure. I'm already learning things and broken promises I made to myself, so I feel...
  18. LaHonda

    Builds La Honda GX470 Build Thread

    I started looking into GX470s right out of college in 2015. I had moved to the bay area from Colorado for a job and was lusting for how easy adventuring once was. At the time I drove a Audi a4 station wagon that I inherited from my mom that never really fit right. It was a great car but probably...
  19. FJ6bt

    Build 6BT FJ40

    I just finished my 2 year long project, and now I want to share it with some people who might appreciate it. It has a few bugs at the moment but nothing major at all. Specs: 1971 land cruiser, complete frame off and new body. Dana 60 front and 14 bolt rear Np205 connected to a NV4500 HMMWV...
  20. janyyc

    Builds Aussie HZJ78 in Canada: "Ozzi" (simple build)

    Hey all :) I have found the forum immeasurably helpful while researching (and then waiting for the arrival...) of my HZJ78 from Australia. I don't want to be "one of those" who just lurks, but I also don't have very much to contribute (yet?!) in terms of knowledge or experience... so at least...
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