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  1. buckRooski

    Intermittent ABS Light, Intermittent Differential Lock light, Speedo needle bounce and Transmission Slippage

    As an FYI for the community For the last few months I've been experiencing the above. At first intermittently then more regularly. No flashing "O/D Off" light so, while the tranny was slipping no factory indicator that it was a bad solenoid(s), I couldn't find a thread with all of these...
  2. Vavrinyuk

    Is my ABS working?

    Hey everyone I am trying to find out if my ABS is working on my 1997 LC. I went on a dirt road to lock up the wheels and see if it works. I am able to lock up the wheels but I don’t get a ABS warning light on the dash. Is that normal or will the ABS light turn on when it activates?
  3. Bluester

    2005 Toyota Tundra ABS light on

    My truck started making noise when I pressed the brake pedal down. It’s not brake pad metal on metal noise but , like nylon gears not meshing or like drilling noise. It doesn’t do it all the time but more so now. Then the noise stopped and the ABS light came on. So I took it to a shop and had...
  4. M

    Mice chewed ABS harness causing lights on dash

    Hey gents, First post on here, did a search but couldn’t find anything to help so please excuse me if the helps here and I didn’t find it. Recently purchased my first LC 100 series (224k miles) and love it so far. Did the timing belt/water pump and now I need to figure out the lights on the...
  5. J

    ABS, VSC trc and VSC off, lights on

    Hello all, my first post here, About a month ago I was driving down a dirt road which was not bad, perfectly graded just sandy. I switched off the car while we went for a coffee and rest when I switched it back on the ABS, VSC off and VSC TRC lights all stayed on, Switched the car off and one...
  6. Rubiclone

    ABS ECU Diagnostics

    Some background, I have a converted 1993 FZJ80 with a 1991 1HDT, I did the mechanical conversion and a shop (Radd Cruisers) did the electrical work on the truck about 6 years ago now. Long story short I need to have a functioning ABS light, the 1991 dash that I am using does not have a...
  7. Algonquin

    ABS Alarm Sounding with VSC TRAC/VSC Off lights and Brake lights lit

    Hi Guys, I was driving down a steep driveway tonight that was sheer ice... slid a good 50 feet at a 30+ degree slope. I had my foot pressed very hard on the brakes and first the red Brake light illuminated and then I dove about a mile and then the ABS, VSC TRAC & VSC OFF lights lit up with an...
  8. qaclange

    2005 100 series master cylinder help

    Just bought 100 series this year and ABS light and alarm go off. Dealership said the master is leaking and needs replacement asap. I saw a thread on here about replacing one but my question is because I have active skid control can i just replace the MS and not have to do the booster and pump...
  9. Zac Brooks

    CDL / VC Stuck

    Hey guys! I know there are other post on this topic, however I feel like my situation is a little more specific. I have a '96 FZJ80 with lockers. I have the 2.5" old man emu lift and BF Goodrich AT K02's. When I bought the vehicle the ABS light was on and has always been on. The CDL indicator...
  10. T

    just changed rear brake pads....now ABS light on

    Hey everyone, I just changed the rear brake pads on my 97 FZJ80 (they were really worn) and after replacing, the ABS light stays on. I disconnected the battery for about 3 minutes...no dice. I did have to compress the caliper and that caused fluid to leak out of the reservoir but I drained...
  11. Stealthmimic

    For Sale  Master Cylinder for Year 2000, 100 Series LC

    Came out of a vehicle w ABS, VSC and TRAC. Diagnosed with a bad ABS booster pump motor. Everything else worked as of r/r w new unit. The ABS booster pump motor requiring rebuild comes w this unit. As far as I know all other components (MC, ECU, Accumulator) are in serviceable condition. Other...
  12. K

    Bizarre Electrical issues w/ LED turn signals

    I recently took my '99 Land Cruiser to the Toyota Dealership to troubleshoot the following issues: ABS light turning on after driving for a block or so Potential fuel pump replacement as the vehicle would surge momentarily while accelerating on the highway (passing a car or aggressive lane...
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