2005 100 series master cylinder help

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Aug 30, 2012
Just bought 100 series this year and ABS light and alarm go off. Dealership said the master is leaking and needs replacement asap. I saw a thread on here about replacing one but my question is because I have active skid control can i just replace the MS and not have to do the booster and pump. Booster and pump with MS is over 3K
Sounds like a booster pump(electric motor) issue if the alarm is going off. All those parts are replaceable separately. Different models of Toyota are the same motor. Would recommend rebuilding the master piston/seal at the same time while it's apart.

Master Cylinder Rebuild - DIY
I would be shopping around for a replacement and then install myself or pay a indie shop. But yeah, you need to replace the booster pump too. Thats what's setting off the alarm. When it fails completely you will loose all brakes.
Do you know where it is leaking? Under dash or under hood?
before the alarm started going off i could see the MS leaking pretty bad. its hard to know exactly were its coming from but i do know its coming out of the ms not under the dash. so i know that either has to be replaced or rebuilt with the piston kit. i was hoping that that was the culprit and not the pump and booster. is it possible to start with that and then see if its just that? Thanks for the help btw!
here are some pictures of the MS and leaks
here are some pictures of the MS and leaks

Don't think it is the grommets for the brake fluid reservoir, which would be easy.

Looks like you need a new master cylinder. The MC rebuild kit would only address leaks on dash side, behind the brake pedal.
MC Sub-assembly would address MC leaks, w/booster would freshen the whole thing.
The pricing is insane, the MC sub-assembly is around $1200 and with the booster its $2200.
Is something extra corrosive at work here? How are your brake lines?
unfortunately i bought a rust belt land cruiser that has corrosion underneath. Long story. I'm not sure how my brake lines are to tell the truth when it was in the dealership they just mentioned the MC. SO do I add 1200 to 2200 or is 2200 the total?
Sounds like the booster is good? and if you think it will last awhile you could just do the MC sub-assembly.
The $2200 is both MC and Booster. If you need the booster at some time in the future it is available for $1100.
These prices are for OEM parts from a Toyota dealer that sell at a discount like Dallas and Norwalk, CA you can find in vendor section of MUD.

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