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Aug 5, 2010
Completely doable. Now that I have done it I could probably pull it all off in a couple of hours. I would suggest buying a set of manifolds, with downpipe and cat as that's the only part that's hard.

That said, this thing is supposed to be CARB compliant soon. I don't see any reason it wouldn't pass smog then. Thus, you could pass smog now stock and then bolt on the kit - you'd have 2 years for Joey to get the certificate.
I have turbo'd and un-turbo'd my truck a couple times. Not to hard to put it back together. The main difference is that you'll want to keep you stock y-pipe and 1st cat in one piece rather than sawing it in half to weld to the downpipe. You'll just have to get an exhaust shop to fabricate the first cat section (or buy a spare 50-state magnaflow y-pipe to saw in half).

Hopefully you'll just get the CARB cert and not have to worry about it.
Jun 1, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
Got my Turbo today!!!

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I think I could have gotten it way back in 2019, as I pre-ordered on day 1 of public sales, but I kept pushing my shipping date back because I wasn't ready to install, and I would have happily waited longer. Just got my smog renewal notice though, so this seems like good timing! After the smog, I'll have 2 years for the CARB cert to get sorted out.

Only small hiccup was the shipping address, which I had as my work, but the office has been closed due to the pandemic, so I wanted it shipped to my home, but I think Joey forgot that part between our call and making the shipping labels. I was able to get UPS to hold the shipment for pick-up at the local depot, or so I thought. Turns out there were three separate tracking numbers, as opposed to 1 master tracking number (I had only received 1 tracking number in my shipping email for some reason), so UPS attempted delivery at the closed office with the other 2 boxes and left an info notice. Luckily, a co-worker had stopped by the office that day and sent me a photo of the info notice. But of course, the UPS driver didn't bother to scan in the info notice, so the info notice was rather useless (other than giving me a head's up that there might be separate tracking numbers).

Got to UPS this morning and they only had the one box ready for me, and they claimed there were no packages on the truck going to my office, either today or yesterday! But Joey came through with the other 2 tracking numbers while I was still at UPS, and after a bit of searching, UPS found the other 2 packages (on the truck they claimed had no packages going to my office...).

Hopefully, there will be more turbos shipping soon, but more importantly, hoping Joey's wife gets better!

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