My 76 1UZ build

Sep 1, 2014
Calgary, Alberta
Well I've been plugging away at the body work and thought I would post an update. I am now at 400 grit and just about ready to prime and paint. Since its not a restoration, and to try and keep peace in the valley, I let the family choose the color... freeborn red and cygnus. But, I also wanted to go with an industrial paint and after lots of chats at the paint shop, I'm going with a valspar industrial single stage mix - tough and rated for coverage over metal and only requires like a 300 grit prep (still going to go to 400 with primer though). To get the color I first had them color match a couple of spray bombs in regular paint, spray it on some cards and then find a matching industrial chip. Apparently you can't just color match in industrial as the pigments are more intense, but you can go from one industrial paint book to another - I think it was in the Sikkens book we found the best matches, so, for the record, here are a couple of pics of the paint codes.

In other news, I still don't have the engine running, currently thinking its a faulty ECU, have a replacement on the way, we'll see... did I mention I hate electrical and all the voodoo witchcraft that goes with it??

Also, I have decided on the drivetrain, I can't afford the Atlas, so going with Northwest Fabs Blackbox i and a Dana300 with cable shifters... which allows me to keep the factory seat I just got back - not quite stock, but the local upholster did a great job IMHO

@RUSH55 if you have some spare time, mind coming up and outboarding my spring mounts for me?? Keep staring at your pics on page 49/50 and thinking I should do it like that.. but probably wont :)




Oct 18, 2002
Cottonwood, Az.
Thanks Calgary, I appreciate that!👍
Pretty simple design just need to be able to bend 1/4” plate within a couple degrees.
I still have all of the blueprints I drew. Probably wouldn’t do another set without a plasma cutter. My right elbow still gets mad at the sight of a grinder.
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