How do you keep your cruiser from

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Mar 4, 2011
Dallas, Texas
getting STOLEN. Right now I use a Club. I wanted an alarm but since there is not a door operated dome light it is really no use. Does any one have some good secret kill switch ideas? What brand/kind switch to use. The last one I did on a '69 Cutlass and was FUBAR. I wouldnt mind even if it was on the out side of the truck.

Oh yeah, on which side of the carb is the idle mixture screw?
One guy wired up his cigarette lighter as a kill switch. You have to push the lighter in in order to start it. I thought that was cool, there is a post about all the different kill switches people did. The club is suppose to be one of the best deterrents in general.
Can't you disable the Club by cutting through the steering wheel with a hacksaw in 20 seconds? I know that if someone wants to steal your rig bad enough, they'll find a way. There are so many different methods to try keeping thieves at bay.....I can't imagine paying $500 for the metal "boot" that I've seen advertised recently.....
Oh yeah, on which side of the carb is the idle mixture screw?

Sitting in the drivers is on the right side of the carb. Facing the valve cover, need to take the air filter housing off to get to it.
i like the ign fuse.. i also like my alarm system with a motion sensor - also have a club like device from england.. its posted in the other thread about security systems
never had a problem yet and mine is usually open. I don't keep much in it and I would rather they just take it then bust out a window and still take it. There are not very many cruisers around here and everyone knows its mine and do not dare touch it. lol
steel cable? a tree stump?

:meh: not too many people know how to drive stick anymore anyway

when I am really concerned, I put it in LO and pull the battery fuses :meh:

I always use the club anyway

but quite honestly, I just can't see why anybody would want to steal my truck :meh: I mean, they can all anticipate it won't go fast much - plus, it is pretty easy to recognize :doh:
nothing is fool proof but this would make them think twice..

locked into reverse-
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A fellow mudder's rig got swiped locally... Found a week or so later less tires and a winch.:(
It was as distinctive a 40 as they come.

I use a kryptonite lock through the steering wheel and around the roll cage. Visual deterants help.
nothing is fool proof but this would make them think twice..

locked into reverse-

great set up!!!

this usually works for me!!
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Honestly, theft is something i have never thought of until reading this post............i may have to research something a little more dedicated

Are you worried about theft from your driveway at night or in a parking lot, say at the beach or a store??
I've only owned my Cruiser for a couple of years, but so far I've relyed on good old fashioned luck. So far so good! Still in the street in front of the house, and have always found it in the parking lot where I've left it!!!
Wheel block? Line lock in the brake line? Old military style battery disconnect is what I used on an old GMC I had years ago. Bayonet type fuse in dash as a dummy pull switch. Wire the truck with 220 vac? lol. Explosives so no one can have if stolen? Who knows, an endless amount of ideas but like computer virus protection, someone somewhere will eventually beat it. I guess anything as said is not fool proof other than the rifles but you have to hear or see a target to shoot it.
I've heard of guys pulling the rotor from the dizzy and putting the dizzy cap back on. Keeps someone from driving it away at least. And on the chance they have an extra rotor in their pocket... oh snap.

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