FJ60 Gas Tank Recall Update: January 2020

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Aug 28, 2004
Patagonia, Arizona, USA
I figured it was worthwhile to provide factual information regarding the status of the FJ60 gas tank recall.

There are a lot of threads currently on MUD with incorrect information/out-dated information and facts.

Just want to provide a time-stamped update on parts availability and process for procuring.

Most of the ancillary parts are now, unfortunately, discontinued from Toyota. That’s just the name of the game at this point considering the last FJ60 manufactured was 33 years ago.

The following parts are still available:

Fuel sender/gasket/hardware
Some hoses
Fuel pickup tube/gasket/hardware
Tank assembly

Toyota is no longer allowing a secondary purchase of tanks. That means if the recall was done by Toyota at a previous date, you cannot have another one done even if you pay for the parts and have it done at a Toyota dealership.

This is also true if you had the recall done and just want to purchase the parts again, OTC, and install yourself.

Toyota is only allowing trucks (read: VINs) that have not had the recall done order the parts remaining for the recall.

If you do order the parts for a VIN that has not had the recall done and are purchasing OTC, Toyota is charging you for them at full retail price (unless you have some wholesale arrangement with your dealer).

That’s the way things are being done now.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to get these parts OTC. You really need to have a dealership parts dept. that is willing to help you and jump through the hoops to get the parts released to you. Most of them will most likely not along with service depts. that probably won’t help you either.

In any event, hope this helps folks out there.

Pics of available parts for accuracy:

Onur, thanks for the update.
Has anyone done this for the 62? I think I read somewhere tanks are NLA for the 62 but I have not personally checked with a dealer.
could one of you gentlemen get my vin checked to see if the recall has been done on my 60 before it came to canada aprox 12 yrs ago. pretty much got told to get f%&ked by the local 'yota stealership?
could one of you gentlemen get my vin checked to see if the recall has been done on my 60 before it came to canada aprox 12 yrs ago. pretty much got told to get f%&ked by the local 'yota stealership?

Where will you get the parts or have it done if you were told to pound sand already? Even if it needs to be done, who is advocating on your behalf with Toyota?

Ready to spend a $1000 or more for parts?
i'd get my sister to try to purchase them state side. that is if i'm understanding correctly what you posted. meaning if vin search/check shows it's not been done those parts can be bought OTC. advocate? didn't realize i'd need one
I got mine done Sept 2018. There were a few hoses that were not available, but they were able to make them. I paid for a new pickup so I wouldnt have them install a rusty one like I have seen on here and everything would be fresh. Thread below shows my invoice and the parts from my dealer in Spring Texas.

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I just had the recall performed on mine about 4 months ago without any hassle at Dolan Toyota in Reno, NV. They did have to piece together a few odds and ends. It was free except for the new sender, I think that was around $200.

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