1. ZombieResponseUnit

    Electric Blue ‘82 FJ60:BJ60

    I’ve been slowly picking away at this build for a year now. I am hoping posting here will help me push on this project and stay accountable. This FJ60 was bought by my mother-in-law in ~87. It doesn’t seem like it was driven much, then parked for ~20 years before I got it. The 2F started and...
  2. M

    For Sale  1985 Landcruiser fJ60 Radiator and cowl - Original parts

    Pulled this original Radiator and fan shrowd out of a 1985 Landcruiser. I do not know how good/bad the inside of the radiator is or exactly what the condition is. I can tell you it came out of a running vehicle and had no antifreeze leaks when we removed it. Open to reasonable offers, buyer...
  3. Beehanger

    For Sale  SoCal 2F engine, carb, and tranny for sale

    Swapping my original 2f for a 2uz or 1fzfe (still looking hmu) in my 85. 239k miles on 2f carb and tranny. Engine needs a rebuild, has been running and had good compression when I checked in January. It’s burning oil and knocks, recently had all seals repaired, but it’s time for her to get a...
  4. Beehanger

    Wanted  SoCal 1FZ/ or 4.7 2UZ or 3FE with stock trannys, parts

    Swapping my fj60 that has a tired 2F. Looking into builds options for these engines and wanting to purchase lower miles preferred and good running condition. Would purchase the right one right away. Dan
  5. Beehanger

    Any heard of “A rusted development” shop?

    Hi all, Finally found a shop willing to take me in soon, everywhere else In the west has been booked out. Getting the fj60 engine rebuilt ( wanting time do the hi powered 2F build like Mosley motors) and potneitnailly a h55 swap, Jake at “a rusted development” in heber city Utah said it would be...
  6. Rockymtnreaper

    For Sale  SOCAL: Level 8 Trackers 17x8.5 Black set of 5 for sale. with tires.

    Hey guys! I decided to part ways with my current wheels on my 60. They are Level 8 Trackers in a really nice black finish. Two of them have a small amount of rock rash, but the nice part is they don't rust since they are aluminum. Could be touched up. When I first bought these I didn't really...
  7. B

    For Sale  Modesto, CA - 87' Toyota Landcruiser FJ60

    87' FJ60 - Amazing Truck. As much as I hate to part with this rig, it's time someone who can really enjoy it should have it. I'm only the second owner and this truck has not seen much dirt at all. It's super clean. Newly rebuilt motor dropped in 2018 (less than 500 miles) Con-Ferr Rack Just...
  8. Dustin Messina

    Wanted  Later FJ60 Pedal Bucket

    Looking for a later 60 pedal bucket. Need the parts to tnrow an h55 in a 62. Let me k know what you got.
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - Set of 4 16" x 7" Toyota factory wheels - 4 Runner, Tacoma, FJ series, T 100 etc

    Good shape, no rash.$185 for All Four. Two have caps, two don't. AS pictured. No shipping. These are Toyota, Factory Aluminum Alloy wheels at a cheap, but firm price
  10. B

    For Sale  Fj60 Carpet used

    Used Carpet kit for Fj60. Carpet was pulled to lay sound deadening, replacing with new kit. Carpet was shampooed with rented carpet cleaner, still has a couple of stains and a oil spot in rear cargo piece. $150 plus shipping.
  11. 83Landy


    Howdy Mud, I'm back in the cruiser world! Around 2008 I bought a 69FJ40 out of a barn for 6k in Placerville. I got it running with a lot of advice from here (could not locate my old account to resurrect) some parts from @orangefj45, @Pighead in Sacramento, & username Luddite something? Put...
  12. S

    Crankshaft Machining/Replacement

    Hey All, I recently got an FJ60 off of marketplace that was known to have engine knock, and having rebuilt some VW 1600s in the past, I figured I could do a good enough job fixing the knock. I popped off the oil pan last night, and lo and behold the rod bearing on cylinder #3 had turned into...
  13. Frostyfj62

    Fj60/62 Rear cargo panels

    I'm looking for a set of fj60/62 cargo panels or a template so I can trace and build my own custom panel. If any one had something I would gladly buy them even if its just the press board I just want to copy them on some plywood. Thx
  14. dhny

    SOLD  1982 FJ60 - Restored Sky Blue Metallic - SW Florida

    Hi all, It's time to pass on my 1982 FJ60 with ~212k miles. A little background: The vehicle spent 34 years on the west coast (California 1982-2002; Oregon 2002-2016) before I acquired it 5 years ago (2016). I had it restored in New York and briefly listed it for sale in NY before changing my...
  15. fj62steve

    Wanted  San Diego- LOOKING for a GREY FRONT only FJ60 carpet

    looking for front fj60 grey carpet good condition, thanks. Only need the front otherwise i’d buy the full refurbished kit
  16. Beehanger

    Boise Idaho: Looking for reliable shop to rebuild engine

    Hi all, Picked up a rust free 60 a few months and she needs a rebuild. I have a small 2 month window where I’m living on jobsite to have the rig worked on, searching for a shop. SNLC and foreign auto are heavily booked but reached out to import engine supply who said they could do it for 6 G...
  17. J

    SOLD  Queens, NY : FJ40/FJ60 Webber Carburetor Conversion Kit

    I purchased a Webber Carb Conversion Kit and am no longer going to install. It is complete with the linkage cable and an electric inline fuel pump. I am located in Long Island City, Queens and can deliver if a reasonable distance. I have pasted links of each item from TPI's website. These items...
  18. M

    SOLD  Whitefish, MT, 1989 HJ60 high roof

    For sale is a 1989 Land Cruiser HJ60 high roof. Japanese import. Had plans to slowly restore and overland. 2H diesel with auto transmission. 149000 miles. Very clean interior, body has small blemishes throughout and one small (1”) rust hole on the right rear quarter. Frame has surface rust. Had...
  19. U

    For Sale  Alberta: J60 Fiberglass fender flares

    I have a set of Gozzard fiberglass fender flares for the J60 Landcruisers (Land Cruiser 60 Series – Gozzard Composites - Brand new these are $525US, I am looking to get $350 for them, but am willing to hear your offers.
  20. jma256

    Leak Detective (Cargo)

    sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words. I’ve chased down and repaired major leaks and these two water intrusions seem to be the ones escaping me. Window seal ones seems obvious (just curious how folks have fixed it. Any idea on what could be going on with the vent? Trim on the outside of this...
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