1. K

    Igniter assembly, capacitor?

    Hey guys, probably a dumb question, but what exactly is this thing circled in yellow? And, what does it do? And, now that my wires have been smoked/burnt in the areas circled green, what does that mean for internals? It looks like a little capacitor that comes from the ground of the battery...
  2. alecanglum

    Wanted  SW MO: FJ62/60 fenders & doors

    Hello all! I’m currently searching for a pair of clean front fenders, a front driver side door, and a rear passenger side door. Must be located near Missouri or willing to ship. Send me whatcha got!
  3. Hold my beer

    Trade  CO/Denver '86 FJ60: SOA->SUA

    Hello, all! I recently bought an 86 FJ60 that has is SOA converted and I would like to go to a stock SUA configuration or SUA with a 2-3" lift, as it will hopefully be my daily driver. I would love to find someone who is currently wanting to go SOA with their rig and willing to trade their...
  4. LandSnoozer93

    Shot in the dark, willing to trade my 60 or my 1st gen 4runner rock crawler for 80 series

    *I suck at forums, if this isn't allowed please let me know.* Hey folks- hope everyone is bearing down during these trying times. I'm looking to get into an 80 series. I'd like to offer my 60 series or my 1stgen 4runner rock crawler up for trade. Doesn't have to be built up, stock is fine...
  5. overton

    For Sale  TX - 1984 Land Cruiser FJ60 - 114K Miles

    I have a very nice Copper Metallic 1984 FJ60 that is currently in TX near Abilene. I can bring this truck to Iowa and sell her from here or if you're in the south and looking for a nice deal on a great wagon, I can send the truck directly to the buyer from Texas. Whatever makes sense. I sold...
  6. grayjs

    For Sale  Calgary AB - 60 Series Parts

    Hi everyone I have a bunch of spare cruiser parts for sale, everything is located in Calgary Alberta Canada. All prices are in USD and does not include shipping. I base all my prices on other comparable ads on this site. If I am out of line feel free to make an offer. I am going to start with...
  7. S

    SOLD  1987 Toyota Land Cruiser Fj60 with 3FE engine

    Hey, Mud community. I'm in the position where I'm thinking about giving up my project FJ60. I was in the process of swapping a 3FE from a 92 FJ80 into my FJ60 and ended up pausing the completion due to financial and work reasons. The 3FE is installed (all new engine gaskets and seals, new head...
  8. zgarre

    Wanted  FJ60 Fog Lamp Switch

    Still looking for one of these for my FJ60 (pic below). Help a fellow cruiserhead out!!
  9. Mark Dickey

    For Sale  FJ40, FJ60/62 Parts. Body parts mostly (Dickey Sales) Through Offer Up App (California) Parts include at this time... FJ60/62 SOR me Ratio of cost top tail top gate w/o wiper Glass 350 Top tail top gate w/o wiper $425.00 255...
  10. wilburatsunset.jpg


    I love the lines of a clean fj60
  11. S

    Wanted  FJ60 knuckle to hub

    Hi, I’m looking to convert my non-US spec FJ43 from drum to disc brakes. In search of a front pair of FJ60 (knuckles to hub). Please let me know if you are interested in selling. Thanks
  12. F

    1984 2FE FJ60 HELP!!!

    I have a 2FE converted FJ60. I have been having the hesitation/stutter/and fuel starvation from hell... the truck will run pretty good until about 10-20 minutes of driving. That’s when the hesitation/lack of throttle response/bogging/fuel starvation starts happening most frequently. Original...
  13. Rusto

    FJ60 2F Air Injection Union Nozzle - need at least two (De-smoggers, lemme hear from you!)

    Good morning all you de-smoggers out there! I've been tracking down some exhaust leaks on my smogged FJ60 and discovered that my air rail is toast, with one inlet complete broken off. Not only that, the PO had done a hack job on a repair (I'm officially a Cruiser owner now) and two of my Air...
  14. Dustin Messina

    Wanted  WANTED---FF 60 Axle

    As the title says looking for a Full Float Rear OEM 60 axle. If anybody has a line on one let me know. Thanks
  15. T

    SOLD  (or trade) Idaho: 1985 Toyota FJ60

    Here's a pretty low-effort post contemplating selling or trading my FJ60. I like my 60 a lot. It is a ton of fun to drive. I've rebuilt the knuckles and desmogged it. It's manual steering on a power steering box. The pump was bad when I got it, had been run dry. I think it might have leaked out...
  16. gdg11

    60 series with square headlights

    found this on amazon japan maybe some one can shed some light, did he cut his or was it a option
  17. Drake2

    For Sale  WI - Haynes (60, 62, 80, FZJ80) & Chiltons (1970-1988) Manuals

    The books are in good condition. Haynes - $16 shipped Chiltons - $11 shipped Paypal F&F
  18. bigboiimigel

    For Sale  1985 White FJ60 for sale

    Howdy Mudders, I am selling my 1985 TLC FJ60 that I've had for a couple of years. This has been my project vehicle. Minimal Rust. Located in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The car spent most of its life in the Colorado Desert. Vehicle - 1985 FJ60 Land Cruiser Mileage - 258,889.7 Color- White...
  19. DenaliJames

    Trouble getting lifter out of 2F

    Cylinder 1 lifter is believed to be collapsed at the bottom where it meets the cam lobe. Looking for input on how to remove as it seems to be stuck. Will move freely until a certain point (about 3/4" exposed) and then will not move further. There's room to get channel locks etc. on it but no...
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