1. Phenx60bruiser

    Caught the bug

    So after 6 months of staring, drooling, and bugging my wife I bought my first land cruiser. It’s a 1987, 215k, and I got it for a whopping $2500. I think I bought the rustiest cruiser in North America however the frame has nothing but light surface rust (that I saw). I will be starting...
  2. aviafx

    ARB front bumper, question about mounting brackets

    Hey mud - How do the mounting brackets that the bumper bolts to attach to the frame? Do they use the existing OEM bumper horns as well as bolt holes on the top of the frame rail? Haven't had much luck looking for images of just the brackets mounted up. My horns are removed as I have a 4plus...
  3. OldMan Ray

    An FJ60 called Bruno - my NorCal Bay Area restoration project

    Hello, I’m new to the forum. I just acquired a 1984 FJ60 a few months ago, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! I started this thread to document all the repairs & upgrades that I’ve done with the truck so far. I started out as a 4Runner fanatic (I have a super dependable 2002 SR5 3rd Gen...
  4. F

    Heater core pipe solder question.

    When soldering the brass pipes to the heater core as many suggest to do, do you leave a gap between the two flanges for the solder to get in or do you put the pipe flanges (of the heater core pipe to the brass pipe) as close together as possible (touching)? While not a professional plumber, I...
  5. A

    Distributor and Vacuum

    Hey All, I am trying to get my FJ60 air tight (Proven to be a headache and a half) and think I have finally done it. I hooked up my smoke tester and all seals seem to be doing their jobs. But, when I crank over the engine and get it up to temp, I am only seeing 14 inHG on the intake manifold...
  6. S

    For Sale  Everett Washington: 84/Toyota/FJ60 Land Cruiser

    It runs but needs some TLC. We love the truck but don't have time or skills to bring back its beauty. We hope you can. $4,000
  7. F

    Speedometer cable install question and photos.

    The PO had the speedo cable mounted with a zip tie right above the transfer case. This is where the “white thing” (my term) on the cable was mounted to. Is this correct ? I don’t want it mounted incorrectly, causing it to bend and twist in a bad way and have to replace it again. Can anykne ahare...
  8. FJ60L83

    For Sale  Seattle WA - 8/86 FJ60 Parts - 2F w/ AFI TBI setup +++

    All items for sale are from a 8/86 FJ60. I'm not sure what to charge for most of this, so make offers... I would like to unload as many of these parts at one time as I can. I really don't have time to sell it piece by piece, so make me a offer, chances are I'll say yes. I also really need the...
  9. Y

    Wanted  Looking for ARB bumper for FJ60

    I want to start with an ARB bumper and cut off the bull bar, reweld, and repaint. so a used one would be great. anyone out there have one they want to unload?
  10. G

    Questions on my first my first Fj60 1984 land cruiser that l’m about to buy

    Hey guys, I’m about to purchase my first land cruiser and it’s a 1984. It has some oil leaks as it looks from the pictures of the bottom side of the car. I want to know what gaskets I will need to replace, How hard are these to replace, and are they expensive? It also has 172k miles on it and is...
  11. Jinks11

    Wanted  FJ60 FJ62 parts

    grey fuse pannel cover grey seat belt covers - female side grey rear interior fendor covers rear exterior vents- no cracks chrome rear license place light fixture drivers side front window felt lining (inside window rubber/felt) white upper half tailgate - no rust
  12. William839

    For Sale  NM- 1986 Land Cruiser FJ60

    1986 Toyota Land Cruiser fj60 with 269k on the odometer , engine rebuilt at 189k , receipts of all maintenance in the last 20 years Clean title, she needs some love to be road worthy and will be getting done by me in the meantime so price will go up as I fix things . Price is starting at 5k OBO...
  13. A

    H55F Transmission shifting issue

    Hey all first time on IH8MUD, I am nearing the end of my mechanical restoration of a 1985 FJ60. I got the old beast started yesterday for the first time and realized I was unable to shift into gear. I have replaced the original 4 speed with a H55F transmission, which in the process I replaced...
  14. Dakotan

    For Sale  Micky Thompson rare 15x8" polished rims and 33" tires

    Bought my FJ60 and replaced the rims and tires right away to go a little smaller. Selling what was on there. 4 M/T polished rims that are rare and care not made anymore. $100 a piece for the rims. 2 Falkon Wildpeak A/T 33" tires with 10k miles on them. $45 a piece 2 Bridgestone Dueler A/T 33"...
  15. M

    mblakec's Land Cruiser

    Hello mudders, Over the last year since I acquired my FJ62, I have been trying to soak in all the great info on this site, but haven't done much in the way of posting, so I thought I would change that now (you're welcome internet ;) ). The 62 is a family vehicle that my grandfather bought new...
  16. Dakotan

    For Sale  Rare Micky Thompson polished rims(15"x8") and 33" tires

    Bought my FJ60 and replaced the rims and tires right away to go a little smaller. Selling what was on there. 4 M/T polished rims that are rare and care not made anymore. $100 a piece for the rims. 2 Falkon Wildpeak A/T 33" tires with 10k miles on them. $45 a piece 2 Bridgestone Dueler A/T 33"...
  17. P

    First Land Cruiser- Purchased an FJ60.

    Hey guys, Bought my first cruiser. A 1983 model, Spring over axle, and 37s. Purchased it from memphis and drove it 8 hours and 477 miles home. Truck is awesome! Little bit of rust but imma add a snomaster fridge, winch and bumpers, and a rooftop tent and I'm DONE! The trip back was crazy but I...
  18. js0k

    Wanted  Texas: FJ60 OME 2-3” Wanted

    Howdy y’all, figured I’d put a feeler out to see if anyone has a used OME 2-3” lift kit for an FJ60 sitting around before I spring for a new one. I can’t stand under my 60’s hatch but 2-3” and some 33’s should fix that! Thanks!
  19. Dustin Messina

    For Sale  Fj60 OEM AIr Cleaner Hose

    This was the original air cleaner hose on my 85 fj60. It’s in great condition with not tears or holes. I know city racer is selling the repros but this is original. $125 plus shipping.
  20. FJ Noob

    Project #2....She's a blank slate

    I think I may have a sickness.... I took the plunge and bought my first 1987 FJ60 about 6 weeks ago. My First FJ60 Love everything about it. BUT..... Today I just made final coordinations for delivery of a second one. A 1985 FJ60. I need to get this under control o_O Updates once I have it...
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