1. yotamotive

    For Sale  FJ60 Front Seat Parts Slider Track Frame Hinge Adjuster Gray NM

    Removed from a June of 1986 FJ60. PM me. Thanks!
  2. RevISK

    For Sale  Texas - 60 series vintage roof rack

    Selling, what I assume, is a dealer installed rack off of my FJ62. In great condition for what it is. Some light scratches on the cross bars. Includes all hardware and gaskets though some of the gaskets are a wee brittle. Also included are 6x roof rails. Make offer. Willing to ship broken down...
  3. Beehanger

    2F Engine Noise and crank pulley wobble

    Hi Gents, I'm 26 and just (hopefully) completed my first build+baseline and mechanical journey in general on my 1985 60 series but im hearing some odd engine noises, and a potential crankshaft wobble. I've done everything besides the machining + initial assembling the head and block. I Had my...
  4. taoofbean

    Wanted  FJ62 - Rear Seat Belt Cover Trim

    I have a tan 1984 FJ60 that I would love to convert to three point harness seat belts in the rear and need to source the FJ62 trim to make it elegant looking. I have the tan/Brown interior but color is less important than part if it exists still. Thank you!
  5. hogansgyros

    For Sale  FJ62 A440 and FJ60 H42 Transmissions for Sale

    I’m doing an H55 transmission swap in my 89 FJ62 and was seeing if anybody was interested in either my H42 4 Speed Manual transmission or my A440 automatic transmission. The H42 4 speed manual (originally from a late model FJ60) is currently in my FJ62 and shifts great through all gears...
  6. dbbowen

    SOLD  [OR] FRP HJ61 Fender Flares and 3 NOS wider mud flaps for use with the flares. All brand new

    Bought these from Australia and had them imported last year through Horizon Early Land Cruisers along with a bunch of other stuff. The fenders are made to order and the wait time is generally 3 weeks to 2 months The Fender flares are white Gelcoat. They will need to be prepped and painted. They...
  7. Beehanger

    Starter clicking noise but no startup... FJ60

    Hi guys, I'm 26 and my 85 fj60 is my daily. (haven't been able to daily it in 2.5 Coming off a huge rebuild process and now having starting issues with the starter/ignition. I get a click the first crank, then nothing. The starter gradually starter sounding weaker and weaker. I...
  8. SteveH

    SOLD  CO: 1982 Fj60 carburetor - no jets, otherwise complete

    This is a 1982 FJ60 carburetor that has had the jets removed. I was present when it was taken off the truck, and watched another guy carefully remove the jets for a project. It is otherwise complete, as seen in the photos. Lots of great parts, or install jets and run it. It has been boxed in my...
  9. BurntToast

    For Sale  ABQ,NM: FJ62 Speedo Cable 83710-90A20

    New OEM Speedo cable. Going Speedhut for gauges so I don’t need it. $100 plus shipping to you
  10. Berry

    For Sale  FJ60: H42 Transmission and Rebuild Kit

    WTS my H42 transmission out of a 1984 FJ60. This transmission works great, daily drove this for 12 months without issue. Will pop out of gear if decelerating hard. Comes with the Cruiser Outfitters transmission rebuild kit and gaskets. Asking $400 shipped, $300 local pickup
  11. BurntToast

    SOLD  ABQ, NM: Early FJ60 power steering gasket kit 04445-60020

    04445-60020 for the early steering boxes. Brand new from Amayama. I need the 60030 kit for my late one and accidentally ordered this one. $50 plus shipping to you Sold
  12. yotadude520

    Builds  Just bought my first 60 1986 FJ60 Build

    My pursuit for a 60 series has never been easy. Ever since I was 16 I've wanted a 40 series or a 60 series. What can I say - I'm a sucker for round headlights and slow 6 cylinders. I've tried multiple times to get my hands on one here locally and for some reason or another me owning a 60 series...
  13. C

    For Sale  Wilmington, NC: 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

    This 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, is for for sale in Wilmington, North Carolina. This FJ60 was repainted a few years ago. It has: OME suspension with 2.5″ lift, new factory style chrome bumpers, rock sliders, ARB roof rack, vinyl seats and a functioning AC system converted to R134a. It looks...
  14. skidmark7

    Back in the saddle

    Hello ih8mud forum, I’m Paul (skidmark7) from the Santa Cruz mountains. Have the LC addition, bad. I’ve owned or own 2-1970 FJ40s (sold), 64’ FJ45swb (sold to big island), 72’ FJ55 (for sale), 80’ HJ47 troopy (owned 18y), 86’ FJ60 (owned 27y). I was a past member of this forum, but have been...
  15. Milkshake

    For Sale  Monterey, CA: 1971 FJ40 Front Drum Brake Parts/Differential

    Upgrading my FJ40 to 60 series knuckles and brakes, as well as the 60 series differential. The take-offs from 1971 are in good condition, with the only exception being the wheel cylinders. They work alright, but are leaky and need a rebuild. Here are the parts I have: Complete front drums -...
  16. blbuck12

    SOLD  Seattle Area: FJ60 Stock rear axle 3.7 gearing

    Rear axle out of my 1987 fj60 is for sale. 3.7 gearing. Perfect for a 40 series swap or building while you keep your 60 on the road. $300 obo Would consider trades for cool 60 series stuff, awning....
  17. Kpackerresto

    For Sale  Orange County: 1986/Toyota/Fj 60 $ASKING 35,000$ 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser condition: excellent cylinders: 6 cylinders drive: 4wd fuel: gas odometer: 243894 paint color: grey title status: clean transmission: manual Meticulously restored 1986 FJ60...
  18. HemiAlex

    SOLD  Texas: FJ60 15x5.5 Factory Wheels with tires (Set of 4)

    (4) OEM 15x5.5 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 Wheels with tires. 265/75r15 Cooper Discoverer H/T Produced in 2017 and barely used. Minimal rust on the wheels, and they hold air nicely. I drove with this combo, I would say it is ready to go. $250 located in 77833. Will be happy to hold or mud ship.
  19. yotadude520

    Wanted: FJ60 w/ Blown Motor or Rolling Chassis

    What's up everyone, been a while since I've posted here! I've gotten the itch to work on an older yota again, and now have my sights set on a FJ60. Looking to buy one that's got a blown motor and is mainly complete, want to do a H55 & V8 swap. If it doesn't have the motor, tranny or transfer...
  20. DanS HJ-45

    For Sale  NM: 1984 FJ60

    The Good Runs great. Drives great. Rides like a dream. Is a Land Cruiser. The Bad Does not look like Megan Fox. Has some rusty bits. Current wife does not appreciate truck's connection to previous wife. Details 1984 FJ60 241,350 miles Stock 2F/H42 4 speed transmission/34mm split T-case Front...
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