1. 86FJ60LM7

    For Sale Miami: 1986 FJ60 with the 5-speed mated to a 5.3 LM7 Vortec V8

    Howdy Mud, Time to sell my 86 FJ60 (built 6/1986,) with the 5-speed and a 5.3 LM7 Vortec V8 out of a 2002 Silverado 1500. I easily have $40k into this rig. Looking to get $26k for it. Clean title in hand. True body, frame and engine mileages are unknown; all in great shape though. Located in...
  2. Bill92

    Wanted WTB 85-up bellhousing, OR complete manual 4 spd swap bundle

    I am swapping my 88 FJ62 to manual. It is SOA, so I really need the 85-up bell housing to clock the TC to sit as low as possible. I already have a source for the tranny and TC, but need the bellhousing. Or, if you want to sell me the whole kit in one shot I would consider that as well Located...
  3. S

    Costs adding up... looking for a new header. Mine has a crack in the wrong spot!

    So, got her for $12k. Pretty solid find in my opinion. Dropped $7k into fixing leaks, rebuilding knuckles, carb issues, etc. Now I find ou got a cracked head. I've been leaning on the "idea" if doing a V8 swap. I have an LT1 vette motor available. But not sure where to start with that motor...
  4. WolfyStudios

    Wanted Where can I find this FJ62 Roof Rack?

    Anyone know where to source or who can make? I NEED it!
  5. N

    Should I buy an fj60

    Hey all, brand new here so let me know if there is a better place for this post! On mobile so hopefully formatting is okay. I found an ‘84 fj60 for sale near me with 240k on it. It’s a 4 speed and it looks like the seats have been redone. Seller is claiming that it just needs the fluids...
  6. Seabass60

    SOLD Wilton, CA-Fresh and Complete "2FE" engine package kit long block with ALL parts never been installed

    Hello all! First of all I want to thank everyone on this forum but being an absolute life saver throughout my restoration. I've decided to take the project in another direction, so here we are. The rig was a one owner bone stock 1987 60 and driven by an older couple, pretty much the dream 60...
  7. clintjon84

    For Sale Traverse City, MI: 1985/Toyota/Landcruiser FJ60

    1985 FJ60 Landcruiser Odometer: 148,400 4 Speed Manual 2F Engine Asking Price: $25,500 This is a great classic. It's lived most of its life in California, moving to Michigan in 2020 when I purchased it. I've replaced the mirrors with the larger European mirrors, replace headlights with LEDs...
  8. MrFitzie

    Best way to tackle this rust spot on the wheel well near seat mount?

    This weekend I started ripping out my old carpet to lay down some sound deadening and put in a new carpet kit, but when I removed the wheel well covers I noticed this. I decided to try grinding away some of the loose surface rust and it kept going. It looks like water came in from the...
  9. Beehanger

    Advice: How much should I pay for half of 2f engine rebuild process

    Hi All, I'm pulling the plug on a mechanic that's been taking far too long (like 4 months) to do an engine rebuild process for me on my 2f. He disassembled everything 5 months ago and the engines been sitting at a machine shop ever since. I want to move the process to Boulder CO with me and...
  10. theslow60

    FJ60 A/C?

    Hello everyone! I have a couple questions regarding my A/C. I drive an '87 FJ60 and live in Phoenix, AZ, which is unbearably hot. Everything "works" fine (it is 35 year old A/C at the end of the day). The air coming out of the vents is cool-ish but by the time it reaches me, it is hot with not...
  11. N

    For Sale Smyrna, GA: 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 OEM Wheels

    5 OEM wheels for sale for a 1985 Toyota FJ60. Price is $725 for local pickup.
  12. Beehanger

    Anyone know which ARB bumper this is on my Rig

    It's an older model, one of the previous owner threw it on. Anyway, I want to sell the f*** out of it so if anyone knows what i could get for it and the unhooked up snorkel LMK. In LA area. Beehanger
  13. M

    SOLD WV-MD-VA: 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

    California vehicle 1986-2009, after that truck was in Idaho until 2021 I have an Experian Auto Check report that I can provide via email. I have driving videos I can text as well. $25,950 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 4E8 Beige Metallic 2F engine Runs strong 337,400 miles Compression is 120...
  14. RSH3768

    SOLD Arizona: FJ60/62 - Roof Rack

    Con-Ferr Roof Rack Restored with new paint, hardware, and decking coated composite wood. Universal fitment. Comes with rain gutter adjustable attachments. Dimensions (L,H,W): 72 inch (L), 4 1/2 inch (H), 54 inch (W) Came off FJ60 but will fit any series $500
  15. J

    2F with TBI - Trouble starting, stalls at idle

    I have an '85 FJ60 with the 2F... has a TBI installed. TBI installed by a prior owner, don't know much about it. It's been running pretty well, but this morning I went to start it. Turns over but wont start until I give it some throttle. After that it might idle pretty stable at 800-900 rpm...
  16. jkdur728

    SOLD Virginia: 1987 HJ60 Diesel Landcruiser

    This is a Diesel HJ60 Land cruiser (346,000 Km in miles that’s roughly 214,000 miles after its converted) this “G” trim package and model never made it into the states. It would have been brought down from Canada at some point in its life. I own and have owned several of these trucks/parts for...
  17. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ60 ,BJ60 ,HJ60 & FJ62 Parts Catalog

    Description: US FJ60 & General Region BJ60, HJ60 ,FJ60 & FJ62 Vintage Parts Catalog 1. First book is Vol 1 2. Second book is Vol 2 Pages number & languages 1172 pages per each book English, Spanish & Frances Condition: Very old Version found on shelve in old warehouse , not sure if they used...
  18. Spino

    Sagging wipers - FJ60

    Hi, I’ve got an ‘84 FJ60. The wipers always end up sagging below the trim on the windshield (see photo). I’ve tried repositioning them on the splines but that doesn’t change things. My first guess is that it’s time to replace the wiper motor but wanted to see what everyone thought before I spent...
  19. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ62 H4 Button NOS

    Description: H4 button Switch 12V P/N: not found with part bag but probably it’s one of the below P/N’s 84722-60070 84722-60080 Condition: NOS Fitment: FJ62 , BJ60 , HJ60 series 89’ & earlier 12V Price: $200 Shipping: Dhl worldwide $29.33 for USA and for other countries kindly contact us...
  20. D

    For Sale Bakersfield CA, lift gate hinges

    I have a pair of lift gate hinges for sale. willing to ship. 75$
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