FJ60 Gas Tank Recall Update: January 2020

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I had my sons 62 tank replaced in 2013 or 14 by the local dealer, I was told it was one of or the last tank available. We had to piece the kit together due to complete kit being NLA
Groove Toyota in Denver honored the recall with no issues in October 2020. Went back there with another eligible 60 in December and they denied me … got a surprise call last week that they changed their mind. Did the pre-inspection and order some “while they’re in there” parts today: fuel level sender/gasket/screws, crossmember bolts/washers/nuts, and filler tube that’s not included in the TSB parts list, and the gasket at the top of the filler. Work is scheduled for next week, fingers crossed this gets done. So far the service writer Ryan is great to work with. Don at the parts counter I’ve worked extensively and is also great.
Change the pickup tube as well; the old one is likely rusted and it's only a $60 part.
Buy one of my vent hose kits and I’ll throw in a pickup tube for $30…

They’re all usually dried out and most are NLA.
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