1. S

    Safety recall for passenger seatbelt

    Possibly affects all LC 200s. Passenger seatbelt tensioner sensor may erroneously deactivate airbag.
  2. CBeckFJ

    were 100's ever part of a frame recall?

    I just saw a craigslist ad that said that a 2000 Land cruiser got a new frame replaced under a 2009 frame recall program, shipped in from California. Is this true? I searched google and I couldn't find anything about a frame recall for a Land Cruiser. Thanks!
  3. Junkbox

    Frame Rust Questions

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy either a 02/03 or 07/08 Tacoma. I heard recently that they had issues with the frame rusting. Are they still recalling them and replacing them or has that offer expired? If so, what can I do to protect the frame from getting rusted? And finally, I want to name...
  4. jetstream23

    Toyota Frame Class Action Suit

    For Information Only - Does not seem to apply to Land Cruisers. But I wonder if it's only a matter of time because the 200-series isn't quite old enough yet? It covers the frames on 2008 Tundras but not 2008 Land Cruisers....could that be because the LC is made in Japan unlike the Tundra...
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