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  1. Onur

    FJ60 Gas Tank Recall Update: January 2020

    I figured it was worthwhile to provide factual information regarding the status of the FJ60 gas tank recall. There are a lot of threads currently on MUD with incorrect information/out-dated information and facts. Just want to provide a time-stamped update on parts availability and process for...
  2. M

    Fuel Sending Unit

    2009 lc200 215k miles. I have a faulty fuel sending unit. Fuel gauge and low fuel light not functioning correctly. I recently ordered a complete fuel pump assembly, might as well replace it all while in there. I have not found much info online and the best that I can see, I will have to lower...
  3. U

    64 fj40 gas tank

    Hello everyone! So I got the bug and last weekend I purchased a 64 fj40. I know, I know it's maybe not the ideal platform, but I figured it was worth the effort to try to get it going. I have LOTS of issues to address, but first thing is to get it running. To that end I am looking for a gas tank...
  4. S

    Wanted  FJ60 fuel tank

    Im in need of a tank for my 60. I can't afford $900 or $600 so if anyone has one cheap or any suggestions Im all ears.
  5. K

    Wanted  Con Ferr 22 Gallon Aux Tank

    Hey guys, Anyone have a Con Ferr aux tank for sale? Can't seem to find them for sale on Marks offroad anymore. Thanks, Kyle
  6. F

    For Sale  Fj40 Gas Tank

    1973 FJ40 gas tank. No leaks, no plug or sending unit. $100.00 Email me with inquiries:
  7. J

    Gas Tank Cushion

    I am working on a 5/1977 FJ40. Did the top of the gas tank or gas tank cover have any type of cushion? SOR is showing what appears to be some type of cushion between the top of the gas tank and the gas tank cover.
  8. C

    For Sale  69 FJ40 Gas Tank

    1969 FJ40 Gas Tank with sending unit. $200 The tank is in good condition and does not leak. Sending unit works. Fuel pump not included. Nevada City, CA I have what used to be a 1969 FJ40 that is now more of a buggy. I have sold most of the worthwhile Toyota parts off of it but I still...
  9. TachedOutOffRoad

    Rescuing a blue 60 /build/ chit chat thread

    Well, I have been harassing the previous owner of this 60 for YEARS. It was just sitting and sitting by his shop, always in the same spot. The one time I saw it moved, I called the tire shop where it was parked and they actually gave me his #. Recently, it had moved to in the woods so I did a...
  10. ElectricGT

    For Sale  1970 FJ40 Gas Tank - Under Seat w Filler neck, Guard & Cap

    1970 FJ 40 - Pulled for electric conversion a good condition gas tank as pictured. Only surface rust on bottom makes for an easy clean up. $175. Tank Fastening Strap(s) included. Electric TLC FJ-40 Build
  11. AdventureYeti

    For Sale  CCOT FJ40 Gas Tank 9/72-12/78 (Long Beach, CA USA)

    Hello, When I purchased my '67 FJ40, it came with a new CCOT FJ40 Gas Tank. Unfortunately, it was designed for a late model Cruiser and wouldn't fit in my early cab. The tank was mounted in the truck, and to my knowledge only ran for a short period of time. It's super clean and ready for a 72...
  12. jsw585

    Need gas tank felt for straps

    Recently removed the tank from my FJ-60 for washout and leak check. Ready to re-install and need new felt for tank straps, but it is discontinued. Any recs on where to find or what to use instead? Thanks in advance!
  13. TexYoung

    72/73 gas tank

    Anybody interested in trading a 72 fj40 tank for a 73 fj40 tank? The 72 tank is in great condition. I have been using it in my 73 for the last 2 years. No rust. It is a different fit and need to get the correct tank in there.
  14. vegansbane

    Help needed - MAF 38 gal replacement rubbing drive shaft

    Ok, just to get this out of the way - I know the MAF 38 gal (from Australian Long Range Automotive) hangs below the frame and sits close to the drive shaft. I'm ok with that because I want the added half tank of range (specifically, in the tank), and don't crawl a lot of rocks. So I've just...
  15. K

    Wanted  fj62 gas tank

    Looking for a good useable gas tank for fj62. I drop my tank for fuel pump replacement but the tank is corroded and don't know the best way to clean it. I'm located in Sacramento area and willing to drive surrounding area to get it.
  16. coloradowhaler

    1978 FJ40 Restart After Gas Tank Replacement

    I installed a poly gas tank in my '78 and can't get fuel to the carb. The glass window has no gas showing. The fuel pump is new. The fuel filter is fairly recent. When some gas is put into the carb it runs but just for a few seconds. There are about 2 gallons if fuel in the tank and the...
  17. cims1970fj40

    Wanted  OEM gas tank

    Looking for a clean 1974-1978 OEM clean gas tank. Im located in Atlanta,Ga area. Thanks
  18. under_psi

    Gas Tank ID help please

    I have a V8 swapped 40 I've been working on for the last few months. It's got a rear fuel tank. 2 all-thread studs mount it to the rear floor panel. It has a supply nipple on lower corner, and 3 other nipples at the top. 2 close to one another. And the 3rd closer to front of tank. See pix...
  19. FWaltersnewbie

    For Sale  Con-Ferr Aux Gas Tank in Odenton, MD

    Original 22 gallon Con-Ferr Auxiliary Gas Tank for FJ40; in good shape, no other parts Asking $350 for pick-up; will cost about $150 to ship across the country (don't know how much they're going for in 2017 since they're obviously rare; hope no one is offended by the price)
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