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  1. Onur

    FJ60 Gas Tank Recall Update: January 2020

    I figured it was worthwhile to provide factual information regarding the status of the FJ60 gas tank recall. There are a lot of threads currently on MUD with incorrect information/out-dated information and facts. Just want to provide a time-stamped update on parts availability and process for...
  2. Miamedia

    After market parts vs. Toyota parts

    Once the head gasket on my LX450 is replaced repaired and the head is machined + a valve job, I plan on having the following parts installed: -Radiator -Water Pump -Fan Clutch -Power Steering pump (it's a reman that has never worked right, according to the previous owner's records) and it...
  3. pbgbottle

    iOS 10.2 iPad app , Toyota parts catalog.

    Has anybody tried or figured out out to use this EPC. I downloaded it but just started to play with it looks like you will have to pay to unlock full potential. It has price list link to local dealers. And diagrams. But a bit tricky to navigate. I have the hole app unlocked. But still trying...
  4. Shacklewhacker

    Lakeland Toyota Parts Overstock Sale: Lots of FJ60 OEM Parts!

    OEM overstock sale - put in your year, etc. and have a look. Lots of parts available - if there is a diagram in the listing, click on it, then scroll down - whole assemblies worth of parts available and discounted. Oil cooler is a good example. Have a go! OEM Toyota & Scion Parts Online | Toyota...
  5. Manhattan

    Need a USED Toyota parts source

    Lots (!) of threads on new Toyota parts. But, I'm trying to find a used grille for an 06/07 - it'll be stripped and painted... so no need for new. Anyone got a source they like?
  6. shanester

    Need Toyota Parts

    Couple of questions. One from me, and one from my Dad. I was on hold with my local Toyota dealership for half an hour and had to run before they took my call. I'm converting the front end of my 2002 LC to a 06-07. I need a couple of small parts (clips, nuts) to complete the job. I ordered all...
  7. Phildoh

    Dealer part, quick question for (I forgot who works at Toyota parts Dept)

    @beno Are you the mud member whom works at a dealer? I have a question regarding a sunroof part number. If it's not you, can you tag whom it is? Please and thank you. Phil
  8. G

    Toyota parts on-line

    Hello Guys, New around here and first thread in the forum. I own a 2000 UZJ with 98k miles on the clock... Last weekend I broke my front differential ring getting out of the sand a friends SUV and I need some reference of a Toyota dealer to buy a replacement on-line and that can give me some...
  9. mmw68

    "Toyota Parts" pull over fleece

    Cleaning out my office, I have this fleece pullover with embroidery over the left side. Also, has hand pockets. It's a med size, it has been washed a few times, and has plenty of life left in it. Grey with Black side panels. $25 shipped, paypal to friends and family...
  10. Onur

    The Ultimate 80 Series Parts Discontinued Thread

    I figured it was time to start this thread since there are threads like this in the older Land Cruiser series iterations. While the other threads reflect parts that are still available, I would like this thread to reflect parts that are no longer available from Toyota in the North American...
  11. Trollhole

    Ultimate OEM 60 series parts still in stock

    Can't believe no one has done this yet. If you have a part# you know is still available through Toyota for a 60 series and you know the price and year it came from post it up. Better yet post a picture of the part and the packaging. I cannot tell you how many times I've paid more for a used...
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