1. CruiserWeight

    TBI V8 Engine Swap Questions.

    Im doing a V8 + NV4500 swap on my 87 FJ60, I finally got the motor, trans, Tcase, and drivelines out. Im doing this swap with no prior experience so questions constantly come up that need answering. My questions right now are: (please excuse me if any of the questions sound dumb) 1.) Do I...
  2. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  '00 Land Cruiser 2uz + trans/xfer + harness/Ecu

    2uz + auto/xfer + ecu/harness $2500 located in North Florida I have a good running 2000 land cruiser that is being parted out due to rust in the rear quarters. I'm selling the drivetrain complete as one unit with the computer and harness. Timing Belt was just done in January. Drivetrain is...
  3. MrMoose

    For Sale  FJ62 Manual Swap & Misc 2F Parts

    Had planned on converting my 80 to an H42, but sold it instead. So now I have some parts left over. All these parts came from a 86 FJ60. H42 - extension housing, have some gaskets needed to reseal it. Make offer. Split case - 38mm idler shaft, oil cup provision. Currently in pieces...
  4. shocktower

    My son needed a senior project, to graduate so its a FJ80 6BT swap

    I am not a huge writer, so I'll be short, I have had my components for a while, just waiting for the time to do it, and then my son tells me Dad, I need a senior project, of something I am interested in ( he makes knives and likes them, but the school would not allow this) I told him Ok we can...
  5. NYIronPig

    3-speed transmission swap to a 4-speed?

    I am looking to improve my rig by upgrading my stock 3-speed tranny. I have looked at the 5-speed option, but it gets very expensive with all that is needed. Have read a lot that the 4-speed makes the FJ40 a nicer daily driver. Besides getting the H41 4-speed transmission and bell house, what...
  6. D

    Igniter swap FJ62 89620-14410 for FJ80 89621-30010

    Need help on how to do this. I have had lots of trouble with aftermarket 89620-14410/ igniter. $200.00 aud a time. They seem to get cooked then die. I have a heatsink fitted to it now and moved the position to one with better airflow. I would like to change it out if possible as 89620-14410 are...
  7. SuperDuperCruizer

    Fuel Tank Prep for the Diesel Swap Guru's

    What sort of fuel tank prep did you perform for your gas to diesel conversions? Did you go with a new tank or clean/prep your old tank?
  8. Bassumarus

    E-Locker Axle Swap Info Quest

    Hey all, I've got a line on a 93 Cruiser with e-lockers for about $2.5k. It has a bunch of other parts I'm interested in grabbing for my current rig - a 97 Cruiser, so I'm not considering this price for the lockers alone. For the fairly light trails I do a few times per year, there is no...
  9. RickM

    For Sale  62 manual trans swap

    i sourced everything unneeded to convert my 62 to a manual... 4spd long tail trans, transfer case, trans mounts, peddle bucket, trans hump plate, slave and master plus lines, drive shafts... everything thing is here PLUS the 1985 engine I decided to rebuild my auto instead. $1800 takes it all...
  10. Elpaka

    2F SM420 swap to H42

    My 77 Fj45 has an SM420 transmission and I've bought a H42 to swap back into it as the 420 is in bad shape. Does anyone have insight on modifications that would have been done to get the Chevy trans in there? Or could the h42 be bolted back it into the housing and go from there? Thanks in advance!
  11. J

    So I am pretty new here and am thinking about doing a 6bt swap on my 80

    I have a 93 FZJ80 and I want to drop a 6bt in it. I live in WA and I do not have any room to do it myself. Before calling around and embarrassing myself what can I expect to pay for something like this? I can maybe find a garage at a friends if the price of labor is too high, but I would rather...
  12. sic4x4chic

    craigslist  1995 Land Cruiser with Chevy 383 Swap (Twin Falls, ID)

    *NOT MINE - NO AFFILIATION* 1995 Toyota Fj80 Land Cruiser $17,500 Looks like no lockers Description: 1995 Toyota Fj80 Land Cruiser Professionally built and installed new 383 Chevrolet engine Msd electronic fuel injection 700r4 transmission Old man emu 3by2 inch leveling kit 129,000 miles less...
  13. iptman

    Need help designing an ad for Trails for our swap meet

    Hey everyone, I'd like to get an ad in Toyota Trails for our swap meet September 23rd. We can get a half page ad free for the next 3 issues but I need to get it in within the next 2 weeks. As long as we can get someone to commit to doing this I'll ask Stan to reserve a spot for us. Please...
  14. SoCal FZJ80

    Double Axle Swap Front SAS 100 Series LX470 to LX480 or LX105 UZJ100

    After requested, I decided to post up a build of a double Axle swap on a LX470. It was an incredible amount of work. Would be a shame to not post up the documentation of the build. If I died tomorrow with the info, nobody would know what was involved. Here is a picture of it finished below. ABS...
  15. C

    Center Differential Lock Button Swap

    Is it possible to swap the push-button out for a rotary knob of some sort? Strange question perhaps, but there is a valid reason. This morning the wife managed to hit the button and called me a couple miles from the house saying the tires were squealing when she went around corners and turned...
  16. half k cruiser

    what r u guys spending on diesel swap

    Lets rule out the cost of engine. What are you guys spending to complete a 1HDT ? I have a friend who is willing to ship me motor + trans from Ireland if I buy the rig. But I know all of the extras are what eat you up budget wise. So lets hear it. Or what all should I have shipped with it ? I...
  17. M

    1982 BJ60 Body Swap

    Hello all, I'm preparing to do a body swap on my 1982 BJ60 with another 82 BJ60 which has been stripped down, sanded, and pretty much ready for paint. I've been told the actual swap is relatively easy and I have access to a shop with a lift, but I was wondering if there is a good thread within...
  18. Tugarin

    Gauging interest on swap kits OM 613

    As we are progressing with installation of OM613 3.2 CDI Mercedes into FZJ 80. I am gauging interest on adapter kits for OM 611/612/613 and 648 engines to drop into family of TLCs and Runners. As these family of the engines are the same, only difference on number of cylinders and displacement...
  19. Aaroneous

    Wanted  12V 13B-T swap parts for BJ40

    I'm dropping a 24V 13B-T in a '77 BJ40 and need to get my hands on some 12V parts. Looking for... 12V vacuum switch for shutdown Alternator Intake heater & timer Starter (maybe just the motor?) 12V tachometer sensor Anyone have anything lying around that I could buy to get this engine dressed...
  20. FloridaFJ80

    Coilpacked 1FZ-FE and H151F Swap

    Ever since I bought my 97 40th anniversary she has had a knock in the engine. I have been amazed how reliable these engines are. In my home country (Colombia) there is a saying that says "Toyota es Toyota" or in English "Toyota is Toyota" It can be interpreted that Toyota is what it is the best...
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