1. N

    4L80E LQ4/LQ9 V8 Swap Questions

    I'm starting to do lot of research into putting a 2003-07 LQ4/LQ9 with a 4L80E into my '96 FZJ80. @lazy's thread about his conversion has been a massive help, and I plan on following his footsteps except for a few things to keep my budget down. I plan to run the OEM gauges and radiator, and...
  2. want2wheel

    Searched for swap options

    I am looking for what 5 speed and adapter to use when swapping a 1uzfe lexus v8 into a fj40 with a 5 speed. I have looked for the past couple days. I know that I can use a w series trans out of a mini truck, but I will be using fj62 axles and need the LC case. I was thinking a h55 or a h151...
  3. Kyletb

    Chevy 350 Swap

    Hey guy I have an 84 fj60 and I'm looking to put a chevy 350 tbi in it this winter. If any of you guys have done this before and could create a parts list for me that would be great. I want to keep the price as low as possible. I don't know what I want for a transmission yet but I would like to...
  4. Nate89

    For Sale  76 2F Engine - Norfolk, VA

    Hey guys, I'm starting my diesel swap and don't need the 2F anymore. Not really sure what it's worth, but I have a rough idea. Anyway, here is a link with pictures and a little more info. Carb was recently rebuilt, new cap, rotor, plug wires, etc. Landcruiser 2F engine Asking 500 obo
  5. A

    1968 disk brakes/axle questions

    I have a 1968 fj40 that I am in the process of building up to be a daily driver. So far the only thing I know for sure is the car spent time in Colombia between the field repairs and pesos I found in it. My plan is put in a 5.3 Chevy and a nv4500, I'm not sure on the transfer case yet, I'd...
  6. ryanwk628

    2014+ GM LV3 V6 - Looking for Info

    Trigger Warning: This is an engine swap question and while I am speaking hypothetically, it may offend purists. As I waiver between what I will or wont do to my FJ40, I keep running across the new LV3 engine. Unlike the LSx engines, GM actually made a Gen 5 V6. I know GM V6s have been very...
  7. J

    Manual swap on an 80. Opinion on performance needed!!!

    So no hope on getting an H151 in the US without unplugging the bank. So I'm left with three choices: R151f (from 4runner or tacoma) RA60f (from FJ Cruiser or newer tacoma) NV3550 or AX15 ( Jeeps) Let's assume that I have the bellhousing and transfercase adapter figured out (not yet but just...
  8. fjeng

    TX-FJENG FJ62 gets a 5.3

    And it starts, I am a bit late starting a thread but wanted to document and share my learning as a possible collaboration of knowledge on my leaning. I bought this 62 with original paint No rust and run great but wanted a 5.3 from the start so being a engineer I over complicated things and did...
  9. J

    For Sale  Low milage 3B w/ H55 / split case Tcase (106K mi), Turbo Glide kit (6k mi) & Custom Exhaust

    __SOLD__ This engine, transmission, split case Tcase and turbo kit have been in my wife's fj60 daily driver for about a year. She has been averaging 29-33 mpg and has had no issues at all. The engine, 5 spd trans and Split case Tcase had less than 100k US miles when it was installed, and the...
  10. ravenholm

    OM606.692 Turbodiesel into FJ40 (SBC Swap)

    OM606TD with NV4500/Orion into a 1969ish FJ40 Hi! I've been working on an interesting swap. I haven't documented it thus far becuase my time limited and there is a deadline on the rig being running. However, I wanted to get the bullet points down and post them in case anyone else is pursueing a...
  11. CruiserWeight

    Bay Area Brothers Unite.

    The 2f in my fj60 has a blown head gasket and maybe other problems im unaware of. Im not interested in rebuilding the engine so if anybody wants to buy one on the cheap let me know. What Im asking all my bay area brethren is to help me source a cummins 4bt to drop in my 60, everything in a...
  12. Crunchy PB FJ60

    350 conversion vs. rebuilt 2F???

    I'm weighing the options between a 350 conversion and going cheaper and doing a rebuilt 2F. I'm going for cost savings over performance, but performance is nice at the right price. I don't care about getting 10 miles per gallon. I just want my rig to run well. Any suggestions out there from...
  13. BananaBuggy12

    1985 pickup ls1 swap (got some questions)

    I've got my 22re out and in the process of removing everything I don't need. This is the first engine swap I've ever done so bare with me... Been researching for a few weeks and I have a pretty good list of what I need to do and buy for this to work. But I Had some questions. Is there anything...
  14. 2

    UZJ100 with 5 or 6 speed transmission

    is any one mod the tranny to 5 or 6 speed? i wonder if the housing are matched with 4.7 engine? or information on how to swap. thanks
  15. Rubiclone

    80 Series seat swap

    Picked up some cloth seats at RADD cruiser last weekend, these were for a RHD vehicle and I was under the impression that I could just swap them side to side by changing the mounting bracket. However, this was not the case, since that meant that my passenger would have all the adjustability in...
  16. Dieselmahnic

    87 hj60 frame swap with 89 fj62 frame help plz

    Hello out there! I have a canadian 1987 hj60 with h55 Sadly frame has rusted beyond the point of no return. Currently have a super nice treated 89 fj62 frame to swap under her and will be starting the project in the next few days. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING FRAME SWAP SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME...
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