1. riberware

    Wanted  WTB manual transmission center console for a 96+ 80 series

    WTB 80 series center console in blueish gray for Manual transmissions. 1996+ style If you have it let me know your price for it shipped to Miami FL 33122
  2. D0C3CB34-01B4-4B57-BD2A-27468B4A79A4.jpeg


    DC Power Engineering alternator for 5.3L V8 swap in a 80 series Land Cruiser
  3. T

    Putting a hemi 6 or other 6 cylinder engine in a Fj73 cruiser?

    Hello everyone! I’m new to this stuff so here we go! I got a fj73 1988 SWB land cruiser and the 3f petrol in it is on its way out. I’ve been looking at what’s the best and easiest way to get some power back into the old girl. What’s some easy engine swaps or ideas people have got or have done? I...
  4. 96LandcruiserPJ

    Comprehensive list of what parts are interchangeable with an 80

    I have seen lots of cool threads where folks have swapped out elements of other vehicles into their 80. In fact, my air conditioning dryer is a shorter one off of a newer Toyota - works fine and reduces the risk of shearing it off that the factory length had. I am sure I have seen steering...
  5. bigboiimigel

    FJ60 Ecoboost swap? Is it possible?

    I have an '85 FJ60 with a 2F and im just wondering if an 2.7 or 3.5 ecoboost swap is even possible. The dimensions say it will fit, but im not sure, with a 6 or 10 speed behind it. If not, any other non-v8 options that are unique?
  6. mjosoba

    4bd1t-A440 swap questions.

    Howdy guys, I’ve owned 80’s for over a decade, been driving one since I was 12. That being said, I don’t peruse the 100 section often. I have read the FAQ’s and gone over I think all the diesel swap threads I can find. Most seem oriented toward the 1HD-t and one awesome 1HD-FTE! I’ve collected...
  7. T

    engine swap ?

    I have a 1991 fj80 with a 3fe it's my daily driver the motor locked up due to an oil hemorrhage. I found another engine out of a 97 fj80 it's the 4.5liter they want several hundred bucks for it. can i swap the two engines easily meaning can I just drop the new one in or is there alot of extra...
  8. B

    For Sale  1HDFTE manual conversion package

    I have for sale a complete 1HDFTE with 5 speed manual conversion package removed from a HDJ100. The manuals are quite hard to come by with most being auto. Package is complete from FMIC to tail shafts. Also included if required are engine mount brackets to suit 80 series, 1HZ oil sump and pickup...
  9. tschuszl

    FJ62 Transmission Issues

    Hey Guys, I know there are lots of threads on replacing 62 transmissions...but I wanted to get more local feedback and advice from you all. This summer my transmission overheated several times, and then a few weeks ago it starting having trouble shifting up in gears. The guys at LCNW...
  10. J

    E46 BMW Seats into FJ62 (Powered) - Help!

    Hey Mud - I am embarking on one of my first seat swaps. Grabbed some E46 coupe (I know they are harder) BMW 3 series seats for $100 locally. Now I’m staring at the bottom of the seat wondering where the hell this red (12v power) wire and brown (grounding) wire are that everyone talks about...
  11. 88red

    For Sale  1988 FJ62 5.3Vortec Swap Maryland Sold

    For sale today is a fresh frame off 5.3 Vortec swap. This Cruiser is a pleasure to drive and Im sure will give the new owner many smiles down the road. $27,500 Located in Baltimore, MD The Details. 5.3 vortec V8 swap. Pull out motor from 2001 tahoe. 124K miles on the motor. 4l60e transmission...
  12. B

    For Sale  (2) Toyota Diesel Drivetrains, Less than 40k miles

    I have a pair of early 90s Toyota Diesel Drivetrains with less then 40k miles on each, comes with video of one still in unit to see it run as well as engine , trans, and transfer case with each 3500 ea or both for 5k, text 530-624-9991 Can be prepared for shipping as well and can load for...
  13. ranman

    For Sale  Land Rover Range Rover Sport V8 Svr (2016)

    Blue, Upgrades - Heads Up Display, Blind Spot Monitoring With Closing Vehicle Sensing and Reverse Traffic Detection, Solar Attenuating Windscreen, Xenon Lights with LED Signature, 3 owners, 5 seats, $24,950.00
  14. G

    possible engine swap idea and questions

    I recently purchased my first...and second...fj80. I've been using this forum with good success to educate myself but, so far I have not been able to find a single case of someone even contemplating using a nissan td42 diesel in a land cruiser. Has anyone heard of this being done or, better...
  15. R

    Builds  '94 Re-Power | GM 5.3 Vortec L59 - Build Tracker

    Hey all I've had my cruiser for a couple years now and it's served me well on many adventures, but at the miles creep up, my quest for power drives ever onward. Now in my possession is a zero-mile '04 GM 5.3 L59 that I intend to have carry me throughout the forests and hills; getting there is...
  16. Tugarin

    1FZ-F swap to 1HD-FT

    Just think that is someone will go my way: Swapping 1FZ-F (carburetor version) to 1HD-FT I did this swap as friend of mine decided to do a long range to Nepal and Thailand from Russia and decided that he needs brand new engine for that trip and sold me a good runner for a dime. The price for...
  17. erse

    Has anyone gone from one CARB approved enigne swap to a second?

    I have a new to me 88 with a vortec in it. Previously this truck had a 5.7 tbi set up. It was CARB approved with a sticker on the firewall. Per the seller this new set up was updated with CARB and approved and smogged. However the firewall sticker still refers to the old engine set up. Has...
  18. Tony_Farson

    FJ60 axle find!

    I posted this question on an old thread I found, but want to put it out there so it is more visible... I just got a lead on a pair of 60 axles in good shape for 1100 out the door. I don't want to pass on them, but do not have the welding chops to do a bunch of custom fab work. I'm a newbie, so...
  19. AirheadNut

    Builds  Another Prado in Montana

    Well, here goes again! After selling my G-Wagon, I wanted something that was better suited to a daily driver, and something that got better than 15mpg on the highway... So, I bought another Prado: This one is a 1991 SX5 with an R150f 5-speed manual. It is absolutely bone stock, with a...
  20. Riviera

    Factory Locker Swap

    First of all, "Yes I did search extensively". I've got a shot at rear axle assembly with rear locker, for less than $400. It will have a 1 year parts only warranty (standard salvage yard warranty) and I will be having a Jeep dealership I used to work at install it (they lifted my LX and the...
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