1. T

    Real time help alternator plug wiring colors

    I was rebuilding my alternator on my sons 2000 LC and the plug on the wiring harness broke like glass when I was taking it off. I bought a new plug, but when removing the remains of the old one I am not certain whether the wires got maintained in the correct order. My factory alternator...
  2. triley128

    Wanted Transfer case plug

    Hey gang, I'm missing a plug on the side of the body of my transfer case next to the 2H plunger, anyone got this for sale? '76 FJ40 Thanks. 90341-25051 plug 90430-26020 gasket
  3. triley128

    missing plug on transfer case

    Hey gang, I'm missing a plug on the side of the body of my transfer case next to the 2H plunger, can anyone help with a part number of info on it to replace it? I can't find it in any manuals that I own. '76 FJ40 Thanks.
  4. N22

    Aftermarket bumper turn signals that use factory plugs

    Any one know of a source of turn signals for a custom bumper that use factory toyota plugs? Or plugs with a pigtail at least? I need to find a pigtail/turn signal that plugs into the truck side plug, pn# 90980-11091.
  5. H

    HJ47 Glow Plug Problems

    Hi All, I have just found this forum after asking Mr Google about glow plug probs. I have a HJ47 which is giving grief in the cold start dept. After reading through several threads on here I am thinking of converting to a Wilson Switch and running dual element 11v plugs. I tried to chase up a...
  6. fj40z

    Thoughts on this, possible freeze plug repair

    I just picked up a used 1FZ that I know absolutely nothing about. I found this on the rear passenger side freeze plug. Kinda looks like some sort of plug or patch but have never seen anything like it before.
  7. Delancy

    Wanted 24V B/H Glow Plug Current Sensor

    Also need single pole 24V oil pressure sensor.
  8. DirtScaresMe

    oily #4 plug

    I've had an on-again-off-again code 26 (mixture too rich) getting thrown. It seems to show up maybe ~10 minutes into the morning, and after the engine warms up it goes away. Around the same time I've had some rough idling as well. The code and rough idle seem to go away at similar times, when...
  9. NLScooby

    Tranmission Drain Plug - the death of me....

    I totally porked myself today. I'm prepping the rig for a family vacation (a few thousand miles) and thought I'd hit the transmission fluid complete exchange... I just did the differentials and the transfer case.... I own the FSM. I could not find the transmission drain plug torque spec...
  10. RFB

    I need 97 FZJ80 Plug and Play lights

    I currently have a set og "halos" with only one xenon light that works, the Slee wirning harness doesnt hook up harness has a diff adaptor than the headlight, I dont think wring them up(cutting off adaptors) will fly, So What lights can I get that will plug into harness and give me back hi/low...
  11. R

    Denso 4701 IK16TT Iridium TT Spark Plug

    hi Can I install this ? my engine is 1fz-fe Denso 4701 IK16TT Iridium Spark Plug this have single side the stock come with two side The engine has a photo Says that does not install spark plug with single side
  12. Gobo Fongo

    BJ-42 Help Needed! - Freeze Plug / Block Heater Woes

    I'm really stuck right now: I bought the 35mm block heater, and I went for a (kinda-sorta) accessible freeze plug just aft of the injection pump on the driver's side. I tapped on the freeze plug, but it went into the block, and while I can wiggle it around with my finger, I can't get it out...
  13. rc51kid

    cant find power seat plug

    Posted in wrong area
  14. coldtaco

    Wanted 2H glow plug timer

    Looking for 2H glow plug timer.
  15. coldtaco

    what causes early glow plug failures?

    Ok, what part of the glow plug system causes early death to glow plugs? I'm assuming over voltage? I replaced my glow plugs a year ago with 11V plugs. I checked them today and two have failed. Need to find new ones again :-(
  16. DieselCruiser81

    83' BJ42 24v Glow Plug Problems

    My 83' BJ42 doesn't start well unless its warm weather. I notice that the glow plug light stays on for the about 2-3 seconds if its 30 or 80 degrees. When it does finally start up it blows plenty of white smoke for about 15 seconds. Would this be the glow plug timer causing this problem? Thanks
  17. 450LX

    Valve cover plug seal scoring...

    Im on the process of replacing the valve cover spark plug seals and I noticed I have scored the seal surface in a few areas. Should I be concerned? I forgot to take a picture before I dropped it off at the machine shop to get cleaned (im doing a head gasket) . I was thinking maybe a thin rtv...
  18. Aloha Jen

    AC compressor plug photos

    I need some help identifying the plug that fits into the AC compressor plug. I have an 1985 24v HJ60, so not too sure if it is different then the Fj60's compressor plug. Here are a few photos of the plug (with the blue and white tape) I'm referring to. And a close up of the connection...
  19. tlc1995

    Transmission relay plug

    Found this as I was doing some electrical work. Don't know how long the wire has been loose (I unplugged the relay for picture only). Just need to know which one it came out of. Thanks in advance.
  20. A

    Unrestricted 12v supply to an 11v plug?

    Hey guys. Im ditching my malfunctioning superglow system and I built a simple relay-on-a-momentary-switch manual system. I live in Southern California so I wont need this every day, but I spend enough time in the mountains that I do need reliable glowplugs. I cant seem to find a true 12v plug...
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