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  1. FasInFish

    No Start Head Scratcher

    I have been reading thread after thread about potential no starts but none have solved my problem. I have a '97 40th anniversary edition that I cannot get to turn over. I got it as a parts car but after poking around it only needs minor body work (hood, fender, airbags, airbag module...
  2. S

    Possible Starter Problem?

    Howdy y'all! A few days ago I went to try to start my car (it's my daily, probably sat for a day?), had power and everything, I went to turn the key and nothing. No click, power is gone, no sound. So I look up some stuff saying it could be a starter problem so I get parts to replace within...
  3. Cameron Ross

    1985 FJ60 - Daily Driver Overheated for the first time, what am in for?

    I have owned my FJ60 for almost 2 years now and have kept up with it well. The engine has been desmogged, and am running a webber 32/36 carb. I have kept up with maintenance, and replaced various odds and ends as they have said hello. Has been my only car, haven't been hard on it until now...
  4. W

    NO Start Issue – Fuel Pump works outside but not while connected

    I read through most of the “No Start”, “Key Immobilizer”, “Fuel Pump”, and “EFI Relay” threads but have reluctantly started a new thread (sorry) because most of the issues indicate the security light on the center console as still blinking while ignition is ON (and mine is off as is expected)...
  5. brakasha

    Intermittent Starting - Silence

    Hi all, So my 1996 FZJ80 is having an issue with intermittent starting. About 1 in 3 times, it takes several times turning the key before the starter will crank. Sometimes this takes several attempts (put key in, turn a couple times, take key out, put back in, turn a couple of times, etc.)...
  6. thex1231

    91 Fj80 Won't Start When HOT HELP!!!

    Hey guys, here for your help again. Here is my situation, I had my 91 as a daily driver and everything was going just great. She sat for a few months, she would start but run and idle very roughly, I got that fixed. It was a vacuum leak via the injectors. Took all that apart and replaced the...
  7. Hurleyburly

    Intermittent Start Issue... stumped

    Hi all! Searched and searched but couldn't find this same issue exactly, ran through emergency checklist procedures twice, throwing up the white flag before I have to take it to a shop and pay someone to figure it out, but it's my DD, and I can't keep going without a truck at really inopportune...
  8. AllLC

    1999 ran out of gas now no start

    That's about it. Put 5 gallons in her. Rolls over solid, won't start. Kind of chugged for about 5 seconds right after adding initial gas but now just rolls over. Disconnected input to fuel filter with key on and rolling over, no gas. Is there an emergency fuel shut off? Would this stop the...
  9. jdayment

    No Start Help

    Started a thread in the 80's section just wanted to see if you guys had any ideas 91 FJ80 No Start
  10. jdayment

    91 FJ80 No Start

    Alright so who can tell me what I am missing. Went to start the truck at lunch and it wouldn't start here is what I have. CEL is illuminated No click no crank I am able to start jumping the terminals on the starter with the key in on position I am able to move shifter from Park into gear...
  11. O

    No start first try, start second try when cold.

    Someone on here will be able to diagnose this quickly, I'm sure. I've included a video. When cold it sounds like the starter is engaging but no cranking. Then your turn off and try again and it starts every time. When warmed up the problem seems to go away. Thank you for your help in advance.
  12. zipdoa

    HDJ81 - No start issues after stall while idling

    Was adjusting max fuel on 1HD-T and turned it down a bit. Idle lowered as a result and was about to adjust idle screw when motor stalled. Didn't seem like it stalled from lack of fuel though. Now it turns over but no start (lots of grey smoke when trying to start). I'm now noticing that the...
  13. Marine7

    No start 91....Fuseable links good, no cel

    My 91 has been f'ing up lately. At first I thought fuseable links, but I changed them and still the same! I have 12 volts to the underhood fuse box, but only 3.7volts at the B+ terminal in the firewall mounted test port........????? Any help would be great! Can't find it in FSM!
  14. maddss

    No Start Situation, need your help

    94 LC, Over the pass few months I have been chasing a engine stumbling issue while driving. No codes to help that issue. Yesterday the LC ran with no problems. Today my LC will not stay running, It starts then dies immediately. Pulled the following codes: 21, 42, 32 and 71(I always get this...
  15. goneballistic

    LX450 EXTREMELY hard start or no start when cold or wet.

    My wife's 97 LX450 is experiencing something weird, when it's either wet outside or very cold, the truck will *BARELY* start, or sometimes fails to start at all. It'll turn over and over and over and over and if she's lucky, after 5-6 tries it'll catch and run very rough for a few seconds...
  16. P

    94 FJ80 wont start, click, crank, no lights, nothing

    I have read through a lot of the posts on this subject on here, but none of the systems seem to match my problem. Truck has always started first try. Put a brand new battery in last week just to be safe. Truck started right up and ran fine all week. This week the only thing i did was install...
  17. S

    1kzte loud knocking. struggling to start

    HELP. I hav problem with with land cruiser Colorado 3.0L. the engine is struggling to start with a lot of grey n black smoke, with it does start for a second there is a loud knock/rattle on revs, then in stalls
  18. danciestgerm

    No start after misfire and alternator replacement

    Hi, After owning my 99 100 series for a few months, and reading plenty of great info on this forum, I've finally had a major issue. The engine cranks, but will not start. More info below. On the way to the dealer the LC died and was towed. After replacing coolant, PS fluid, and calling out a...
  19. N

    1991 hilux no start

    Hello I recently picked up a 1991 toyota hilux with the 2l-te engine. And it hasn't started since its been cold. Checked flow through air filter. Bypassed the glow plug relay. Changed oil so it's brand new. Brand new batteries. Cleaned the posts. Anything else ? Looks like the previous owner...
  20. S

    No start, 3FE. Please help.

    Hello, Pulled out of the driveway the other day, and made it 100 yards before the engine cut off and would not start again. Checked the codes, got "No NE/G signal". Was getting no spark, so I followed the " EFI woe and strife" troubleshooter I have seen on here. Found that one of the...
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