1. E

    Can anyone help me identify this.. and maybe a part number too?

    Hey guys back for yet another adventure in my 1998 LX470 that I bought on a whim here in Georgia, for a mere sum of $1800. As you could have guessed it, the car came with some issues, and the seller was not very upfront about them from the getgo. Though he may have thought he was slick with...
  2. joker77535

    Brake kine failure

    OK guys i need some help i finally got my baby running again after starter issues only to attempt to pull it out of the barn when I lost all brake pressure. needless to say after an hour of troubleshooting and bleeding i found the the rear hard line going across the axle had a pin hole in it...
  3. nw_fj62

    Project : VR12000 switch to synthetic line and...

    I bought a well built 2002 100 series with a TJM front bumper housing a Warn VR12000 winch (my first winch). I've used the winch to move some downed tree from trails, and cars stuck in snowy parking lots (light work) - but never had the line out very far. I haven't had success getting it to...
  4. UncleSaj

    Vacuum line size

    Does anyone know what size the vacuum lines are that control the butterfly valve to kill the engine? in mm please, outside diameter. I have a leak and need to order some new lines but not sure what size to order. THanks!
  5. 4Cruisers

    Wanted No Longer Needed - FJ60 Grommets for Fuel Supply and Return Line Pair

    I should have known, but discovered that the FJ60 fuel supply and return lines are the same diameter, so the grommets won't work for installing the fuel lines from my FJ62, which are two different diameters. So I decided to clean up my FJ62 clamps and use those, which have like-new grommets...
  6. MBurroughs

    FJ60 Fuel Line System Layout - Return vs Supply

    Hello all, I'm asking what is probably a silly question, but I've spent the past half hour searching with no luck. I bought an FJ60 without an engine. I'm looking to find out which fuel hardline is which - supply versus return - under the truck. There are two hard lines mounted one above the...
  7. Niferous

    Trying to Find a Source for Rigid Brake Line

    I was replacing the upper rubber brake line that goes from my frame down to the tee fitting that bolts to the differential and have run into a problem. It looks like somewhere along the line the rigid line that goes from the frame down to the rubber hose was kinked and when I tried loosening the...
  8. rc51kid

    using steel cable as winch line

    So i switched to synthetic line and had a bunch of good steel rope. I trimmed off about 40" that was in good shape, has the thimble on one end. Went to get another thimble put on the other end so i can use it as extension. The rigging shop eventually called back and said there boss didnt want to...
  9. Randy88FJ62

    Viar compressor, tank, and flared hard lines to all 4 corners/tires. Line OD?

    I recently did my own flared brake lines and since it was easy I was thinking of running hard lines from my viar tank to all 4 tires. The goal would be to air up all 4 tires at once with a pressure shutoff around 40 PSI. This would automate the air up time from 4 min a tire to 16 minutes and I...
  10. Michael B

    Wanted 72' FJ40 fuel line fitting

    I need the 13mm nut that attaches the fuel line to the fuel tank. This would be found on 72' and older 40/45's.
  11. terryfj40

    Fuel line part number??

    So I was trying to cure a permanent has smell from my cruiser (not to mention abysmal gas mileage) and I came across this cracked line heading to the fuel pump. Any one know a part number or where I can get a new one?
  12. pjohnson

    Fuel return line question

    What is the size of the compression nut on the fuel return line for a 76 carb? And where can I get one? Is there another solution? I have been running a blocked off fuel return line and want to put it back to stock. Thanks, Phil
  13. Jasonredwood

    Fuel line into fuel pump conformation

    Just wanted to confirm, or not, if I had the lines going into the fuel pump correct. Seems like they match up to the diagram I was looking at. Once I fire her up I'm thinking I'll dtart a proper thread.(1985 FJ60) Thanks
  14. F

    Warn M12S Winch Line Capacity

    Does anybody know, off the top of their heads how much 3/8" synthetic winch line will spool onto an M12 drum?
  15. Aussiemike

    Fuel Line size.

    Hi Guys, I am adding another fuel filter to my vx 80 4.2 T. The fuel we get here in Kenya is not good and need extra filtration. Question is. Can I reduce the hose size from the 12mm hose going into the original filter? Bought a Kleenoil filter for my diesel line and fittings are smaller. In...
  16. I

    Steel Brake Line Diagram/Part Numbers ?

    I was hoping someone has a brake line diagram with part numbers. I am looking to replace some of the steel/hard brake lines on my 2000 LC. I have searched via google and cannot come up with a diagram with part numbers. All searches I have done resulted in diagrams for other Toyota vehicles...
  17. bahamasair

    Fuel pressure line flare nut size?

    I'm adding an extra inline fuel filter and want to tap into the flare nut where it transitions from the hard line to the rubber line that supply's the original filter. Does anyone know the size, type and pitch of the thread that the flare nut uses? I'd like to order all the adapters I need...
  18. ewillis

    RTH...Dumb Question About Cooler Line Routing Bottom of Radiator

    Finishing up new radiator install. I have one of the cooler lines between the frame rail and bottom of the radiator. Are both lines supposed to be together routed outside/in front of the radiator? Not much room, and my memory didn't take note when I pulled the old rad out. Pic 1 shows the line...
  19. kling-on

    Kayline fast trac snaps location

    Anyone have a Kayline want to take pictures of the the snaps for me
  20. bwakeling

    Lifting Line X

    The Line X on my 80 is lifting at the corner of one of the doors after denting it on my last trip out. Tried googling and Youtubing but cannot find anything on re gluing it down. Anyone else deal with this before? Thinking epoxy but that will make real mess if it doesnt work.
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