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  1. C

    74 FJ (F.5? engine) fuel pump/filter location

    Okay, so first off, my truck is across town, so I couldn't just run out and take a pic. But I recently was moving and had to move the 40 to a neighbors garage. I started it up after a few months of it sitting and it started and ran fine, except when I shut it off I noticed a fuel leak just...
  2. 1962fj40

    Early Fuel Pump

    I decided to post a seperate thread because I'm eventually wanting to rebuild my existing pump, but needed clarification on the intrrnal workings. I see 2 diaphragms, 1 rubber boot and two check valves pressed in the body. I'm guessing the check valves keep fuel from going back the wrong...
  3. Paraglider

    Could fuel feed pump cause air in fuel line?

    I've got an air in the fuel line problem and keep searching for explanations. I looked on the forum and got some good info. Here's what I've tried: (It's a 2h engine on a '82 HJ47) 1. inspecting fuel line to main tank (looks to be okay). 2. replaced fuel filter 3. replaced primer pump with a...
  4. SgtChase

    2FE conversion wont turn, Fuel problems

    I have a 1984 FJ60 and recently installed a fuel injection system from a 1988 Fj62 into it. everything with the computer seems to be working properly and no codes are showing. We installed a fuel pump (MSD) by the fuel tank and it's pumping out 70psi at the engine bay. The fuel stops at the fuel...
  5. S

    For Sale  1994 FZJ 80 Land ruiser, Forest Green- 254,172 mi., and New OEM parts in Houston, Texas.

    For Sale, FZJ80 Land Cruiser- 1994 with 254,172 miles. in Houston, Texas from private owner that has no time to fix this baby up. I can use eBay to sell our extra parts or the vehicle in need be just let me know. I would like to sell these parts along with the vehicle, but am willing to sell...
  6. uwum15

    1979 FJ 40 Fuel Pumps

    I have a '79 FJ40, I think was made in January of '79 and I believe it might be the Asian model engine because I went to change out the AUX diaphragm on the carb and mine didn't have one...My fuel pump went out & I can only find a new pump with a third return fuel line whereas the one I had only...
  7. Z

    fuel light/ stalling issue

    Hi all, new to the site and to Cruisers in general! I picked up a a 92 fj80 this summer with 200k miles on the clock! She is super clean and purrs like a kitten, as of January 1, she will be eligible for collector plates, which is my goal, bone stock, super clean, and minor wheeling (logging...
  8. M

    Fuel delivery issue, 3fe idles(somewhat rough) no go.

    My 92 Fj80 left us stranded today, first time ever. Had it towed back to the shop, where I was able to limp it in, barely, and left it to warm up. As it has been pretty damn cold (0 degrees last night)here in Montana the last few days and I have yet to put any gas drying agents in the fuel for...
  9. J

    Intermittent No start after vehcile gets warm along with high idle at times and a Fuel smell from eh

    Hey I'm new to this form and Toyotas. I'm A GM master tech with 10 years experience. Don't know anything about a toyota. Just bought a 1988 fj62 that lived near the beach for 6 years so a little Rusty. Just bought it and I thought it ran good until 1 day after ownership it would not start...
  10. J

    Help! Stranded, fuel issue.

    Hey guys, I'm in a pickle. Truck won't start, 99 100 series. Fuel pump is 2 months old, but it's not working. I got a new fuel pump ecu but I can't find the old one! I know it sounds crazy but I looked in the FSM and have searched my brains out. Can someone tell me where it is???
  11. uwum15

    '79 FJ40 gasping for fuel

    Recently my '79 FJ40 started leaking fuel from the fuel pump so I got a new pump and spacer and replaced it myself. I drove it around town for a few days without problem then had a reliable mechanic just do some brake work and general maintenance for me. When I got it back from the mechanic...
  12. L

    1977 Diesel 'B' High Fuel pressure pump question.

    Hello, I’ve been reading through some posts and am still in search of some assistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1977 FJ 40, diesel motor (I believe it is the B model). I purchased this a couple years ago in Honduras and brought it back to the States with me. It was...
  13. uwum15

    Fuel Pump leak '79 FJ40

    Recently I smelled fuel and hopped out to see a pretty serious leak under my FJ40. I got it home and found that at the bottom side of my pump is a 1" cylinder (approx) that's about the diameter of a pencil on the weld. Fuel is spitting out when the engine is on and stops when it's off. It...
  14. C

    Wanted  Looking for a FJ40 fuel pump

    I need a mechanical fuel pump for a 1977 2f fj40 land cruiser. I will buy new or used, as long as it works well and is a better price than buying a new oem one. Thanks.
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