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  1. Hankst3r

    Kill switch

    i would like to wire a kill switch into my car for an anti theft measure. what systems have y'all put one on (ignition, fuel, spark etc..)? and where are the wires? i cannot figure out where to splice in the switch. thanks. also i have a 1993 5spd 4runner 3.0.
  2. M

    Fuel Sending Unit

    2009 lc200 215k miles. I have a faulty fuel sending unit. Fuel gauge and low fuel light not functioning correctly. I recently ordered a complete fuel pump assembly, might as well replace it all while in there. I have not found much info online and the best that I can see, I will have to lower...
  3. JareBear89

    3FE Fuel in oil

    Hey guys, Long time listener first time caller... Have fuel in my oil, changed oil ~1000 miles ago and now oil is above full line (was below for several days before commuting for a week) Seen a few people post about this but no real resolution. Some say leaky injector, some say PCV valve is...
  4. rorkis

    79 and Later FJ40 in tank fuel pump? Looking for options? Experiences?

    Hi guys, Anyone aware of an option for a in tank fuel pump for EFI in a 79 or later tank? Prefer something that does not require major fab work on the tank? I did a search and found a few threads for the earlier under seat tanks....but nothing for the later ones. Any ideas would be greatly...
  5. M

    Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms - My experience

    Hey gang, its funny that prior to these hot temps there was not a lot to be found on here for the issue i was having leading up to what ultimately left me on the side of the road. I wanted to share my experience of the symptoms my 2007 Land Cruiser was showing and what I did to address it and...
  6. C

    Diesel crank but no start

    Hi all, I have a HDJ80 24 valve manual which cranks but won't start, I have been searching far and wide for an answer with no joy. Any ideas? The immobilizer has been removed, which strangely was wired to the starter, and the ignition fuse has no power, although it still won't start if I wire...
  7. 4

    Fuel Gauge/Sender Issue

    I have a 92' 3FE LC. Recently I replaced my fuel sender with another used unit that was known to be in good working order because my gauge needle was jumping/dancing and not marking correctly. The needle shows a fairly accurate depiction when I accelerate and then I let go of gas pedal, the...
  8. paulzak

    Doing fuel strainer at 230k. Should I just replied pump at same time?

    Given that getting to the fuel sock to replace it is a little bit of a nusance, do the gurus have any thoughts on replacing the pump preventatively? A Denso is about a hundred bucks on Amazon with the sick so it's not out of the question money wise. I don't have any reason to replace the pump...
  9. Ten4GoodBuddy

    HELP...1992 jf80 went swimming

    Hey guys, first off I am not a mechanic or really anything close, but I’m willing and able to try... I just need some direction. So last week my twin 16 year old boys decided to take my 1992 fj80(259k miles) for a swim through a huge pond/small lake and got her stuck in the middle. She sat...
  10. Fuel Pump Access Panel

    Fuel Pump Access Panel

    interior overhaul
  11. W

    Main beam cuts out fuel pump....I think!

    Hi all, I have something very dodgy going on under the bonnet. I was driving a very long straight road, when the car suddenly started jumping/jerking. I think it was the fuel pump playing up. Checked the air filter and started her up with no problems however as soon as I turned the main beam on...
  12. Arcticredleg

    Starting issue related to fuel system. Fuel system diagram?

    Hey all, had to replace the flex hoses (to fuel filter, overflow from pump) coming from the fuel tank to the hard lines. One had sprung a leak, replaced both truck ran fine prior to replacement, minus the leak. She started right up and then ran out of fuel. Switched hoses to make sure that...
  13. W

    NO Start Issue – Fuel Pump works outside but not while connected

    I read through most of the “No Start”, “Key Immobilizer”, “Fuel Pump”, and “EFI Relay” threads but have reluctantly started a new thread (sorry) because most of the issues indicate the security light on the center console as still blinking while ignition is ON (and mine is off as is expected)...
  14. M

    New Fuel Pump, New Problem...

    After getting tons of useful tips here, and installing new, old stock OEM FP, a new strange problem occurred today, which I can't quite figure out. I'll explain: after finally getting the arm that actuates the diaphragm to move, I installed the pump, primed the system by putting a little gas...
  15. kengalbraith

    No Fuel coming through line - fuel pressure issue, fuel pump, or ?

    Hi friends! New to the IH8Mud forum, and FJ's in general. Long story short, picked up an FJ62 from a family friend that has been sitting in a yard for years (in NM, no rust). Ran when parked. Couldn't pass it up, so now I own an FJ! Drained gas tank, swapped fuel filter (fuel was in the line...
  16. G

    Electric Fuel Pump - Mistake?

    I just purchased my first land cruiser, an 85 fj60, three days ago. Stock everything. BUT, the PO installed an electric fuel pump (incorrectly) and my first trip with the truck was to a mechanic who fixed the install. My question is whether I have already screwed up the truck by having an...
  17. J

    Mysterious stalling, lack of fuel 2LT-E

    My mechanic thought we had fixed my sudden loss of fuel to the fuel pump problem. We replaced the ecu, checked the wiring, etc. but now it’s returned. My LJ78 runs great, a half tank of gas maybe, then randomly stalls. After it completely cools down, it will start up again and run fine till...
  18. 0

    Fuel Pump diagnosis

    Hello fellow mudders. I had a crank but no start issue out of nowhere yesterday. First thought was F***!, the immobilizer issue has struck me! But no, I quickly ruled that out, when I shot some starting fluid into the throtttle body and it started right up....and then died. Not getting fuel. I...
  19. gummycarbs

    Is this an original fuel pump?

    I'm curious if this is likely to be an original fuel pump. It's the one I pulled from my '94 with 254k miles. I can't tell what the stylized logo says. I'm guessing the pump may have been changed at some point, since the bolt heads are pretty deformed:
  20. B

    FJ40 mechanical fuel pump fitment

    Hey guys, I'm looking to change out my electric fuel pump for a mechanical one, tired of the issues with the electrical. I have a 350 SBC swap and have run into the issue of fitment of the mechanic fuel pump. My buddy has a similar set up and has an inverted fuel pump that fits next to the motor...
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