What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

Jul 5, 2017
A few recent updates on the 100...

1. New steering rack (original inconveniently died just before a trip to Monache Meadows with @Dan2722 and @bushdoctor )
2. Reman brake caliper (old caliper gave up after many water crossings at Monache Meadows
3. Received a crate full of Eezi Awn Stealth hardshell RTT goodness from @Equipt !

Corroded and stuck

Remanufactured and shiny caliper installed with new OEM pads

Not so stealth crate

Upgraded living quarters - So nice! Might need to go camping this weekend...

Shameless plug: My prior tent (Eezi Awn XKLUSIV 1600 is for sale. Link to FS posting here if you're interested.
Where did you buy your reman'd calipers from?


Dec 14, 2015
New Jersey
I did a couple of things recently to keep the ball moving forward.

I had some frame rot by the right front tire. I drove it up to Providence for a frame on repair, sandblast, and undercoat. Looks very good and I feel like a black cloud is gone from over my head.

I had some water leaking and suspected that I needed to clean the sunroof drains. They were clear, but there was a lot of grime stuck under the sunroof wind deflector and the seals were caked in it. I cleaned it up very well and then ran water over the top for 20 minutes. Looks to be resolved from that angle. I do have water dripping on the PS floor. I'll check the drain before ordering the rubber strip.

I figured out that my '04 does not have the cabin air filter, but the '99 has the hole for it (with no filters installed). The pack of two I ordered appears to have come with only one, so I need to follow up on that. Does everyone recommend that I convert the '04?

I installed an Echo Auto in the '04. This is a game changer for me because I have NAV. The person that owned it before me seems to have installed an FM transmitter that feeds into the center console box bottom right next to the hidden 12V adapter. I put all the components in there and Alexa can still hear me shout out my favorites.
Jun 29, 2019
Peachtree City, GA
Washed it for 8 hours over two days then went to a wedding an hour later and drove on dirt roads for 16 miles. Great. Pressure washed it the next morning before my skillet was even hot. My 90% broken negative terminal broke but luckily had one on hand. Not what I would have chosen but it works just fine. Cut off the old, filed a nice flat contact spot, and bolted ‘er down with dielectric grease. Even found a few random bolts rattling around thanks to the PO. Adjusted the TBs again. Little stuff but feels good to knock things off the list. Next I need to disable the tailgate door open switch.


Aug 30, 2018
Loveland, Ohio
Does anyone here drive around without their second row seats? I removed the third row seats, my running boards, my roof rack/rails, rubber luggage strips adhered to roof, spare tire and now possibly second row seating. Truck has much better pickup without all that weight. Just curious...it’s my daily driver and very rarely have a truck full of people.

Oct 12, 2016
Roanoke VA
New bushings for the front of the front differential, the vertical one was removed quickly with an air chisel and pressed in with floor jack, nice and square. The horizontal bushing was removed by cutting the band on the bushing with a sawzall and pressed in with a ball joint tool borrowed from Advanced Auto. Took about 3 hours.

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