What have you done to your 100 Series this week? (18 Viewers)

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Mar 9, 2011
Depends on the day
I am new to the 100 series. Coming from the 40 forum OCD Bettle has a really successful, fun thread where we post a pic of wheeling, a fix, a new part, etc. for our trucks.

It's neat to see the mix of projects, daily driving issues, weekend wheelin reports, etc.

I thought the 100 forum could use one...

I'll start...today I ordered an Iron Man 2 inch lift kit for my 99'.:clap:
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Nice. Welcome to the 100 forums. Ok I'll bite.

Ordered Outback Drawers with side panels and roller floor.
Had mount fabbed to put a second battery behind my bumper, until I ditch the AHC.
Planned for install Ironman 275 amp dual battery system, which showed up on Friday.
Nothing very exciting. I replaced the cabin air filters this weekend and removed the fan to ensure that there was no debris. Oh, I put gas in it!

All of my efforts have been on the FJ62. I have a long list for that one!

Great thread idea.
Took it camping off road last weekend. Got some scratches and dirt/mud on it, filled it up with gas and then washed it today.
Replaced a rear axle seal.
topped of the ahc fluid. Oil change, rotation and balance. Lots of gas, and got new bulbs for my IPFs. Havent put them in yet though. so nothing cool.
Removed the door sills, interior B-Pillar plastics, Front seat belts and grab handles and soaked and scrubbed them in Super Clean.

Restored the UV damage on 2 Scepter MFCs.

Lubed the driveshaft.

Drove around some fireroads in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Did cleaning the steat belts make them retract any better?
Replaced the cabin air filter and 2 drain and fills on the transmission with Mobil 1 ATF
A little over 10 days ago, but still worthy......

- Replaced rear shocks [fronts replaces a week before] OEM all round.
- Installed Air Lift 1000
- Replaced fluids in rear diff, transfer case, and front diff with Mobil 1 75-90.
- Fresh Mobil 1 engine oil and Wix filter

The new shocks changed everything. Truck drives like new again. Remarkable difference. Shocks getting old is like the frog getting boiled.
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Cleaned truck from head to toe, then went off roading. Got diry from head to toe. Dropped in a nasty raven and bent my ARB into the body panel. If dropping entire truck on wing of ARB it i will bend. Had one of the best times ever at Coal Creek - Tenn and plenty of scratches to remind me.

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