What did you do to your pig today?

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We were going to meet some friend for lunch today, wife wanted to drive her pig, I took it to town to fuel it up, I remembered I changed tires to 33’s, want to find real mph vs speedometer, pulled an app on phone, sure enough was traveling 40 when speedometer read 35, 60 when speedometer read 50. I just got this pig back from shop, first 50+ mile trip, looking for issues, got on freeway and decided to take up to 65, got it up past 60 and horn honked, I thought I touched it, but then it did it again, slowed down and it stopped, sped up past 60, started again. Since we were taking to lunch, I thought there must be a short in steering wheel. Taking it anyway, so went home and removed horns. Wife and I left, she was driving , I was explaining difference in speed vs speedometer by showing her app w/gps. Got on freeway, got it up over 60, horn starts again, but don’t have horns. WTF, look at app, had a speed limit alarm at 60- makes horn honking noise. F
Finally resolved the two small oil leaks in my ‘69 with the 2F. One required a new oil pan…which Toyota still sells. After several weeks noticed a new oil leak that looked like it was coming from between the end of the oil pan and the bell housing somewhere. Turned out this week I found I hadn’t torqued the new oil pan correctly. Hopefully this resolved my “last” oil leak.

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Not sure if I belong here since part Pig, but attempting to reinstall AC back in.

I’d say your very welcome to post here, I remember seeing this project some time ago and just caught up in your thread 👍🏻

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