Towing. No thirdmember

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May 11, 2002
twin cities
1978 with locked up rear end needs to be towed

It has no third member

Can it be dollied if I pull the axels?
The axles will not stay in with out the third member.
A lot of work but possibly swap the front member to the back and flat tow with hubs unlocked or put the front wheels on a dolly.
Oh man. Can you put the rear wheels on a dolly and tow backwards?

That seems wobbly.

Anyone do this?
Yeah. I didn’t think so.

What a fun time that would be
Yes. But it is getting it up and also off the trailer
I got towed out of the swamp once when my Pertronix died. When we got out, the tow vehicle just drove by, along side my truck and trailer and I steered my dead rig right up onto the trailer. I was surprised at how easy it was. We used a 30' tow strap.
Gotta look close to see the strap.

Yes. will Consider all these

But with the rear wheels locked up...
And no third member,..

It will be a challenge
Yes. will Consider all these

But with the rear wheels locked up...
And no third member,..

It will be a challenge

Back the trailer as far back as you can. If you rip 2 pieces of plywood you should be able to slide the tires on them with a come along up on the trailer. Or bring a good third member and swap in the field.

Not to be a D*ck but if this is stumping you, call a tow company. It will be cheaper than messing something up or putting a snapped come along cable through your back window or someone’s face.
Sorry. I misread. When you said locked up I was thinking spool or something. Didn't realize the wheels didn't turn.

I once had a roomate that left his car parked in front of my boat and then left town with the keys. To move it I used a couple bottles of dish soap under the tires and towed out of the way. The locked up rear wheels just slid along like it was on ice. Then just hosed down the mess.
Yes. All get to weigh h costs and risks

You are not being a dick at all

It is sound advice

Good soapy input
It has no third member

I'm confused. If there is no third member, how are the rear wheels locked up?

Without a third member, the issue would not be getting it to roll, it would be keeping the axles from walking out of the housing. If you use front wheel drive and move slowly straight ahead, you should be able to get it up on a trailer. If the wheels start moving out, you have someone push in on the tire while it rolls.

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