Builds A pig for Father's Day

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May 20, 2007
Well this has taken a bit of time but my BIL just flew to Charlotte to drive my "new to me" 1977 pig back to his house near Atlanta. Unfortunately I'm not in the country but will be back to see it first hand in early July. Brace yourselves as I will have a hundred questions.......




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Welcome. You've got all the knowledge you'll need on this site - the elbow grease and $$$ is all on you...
I'm just north of you in Hendersonville NC. Good find. Take your time and enjoy the entire journey...
It has a new head unit and speakers. Apparently owner bought those door panels as the originals were pristine and he didn't want to cut them. Also put factory A/C in the interior (with new components under hood). Comes with a back end full of parts!

Here's the original ad from mud: For Sale - 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55

and here's the more recent ad: For Sale - 1977 FJ55 - ready to sell... PRICE IMPROVEMENT

It seems to be sorted somewhat mechanically. My plan will be a frame-off in a few years when I retire. In the meantime, maybe some rust converter to slow things down on the body. Frame looks great so it's really just the body that I'm worried about.
Nice, looks like @a1500rams door panels. And it aint GREEN off to a great start.

I think it came with two of your floor pans and rockers...

Now, what would you advise for that hood and driver's A-pillar? Those have me a bit worried.
Thanks Bob. I'll get some better photos when I can take them myself. In the meantime I'm leaning toward Eastwood or Black Star or similar rust converter followed by some Cruiser Corps, rattle-can Freeborn Red and Cygnus White. Really just anything to slow things down to a crawl on the body for the next 3 or 4 years.
So today’s question, will a Warn 8274 fit on the front of this pig without extending the frame? Either by using a mounting plate with the original front bumper like this: 8274 Winch Mounting Plate

....or an aftermarket bumper?

I have read several threads and I’m confused because I see reference to frame extensions and it’s not clear to me if they are needed. Thanks
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I like that truck a lot. It is well sorted and has A/C. I wanted to buy it myself, but I just have too many projects in queue as it is. Congrats!

You can mount an 8274 without extending the frame. You will need the mounting plate and an inner bumper support piece. The factory bumper is too flimsy to just weld a mounting plate to. The link you posted for the plate also shows a bumper support piece. Get the support and the plate and you should be good to go.
Excellent! I was hoping that was the case but really appreciate you confirming. I made the deal on this 55 in mid-March and in my enthusiasm since then I have already bought ‘81 and ‘84 vintage 8274s. I guess they are a bit like Land Cruisers; you can never have too many.
Thats a good one.

The hood is easy to fix....nice and flat and easy to work with. That A pillar is going to be fun. Windshield has to come out, and once you start poking around, it'll open right up. Don't start poking at it until you are ready to dive 100% in.

Thanks. No plans to go further than rust converter and some rattle can Cygnus White for now. It will be frame-off, glass out, etc when I get around to the full restoration.

Congrats on the buy. Looks like a fine swine. The A-pillar can be a nightmare - check out Arnold in my sig for how my local shop had to deal with it.....

Now you’re scaring me. I hope mine isn’t that bad. Fingers crossed.
It seems to be sorted somewhat mechanically. My plan will be a frame-off in a few years when I retire. In the meantime, maybe some rust converter to slow things down on the body. Frame looks great so it's really just the body that I'm worried about.

You still have the '85 4Runner?
Thanks everyone for the positive comments. Now that I have seen the rust up close via FaceTime and close-up photos the body work will certainly be more involved than I had anticipated. I guess many of you guys have already been through that process though and came out the other side. I'm going to use a wire brush, gallon of Corroseal, and some rattle can paint on it for now. It will go into a 10 x 20 storage unit when we are gone. Hopefully that will slow things down a bit.

It looks like the engine serial number is 2F-1241xx; 40 years of grime to get through and can't quite make out the last two digits yet. Needs a good scrubbing with a brush.....I can only ask the BIL to do so much. That would put the manufacture date pretty much on top of the frame serial number of October 1976; assuming the SOR website data is accurate.

I have a question concerning power steering. If you want to go "factory" it appears from all the threads that I have read that pre late 1978 blocks aren't set up for the factory PS pump bracket? So even if you had all the parts from a 1979 you still wouldn't be able to set it up like factory?

Not positive I will ultimately go with power steering. When I tear it down my current idea is to go back with City Racer 16" rims and 235/85-16 tires. It appears that those that have gone that route on 40's or 55's have found the manual steering to be tolerable.
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