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May 20, 2007
I have kept my eyes open for a late model ('79+) Troopy the entire 3 years I have been living in Saudi Arabia. Not long after I got here I found one on the side of the road but in hindsight am glad that I could never get in contact with the owner. I did manage to occupy my time however with a 1994 FZJ75 for the last 2 years but have more or less ran out of things to tinker with on it so onto the next project.

I had help finding this one as Khamis Mushait is several hours drive from Riyadh but with WhatsApp and FaceTime we managed to get the deal done. Troopy was delivered to Riyadh 3 days later via car carrier (really cheap btw) and here we are. I haven't done much other than drive it home from the depot (about 30 km) but have started ordering parts. It drove reasonably well although I didn't take it over 100 km/hr given the traffic. It does seem to oversteer just a tad but otherwise tracks and brakes very well. Power steering works really well at low speed.

So it's a 1983 (12/82 build date) with 126,400 kilometers on the odo. It has factory A/C, power steering, and no heat. Original interior but exterior was repainted a few months ago. I have checked the outside with a magnet and looked extensively under all the sheet metal I can access. Very pleased so far and haven't found any area that has excessive bondo. Khamis Mushait is very high in the desert mountain in Southwest KSA and as such I didn't expect any rust; and so far I haven't found any. The floor pans, rear seal, etc. are all in excellent shape.

I've already started a list and, as already mentioned, started ordering parts from KSA, Dubai and Yemen. Here's my initial list:

Door weatherstripping missing all around - OEM on the way from PartsSouq
Rear left door locks missing and inside right handle - on the way from Yemen
New door cards, pulls, bezels, and window cranks - some in hand and some on the way
Spare tire - New OEM split rim in hand but need to source a matching tire
A/C doesn't work. I knew it was missing a hose or two going in but the compressor, dryer, etc. are all there.
Blinkers aren't working but all other lights (including hazards) are - I think I have a new stalk sourced
Wiper switch appears to be bad - think I have that sourced as well
Washer is there but tubing missing. Probably needs new nozzle and who knows about the pump?
Hood pads - on the way
Hood rod - haven't found one yet. Might have to go used.
Seat belts - all are missing or broken. Not sure what I will do about that.

I think the biggest impediment to progressing these items will be the heat. Summer has come early and brutal this year and Riyadh routinely hits 115 these days. I live in a nice spacious villa but unfortunately only have shaded parking and no garage.
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Dang that’s great looking. I’m ignorant wrt ME driving are left hand drives common?
Dang that’s great looking. I’m ignorant wrt ME driving are left hand drives common?
They are all left hand drive in the middle east. So is all of Africa except for South Africa for that matter.
Spent the last few nights ordering parts; combination of UAE, USA, and Yemen (believe it or not). Owning a 55 I am absolutely amazed at how many parts are still available. I guess it's because so much interchanges with the 40. I'm even having pretty good luck finding discontinued parts.

New dash pad. One of several boxes that showed up today.

WOW - she is a beuaty!
Thanks. Needs some TLC but don’t they all?

Any chance you (or anyone else) have 100% intact starting and jack tool holders that you could take a photo of? Mine are obviously missing a clip or two. Would be great to find a photo of the tools in place.

Do you come across many of the air cleaner assemblies for the 80+ 2F over there?

Truck looks great, taking many notes of what I see.
I assume you mean the Gulf (or General) spec assembly and not the US type? To be honest, I have yet to find an early Land Cruiser graveyard. I think there is one about 3 hours north of Riyadh but I haven't confirmed that. The giant wrecker yard south of Riyadh has a few older 40s and 45 pickups but there's not much left on them.
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In my continuous search for parts that I might need (or want) I was looking at rear view mirrors. Mine are in good shape but a little wiggly. I have already read several threads on that but couldn't "find" these mirrors assuming I wanted to replace them.

All the FJ40s and 45s here in KSA have black mirrors like mine. However, when I look up the part numbers I get these and when I furthermore look up those part numbers I don't find any that are black. Maybe @Onur or someone else can clarify. These are the numbers that come up based on my VIN.

87901-90304EUROPE TYPE

Edit: FWIW I did go through this entire thread. Great information but nothing black.

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Would it be a reasonable assumption that this wiring diagram manual reprint from SOR would work for my 45?

Fits 1982 BJ40, FJ40, FJ60, BJ60 - Reprint - 79 pages.

I can't think of any difference in the wiring between an 82 USA spec 40 and a GCC 45 other than the length of the wiring harness going to the rear lights.
I don’t think that the 40/45 differences will matter. In fact, I don’t think Toyota made 45-specific wiring diagrams, they made 40-series diagrams.

If there are any differences they will likely be in the GCC/USA category (heater control wiring that’s not present on your truck, e.g., or emissions or safety wiring).

Seems to me it would be fine for your purposes.

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