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Jun 3, 2004
Northern Colorado
Jinkees, I was back on the B-D Co website and see that the bulbseal I bought for the tailgate opening used to go for $52 for a 24' coil now goes for $82!

Alright, I took the day off (since my Birthday was this week) and drove down to Denver and bought the Pig some presents...

Heather at B-D was very cool, very helpful. These guys rock!

For the outer window felt, I went with the WEA/75001371:
It had felt on the side that wipes the window, so I hope it fits well.

I went with a very similar bulb seal to what Ige listed, but there was a p/n 1364 that was similar size, lower price. STA/75001364
$52.25 for a 24' coil. She sold me a 12' coil, and I only need about 4' for the vertical around the tailgate opening. I'll trim and install and then if someone else can use some, let me know!

For the weatherstrip that goes under the bottom of the tailgate opening, we spec'd out AUV/4742: Looked like a good match to what was on there

I did not go with the dense tee rubber for the cowl seal. The area that would adhere is so narrow, I think it would fold over and fail. She gave me a sample of D-seal WEA/CS104: that I will try for size when I get a minute.

Hope that helps!
Jun 11, 2013
So I ordered the rock auto 1500425 for the bulb seal for the cab side of the door. My question is that the factory has a grey piece that slides over the original weather stripping, will I still use this over the new weather stripping I don't think it will slide over it.. Or do I just use the weather stripping by itself?
Jun 11, 2013
Around the door seal you will see the old weather stripping black rubber and the grey strip over it.


Dec 1, 2009
Conejo valley
On post 479 there is a picture of a clip. The one on the right is the same as was originally used to hold the window felts in. What you all think about the one on the left- do you think it will work the same as the originals?
Nov 28, 2004
Greetings Iron Pig Society!

I periodically receive PM's regarding updates or info in the original weatherstrip guide. Unfortunately, I don't have too much additional to offer but the following response to a recent inquiry:

'I published the weatherstrip guide nearly 10 years ago and sold my 55 about 3 years after. At the time, nobody had really put together a comprehensive list - so that was the final list for which I probably spent 1,500 or more. For specific parts you don't see, like door handle seals, I made them from scratch from sheet rubber.

If you're aiming to save money, you'll have to pull materials from multiple resources as I did. Kits ten years ago cost probably $1,500 and only covered half of the needed parts. I ordered samples from five or so weatherstrip manufacturers and restoration companies to match the original profiles & then found a retailer of that product. Hope this helps a bit!

All the best in your restoration!'
Oct 31, 2020
McCall, Idaho
I've been compiling this list for awhile as I have been "refurbishing" my 55. Following are part numbers, prices, sources, and pics for most of the rubber parts on the Pig. Most parts are identical or very close to factory - while a few were chosen for economics. If I left out anything, please add.....:cheers:

FJ55 Weatherstripping

Source Price Part # Length
Window Channel

Driver / JC Whitney/ $9/ ZX184879T/ 8 ft
Passenger/ JC Whitney/ $9/ ZX184879T/ 8 ft
Left Rear/ JC Whitney/ $9/ ZX184879T/ 8 ft
Right Rear/ JC Whitney/ $9/ ZX184879T/ 8 ft
Tailgate/ PV Cruisers/ $225/

Window Felt (straight chrome w/ felt)

Driver/ JC Whitney/ $14/ ZX193480P/ 8 ft
Passenger/ JC Whitney/ $14/ ZX193480P/ 8 ft
Left Rear/ JC Whitney/ $14/ ZX193480P/ 8 ft
Right rear/ JC Whitney/ $14/ ZX193480P/ 8 ft
Tailgate Inner/ JC Whitney/ $14/ ZX193480P/ 8 ft
Tailgate Outer/ JC Whitney/ $17/ ZX819752R/ 4 ft

Door Weatherstrip

Driver/ JC Whitney/ $17/ ZX813688A/ 10 ft
Passenger/ JC Whitney/ $17/ ZX813689B/ 10 ft
Left Rear/ JC Whitney/ $17/ ZX813688A/ 10 ft
Right Rear/ JC Whitney/ $17/ ZX813689B/ 10 ft
Tailgate - Sides/ JC Whitney/ $10/ ZX133178W/ 10 ft

Body Moulding - this piece is a little too thick to allow the door to close easily. See thread details for other possible solutions...

Driver/ JC Whitney/ $38/ ZX132562B/ 25 ft (enough for 2 doors)
Passenger/ JC Whitney/ "/ ZX132562B/
Left Rear/ JC Whitney/ $38/ ZX132562B/ 25 ft (enough for 2 doors)
Right Rear/ JC Whitney/ "/ ZX132562B/
Tailgate/ JC Whitney/ "/ ZX132562B/

Glass Weatherstrip

Windshield/ SOR/ $39/ 120-03G-A
Cargo - Left & Right/ PV Cruisers/ $230
Left Rear (small)/ $UnObtanium/
Right Rear (small)/ $UnObtanium/

Other Items
Metal clips for attaching door and cargo panels/ page 100 part#1969
Plastic insert for " " " / page 101 part#5127
Metal clips for attaching window felt / page 91 part#11411
Hello! I just found this and was so excited to discover your work around.... but alas, years later.... JC Whitney sold... new part numbers! Darn!
Apr 26, 2010
Raleigh, NC
Anyone have a clue on what weatherstrip will work on the perimeter of the doors?

SLO is out of stock, and obv. JC Whitney screwed us all

Edit...pic added

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