RODa'M: Pappy's 1985 4Runner Deluxe

Sep 22, 2011
Is that water jug pretty beefy? I was looking at one and was wondering if the $58 price was really justified.


Oct 7, 2003
Too far north. Too far east.
Well, the evolution continues. I've been working on making things more efficient in the back of the truck. Still a pain with no back doors, but I'm making it work.

I spent some time redoing my rear bumper. I'm sure there are pics someplace here of the before. In a nutshell, I cut off the gas can carrier that was flush to the bumper and mounted a gas can carrier that is perpendicular to the bumper. That gave me room to mount my propane bottle. The gas can mount came from 4x4 Innovations, and the propane bracket from Power Tank. I had to get creative with the license plate since the strap that holds the can in place was hinged low. The plate was mounted onto a piece of 16 gauge sheet metal, welded to a spring loaded door hinge. That way I can drop the license plate and unhinge the gas can strap. Next will be a fold up table on the back side of the spare so I can hook my propane bottle to the stove directly. That bottle is an 11#r. A buddy is going to sell me his 5# bottle which I think will work better.


Well, where's the big update?? :)
Ha, forgot. The roof top tent. It's an Autohome Columbus Small XL (for extra long). A perfect size for the Gen1. Unlike many hard shell RTTs that are 54" wide, this one is only 50". I don't have a pic from the wilds yet, but I also sold my ARB awning and bought a Rhino Rack 270 Batwing.


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