ONSC MEET AND GREET 2022 - March 4-6th

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Apr 18, 2015
Greensboro, NC
Come on out to the annual March campout at the Barn!

ONSC's Meet and Greet is a chance to touch base and hang out with your Land Cruiser friends before the season officially starts. In prior years we have fixed guardrails on the trail system, cut huge amounts of firewood, picked up a ton of trash from the trails and maybe talked a little trash too.

Lots of fun. Family and dog friendly environment. You don't have to be a member to attend, but we'd love it if you join!

Friday night - March 4th

Show up any time after 3PM (possibly earlier) and choose your campsite
If you don't know where to camp (first time) see someone named John or Eric - there's always a few of them around and they should be able to help.
No official events planned, but campfire food sharing and beer drinking is highly likely

Saturday March 5th

****No official trail working information is confirmed as of yet***
If the trail work is not available, we will likely work on the club trailer - building shelves. If you have skills/tools/shelves/etc and want to help, please let us know!

6PM ish - @Fort Knox will be serving up some smoked pork butts.
Sides/desserts/hot sauces/buns/coleslaw/etc - please consider bringing something to contribute.

Sunday March 6th

8AMish - HUGE club breakfast provided by the club

Please remember all your stuff, pick up all your trash and consider sticking around after breakfast to help clean up - Kenny and Lydia work super hard for these weekend events!

FAQ for Newbies:

Where's this barn? (Troy, NC - I'll post the location in a bit)
Can I sleep in the barn like baby Jesus did? - if you bring your own manger/sleeping bag, you can bunk in the upper levels of the barn and not have to camp.
Is it heated? - if Sean comes, it will be an oven in there
Are there toilets? Yes - there's a pit toilet that's gross, and there will be a portable toilet that will be brought in clean on Friday. You can always make like a bear and s*** in the woods if you prefer
Are there woods to camp? Lots of room to spread out - camp by the barn, on the edge of the big field or off in any of a few remote locations if you prefer privacy/quiet
Does the barn have power? Water? Yes and yes - you can plug in a crockpot if you like - strongly encouraged in fact.
Do I have to come on Friday and stay until Sunday? No. The first night is generally lighter attendance - many folks choose to show up just for the free food on Saturday and Sunday morning :)
Wait? Free? In this insane time of inflation, this party doesn't cost anything. Yep - Just BYOB and food and consider bringing something to share.

See you there!!
Looking forward to this and hoping it's a beautiful 75*F by then! That'll beat the year we all woke up Sunday to 3" of snow, even if it was all melted off by noon.

For anybody visiting for the first time: When James says there's outlets for your Crock Pot, he's not kidding. There are two long tables/shelves with multiple quad boxes (those are probably on at least 2 circuits since we've never tripped one yet). There are also two refrigerators, one of which becomes a glorious container of Sunday's bacon and eggs and sausage and biscuits and butter and so forth. Kenny sets coffee makers for bright and early. He's also the highlight of Sunday breakfast for 2 reasons - bacon chef and "he who poureth the render of the belly of the swine thusly into the earthbound iron circle of hell (contained grease fire of epic proportions in the fire pit)". Also, James is right about just asking for John or Eric; it's funny but it's not really a joke (you could also just look for anybody with a white 80 or 100, same effect).

One thing James failed to mention, possibly because he and I love the misery of others, is that a stream runs through the property about 100' behind the barn. Kids and dogs. Kids and dogs. If you have them, you know what to do.
sorry guys, this might be the first time I could not be here. hope its nice and warm.
I can't make it Saturday because I'm already signed up to volunteer at the Sandblast Rally down in SC, but would it be worth it for me to show up Sunday or does everyone clear out after breakfast?
I will be in the area but working from Friday-Sunday. Hope to get away and sneak into the barn for a few mins.
I can't make it Saturday because I'm already signed up to volunteer at the Sandblast Rally down in SC, but would it be worth it for me to show up Sunday or does everyone clear out after breakfast?
Everyone packs up on Sunday , and heads out
Planning on coming Friday
I'm in with my better half.
I will be there Saturday
Marie and I will be there on Saturday for sure. Not looking good for an overnighter but things might change yet.

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