no one else bid???

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Nov 27, 2015
morris, il
hello everyone!
hope everyone is great.
i'm not a big thread guy but maybe this will help change that and just share my story about my stable of cruisers. notably my 1970 55.
i'm laid up off work right now due to having covid pneumonia. been out of hospital since monday. on O2 and can't do much but heal.

i always enjoy watching land cruiser ebay auctions. especially the crazy priced ones.
every once in awhile i will bid on something with a few days left just to see where the bids are and for fun.🐷
well i bid on a pig from oregon with 3 days left . and forgot about it and went on my merry way not thinking about much.
and 3 days later i was the proud owner of a pig, 1,000 miles away. i was not unhappy or anything like that. did i need a pig at that time, hell yes! everyone needs a pig!
so got her shipped from oregon to illinois.
i received it 11/2019
upon my inspection found the frame was fabulous, drivetrain good shape, normal leaks and common issues. i was relieved.
body has normal rust areas.
i"m 30yr honda mechanic and short stint with toyota back in the day so i have access to a lift and all the other goodies a shop has.
and a cool boss always helps.
so i started to mechanically repiar and replace most of what was needed.
clutch and related items
resealed everything on engine, 3spd, and t/c, replace some bearings and related items on the t/c.
baselined the old pig
replaced the carb with cruiserparts rebuilt unit. awesome unit. it's been a long time since i rebuilt a carb, and time wise had a lot going on with the pig at my place of work. did not want to push it.
replaced blower motor and resistor .
went to drain the block and found the block coolant passages blocked. let the fun begin
hooked up our coolant flush pump with a CLR/water mix for hours, did not touch it.
coat hanger, picks, and other tools not meant to poke and prod were used. still plugged.
went with straight CLR for hours and let sit overnight.
voila! all the crap flushed out and block was clear.
blew an oil line, replaced both.
mistakes made mostly because of time contraints.
second gear syncro worn. did not replace:doh: but drivable, no speed shifting.
did not check pilot bearing / shaft fit. maybe a little noisy.
i will be bringing her home as soon as my lungs heal up🫁.
of course i did take other pics but can't find them. did a flip phone smart phone conversion last year and think i lost some.:rofl:

sorry about limited pics.
anyway love my pig
love my 40
love my 100 and i just picked #2 100
miss my 60
miss my rusted out 80
miss my non usa 40.

fj55 3.jpg
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Good for you man! Having the technician background and dealership “benefits” is a big plus. Sounds like you got all the basics tackled and are having fun with it. Keep going, keep updating us and enjoy the heck out of it!
By "little more pics" you DO mean "little."

Really can't make out the details, but looks like a good deal. Congratulations!
ha. i mean crappy. next thread i will do better. mechanically good. body has been patched and has it's common rust. i learned long ago. drive it and enjoy.
as long as you don't fall out of the bottom.
if this was from my home state it would be already returned to the earth

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