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    • sloanstavern
      sloanstavern replied to the thread 5th Gen 4Runner pic thread.
    • sloanstavern
      sloanstavern replied to the thread 5th Gen 4Runner pic thread.
      Hey guys, long time Mud member first time on the 4Runner side of things. In April I purchased a ‘22 Trd off-road. This is my second forerunner. The first one was an 88 that I owned in the early 90s wish I never would’ve sold that awesome truck...
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    • sloanstavern
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      Hey everyone. New to mud. Thought I would share my 4runner. It’s. 2016 trail premium. Owned since 2017. Been doing travel nursing for the last 4ish years. Just got out of the game and took a perm spot at a hospital in Sam Diego. Just got a 2004...
    • sloanstavern
      After 6 months off her feet, pours in a little go juice and she started right up👍 Backed out into the sun and a quick bath and some photos for the mud add I just posted in the 45 section
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    • sloanstavern
      $49,500 For sale is my 1982 FJ45 Troopy (KSA vehicle). I purchased this in 2018 and have just finished last spring a frame off restoration. There are too many details to list (the build report is in the FJ40 section) but here are some of the...
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    • sloanstavern
      Well I hope everyone had a great summer, I’m back in Arizona and time to get back to work. I think I have a plan, these are the projects I would do if I was going to keep this Troopy forever: New wheels and tires Floor mats HVAC Power steering...
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