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Jun 14, 2020
many places
Hi All

so the 1984 FJ60 got side swiped yesterday. Significant other was driving. Fault was the semi-truck driver. Any advice on best replacement equipment? Here's the damage:

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-22 at 16.07.20.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2020-09-22 at 16.07.25.jpeg
others insurance?

looks like a fender, bumper and headlight bezel
1st: Make sure they pay you a lot.

2nd: I’d try to get the dents pulled and fender realigned rather than replacing the fender. It won’t be perfect but it’s going to be difficult if not impossible to match the patina without a full paint.

3rd: find a good bezel and get an aftermarket bumper on their dime
Specter Off Road sells OEM and aftermarket bumpers....$690 and $235 respectively. Also an array of used and aftermarket steel fenders. Headlamp bezels with or without chrome can be found on eBay and googling around.
Personally, I’d slap a headlight bezel and new bumper on and call it good. It’ll be near impossible to match that fender patina, so I’d just rock that one.
Aftermarket is usually cheaper stuff and not as durable as OEM Toyota parts. An exception in this case would be to upgrade to an ARB bumper. Pricey at over $900.00 but if you are off roading totally worth it.

Aftermarket headlight bezels will be cheaper thinner plastic. Original used will not be hard to find at all but they will be worn and matching the other side and the center grille may be a challenge. You may have to paint them all again. Racer city LLC had some Toyota turn signal assemblies but they are non-USA and you will need to slightly modify the plug. Original used ones can easily be cleaned up. What does your turn signal assembly look like? Can you just replace the lens or is the grey internal piece broken too?

Look for a used head light bezel and turn signal lens and assembly in the classified parts and parting out sections. I have both of these parts PM me if you're interested.
I’d try to keep this away from an insurance claim if it’s not too late. Ask the guy for $500, buy some used parts and slap it back together.
Man you are way too nice, I say $2k and get replacement bumper, fender light bezel etc. ;)
Thanks everyone for your replies.

@FJACS It sort of went immediately to insurance...but it will be on theirs...not mine.
I've been looking at the parts sites to see what is available. We'll see what the adjuster says if they even bother to come look.

@Don Pedro thanks for the suggestion of Specter. It was an original chrome bumper (that someone bed-lined at some point)...but I am considering the ARB option as well. We'll see how it goes.

@BlackCat yeah the patina...the plan has always been to do a re-paint at some point in the next year or 2 (when it can be afforded). So, yeah, I will keep this fender on, maybe try a little to patch and keep the water out as best as possible.

@g-man thanks again for the advice. I'm actually away from the vehicle at the moment and not sure what it looks like. I will check and see. Also will pm you for sure about the parts. I also have to dig through my spare parts buckets and see what is in there...
take your time with their insurance company. It's going to be annoying. 1st they will call you about 4 times to get you on tape saying your not injured. Then, when the adjuster shows up and pulls the dip stick and smells it to see if you're taking care of the motor'll prob be like me and say, why are you looking at the motor? But they are trying to de-value your ride to offer you the lease amount you will take. Sadly you have no leverage over the other parties insurance company, so they will try and save as much $$ as they can by offering you little. Don't feel you have to take their initial offer. Do your homework, get values for replacement parts, get some body shop appraisals. Ask them if they have body shops in your area that they will accept their appraisals. Ask to deal with the manager if the idiot in the cubicle is not working with you!

Fortunately your damage is nowhere near the total value of your truck, so you shouldn't have to worry about them trying to "total" your vehicle. but if this comes into play use NADA classic car guide average value and nothing else.
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One more piece of advice: If this is your daily driver get their insurance company to pay for a rental vehicle for you. Even if you don't need it. This will get the clock ticking on their end and they will be focused on resolving this.

Thank you @g-man for this good advice all around. Yes, it was the only vehicle we have (even though I know the first thing I should do when I buy an old cruiser is to also buy another car). So a rental will definitely be part of the deal. And, yes, I figure they will try to claim it's totaled. So we will be on the look out for that. The advice on where to get the value of the truck is very helpful.
Btw, if the offer is unreasonable, just hold off. The insurance companies hate having cases open that are cut and dry.
My agent at State Farm said replacement value for an average mid condition FJ60 is about $17,000. If they total it, buy it back and get that ARB and paint job?
A new fender with paint could easily run $1000. If you dropped your truck off at the dealer and said fix it your bill could easily range from $1000 to $3000 after parts, paint, labor. It sounds crazy but body work and paint are expensive and new replacement parts are getting hard to come by. If it were my truck and I caused the damage and had to fix them of course it wouldn’t cost as much. 25 years ago I had a BMW 1600 that someone crunched a fender on when it was parked. I caught the guy and ended up with a body shop quote of $700 to fix the fender.
Hi, My bet is your in the 4,500 range with excellent paint and primer and clear coat. The clear coat is where a lot of places go with cheap product. Bumper with ends 1,000. By itself. Mike
The biggest problem I see is you will end up with one fender that looks so much nicer than the rest of the truck :)

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