Builds g-man's land cruiser story

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Sep 5, 2006
Charlottesville VA
I was just asked about my cruiser by a Mud member and realize I never had a build thread or any back story.
I bought my rig (no name but maybe someone can help with that) in 2006 while looking for a work truck. I had just read Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace and was looking for a vehicle free and clear and with a budget of about $2000.00 every truck I looked at was rusted at the frame and had broken motor mounts or other serious issues. I needed it for gutter cleaning. My side business when I was not at the fire station. I retired in 2013. So I found this rig with a for sale sign on it 2500.00 in a local gas station parking lot. I had drove by it for 3 weeks and wondered why no one had bought it. Finally I called the owner and arranged a test drive. The engine was strong, but the 4 speed was worn with 212K miles. I had to double clutch to get second gear. Bent bumpers and rust bubbles in the quarters and front pass fender. The hood sank a little and looked sad ...only some rubber bump stops that needed replacing. I waited a few days then called him back. Would you take $1500.00? "yes" was the answer. So I sold my f250 and got out of payments. Been cleaning gutters since. Here is a pic of it today.

Since then I installed an H55f 5 speed, replaced the clutch, master and slave, rebuilt the carb, replaced the starter, replaced the radiator 3 times, replaced the smog pump 3 times, replaced the water pump, had the alt rebuilt, replaced the VR, replaced the headlight/turn/hazard switches, replaced the spring bushings, welded on the frame a bunch, had the exhaust replaced. Built a sleep platform and camping drawers. rebuilt my front marker lights...bla..bla..bla then in 2015 this happened...

six page thread detailing my fight with the ins. co.: fj60 wrecked today on the interstate

land cruiser damage2_zpsvrbhzrkt.jpg
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Ooooooh that was you! Boy I remember looking at those pics and really admiring them. Beeeeeutiiiiful. :)
I rebuilt the knuckles a couple of years ago. More recently I have rebuilt my transfer case (edit) transfer case rebuild here:

started down a long rabbit hole today...t-case, clutch, flywheel, exhaust

and replaced my worn spring shackle bushings. Also had to pull the trans/t'case out again to address a leaky rear main seal that I had just installed. I pulled the pan and the rear main bearing cap to install the rms...much better. Now for the first time in over 10 years leaks.
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Today I finished up the front spring "pin" bushings ( the fixed side of the spring) . The pins are much harder because you can't get to the old rubber bushings that are grabbing the pin. Map gas was the trick and while laying on the ground holding the torch I said to myself the motto here should be "frying more than prying" As it is tempting to try and pry that sucker out but your really have to let it burn for a while before anything loosens up.
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SO I’ve not read any of Dave Ramsey’s thinking but I have a grasp... hows the Cruiser fit into his scheme now?
SO I’ve not read any of Dave Ramsey’s thinking but I have a grasp... hows the Cruiser fit into his scheme now?

Well, I use it for work so it makes me money, I've never had a car payment, I pay no taxes on it. Yeah parts cost money but total much less than any payments I've ever made on a vehicle.
Then in June of 2017 I built a sleep platform and spent a week at Cape Lookout solo. My wife doesn't want to rough it that much. I'll probably go again this year. These pics are from the south end of the island about a mile from the point.
Link to my sleep platform build thread: sleeping platform builds please




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Thanks for this post, I started Dave Ramsey in 2008 and have been on again, off again with some stuff he would definitely call a 'stupid tax' paid along the way. My son is about 7 years from college and I'm back to increasing the intensity.

Long story short, much the same as yours, my superduty is for sale to eliminate the payments and I'm headed to drive an FJ60 as soon as I can schedule it with the seller. Having owned a number for FJ60s, I *think* I know almost every bolt on them, some more familiar than others. :)

I've been cruiserless for a number of years but it is great to see the same respectable interactions and support on this forum as when I left, not to mention many of the vendors still around supporting the community and a few new ones I've spotted as well!
With the recent sale of my 70 Torino I have some funds for upgrades to the cruiser. Installed new 31x10.5x15 KO2's, new center caps and lug nuts. On order is: OME heavy/heavy from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters, carpet kit, trail tailors C channels, outer door window felts, new front turn signal lens, new front market lights. So lots of work coming up. I plan to order an ARB front bumper and will probably go with a local ARB dealer b/c I think shipping from anywhere would be a deal killer. My dream of trail riding instead of cleaning gutters is coming true.

Sad to see the Torino go but it was sitting outside and neglected. It was a GT with 429 motor/c6 combo and was a nice driver.

torino pic.jpg
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As you can see ...really sagging in the back right. Mostly due to having a 1/2" wooden sleep platform and 30 year old springs. (edit) sag do to broken spring! I swear they bent the opposite direction after jacking the truck up to replace spring bushings.

Yeah that's right I just finished replacing shackle and pin bushings all around and replaced the old rusty pins with grade 8 bolts and home made sleeves ...and now I'm going to replace the whole suspension. I'll have some energy suspension poly bushings and a newish front sway shock, some front and rear kyb shocks all available and post up in classifieds when I get done.
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Great story. Thanks for sharing!
I really like what you've done in the back, great sleeping quarters, I am trying to figure out how to do a similar setup but retain seating for kids. My wife, no matter how much I try, doesn't want to "rough it" either, but the kids do, of course.
@mattcamp here is the thread outlining my simple drawer build and shows some others as well to give you ideas. I did put piano hinges on the side "wings". So I can fold them inward and pull the rear box out. sleeping platform builds please
Great build write up, thanks for showing me, I will be doing something like that, but different, if you know what I mean- Matt

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