Full float axle infrequently asked questions

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Nov 7, 2016
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questions, info and available parts for the less common full floating rear axles.


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Full float lock nuts.

Does anybody know If later model full float thrust washers and locking nuts fit an early full float spindle?

Later model.

Early model.

Edit: No they don't.

Early Ff spindles are the same size as disc brake front spindles and could use the same bearing nuts/washers.

Later full float spindles are larger in diameter to incorporate the axle seal.

More info.
serious FF rear axle question
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I'd be very surprised if Mr Toyota changed the spindle thread sizes, my early 40 series and my 70 series floaters both use the lock rings shown in your top photo and every other full floater I've had has used the same round lock rings
First generation, prior to 08/80 of FF locking nuts had a seal in the outer locking nut to keep gear oil out of the wheel bearings.

08/80 and newer FF housings have the inner area of the spindle machined for the oil seal instead of the nut.

Keeping gear oil out of the wheel bearings is the reason for the seal. The gear oil will leak past the paper axle flange gasket and make a mess of things. Sealants on the gasket will not prevent this.

Later lock nuts will thread onto the spindle of the FF axle just fine, they just will not keep gear oil out of the wheel bearings as the correct components for that period of FF axle requires.

Nice second pic in post #1. :)
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Full floating axle seal part numbers.

Early axle seal.
40 series 90311-38146

Later axle seal.
40,60,80 series axle shaft seal 90310-35001
40,60,80 series replacement axle shaft seal 90310-36003

Building your own Full float with front spindles. This insert fits into a front Spindle in place of the bronze bushing to hold an axle seal.
Full Float Seal Holder

For more part numbers go here.
Some info saved
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As you can see, I have been down this road.

Replace the seals (do both sides, and purchase a spare seal because when you damage one when you install it, you will then have the replacement in your possession) and move on.


90311-38146 is your Toyota seal part number for this application.
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Actually, there are more than two, but it just all boils down to design progression and standardization over the manufacturing period.

The fronts are designed like they are, because the nuts do not need to keep oil out of the wheel bearings, (that is what the inner axle seal is for) and it is inexpensive and a simple, proven system.

The rears have progressed over time based on engineering/manufacturing changes/cost savings, etc.
Excuse a small hijack, but this seems like an appropriate place to ask... could an FJ60 FF rear axle use the same locking nuts as the front with no danger of gear contaminating the wheel bearings?
Not a hijack at all, I was wondering the same as you! put the axle seal in the hub and will the front nut system work without issues. I'm missing all the hardwhere for an axle but I have loads of front axle parts
you can buy those round locknut kits out of aussie (Japanese aftermarket) for about 50-60 AUD each, onlineautoparts sell them I buy quite a few cruiser bits off them they are reliable and easy to deal with
you can buy those round locknut kits out of aussie (Japanese aftermarket) for about 50-60 AUD each, onlineautoparts sell them I buy quite a few cruiser bits off them they are reliable and easy to deal with

But why if the front axle nuts will work? The fronts parts are cheap and plentiful.
Everything fits... no idea if it would work without issues. you would have to run the hubs without an axle shaft seal lubircated with gear oil from the diff like most large trucks do.
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I would be more concerned about the wheel bearing seal surface on that FF axle spindle than spindle nuts...

FF axles are a neat non-USA novelty item, but not worth the trouble people go through for them.
Looks like scrap to me....but it is not mine.


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