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  1. JMCruiser94

    Wanted  ISO water pump tensioner pulley and wiper motor for 85 FJ60

    Having a hard time finding these parts but I’m new to land cruisers and probably not looking in the right places. Also here’s a pic from my mechanic showing the part I need. Tried to upload a video with a better view of the part but wouldn’t work. Hopefully you guys can tell from the picture...
  2. 1

    88 FJ62 Dash Temp Gauge Help

    Hi all, Just finished changing the following on my 88 FJ62. All parts are from CCoT. water pump hoses belts thermostat aftermakert dash temp gauge sender radiator cap pretty sure all is burped sufficiently but not 100% certain. No leakage Despite being a bear of a job, it seemed to go well...
  3. GooseChaser

    Water pump failure? At highway speed?

    Just bought this rig a week ago. Checked all the fluids replaced the brakes and took it for a trip into the big city. Headed back doing 70 and without warning coolant is spraying everywhere. Pull over and take a look and I can't find a hose or hole except for the coolant pooling on the water...
  4. F

    Water pump belt continues to become loose.

    Why does the water pump belt on my 1983 fj60 (stock, not desmogged) continue to come loose after driving 1000 or so miles ? I should note that I installed a new one (not OEM) about 1000 miles ago AND I USE A OTC Belt tension gauge 6673 that is the same type as the one mentioned in the FSM such...
  5. dubestoy

    '79 B Motor Water pump w Fan Clutch - discontinued - HELP!

    I have a BJ 40 , w '79 Motor. Any one have experience with substituting a NON Fan Clutch water pump for an original ( leaking) water pump WITH Fan Clutch ??? The original is apparently discontinued. Anyone know of a source? It would seem that the length of the water pump shaft that the fan...
  6. 73FJ40

    Identify older water pump

    Does someone have an idea on the identity of the engine that this water pump would fit?
  7. T


    Hi, First time poster from Austin. I have a blue April 76 FJ 40 (pretty much stock and still smogged) that I've owned for about 25 years, but I put it up for the last ten years. I've gotten it back out and am going through the mechanicals and electrical... lights, fuel lines/gas tank, brake...
  8. jmstu76

    FJ62 Fan Clutch (Fluid Coupler) availability

    Hey guys n gals, I am updating my cooling system. My '89 62 heats up when idling with the AC blasting and also heats up when flogging it on the hwy. NO redline overheating but it would most likely go there if I wasn't paying attention and just walked away. The cooling system has always...
  9. B

    Another Timing belt thread.

    I’ve got a Toyota dealership quoting me around $1,200 parts and labor to replace crank seal, timing belt and water pump. 2006 LX 470. Does this sound right? How will I be able to tell they did all this work? I’m sure this question has been asked a lot, I apologize for the noobieness...
  10. I

    For Sale  2F Water Pump 16110-61081 and Pulley

    According to box this was found in its PN 16110-61081 OEM/NOS and has restored double pulley. $45 plus $15 shipping for Total $60
  11. T

    Help.... 78 BJ40 waterpump - No idea what to do

    I recently bought a 1978 B engine bj40 cruiser . It’s been a tough road. Latest challenge is finding a replacement water pump or rebuild kit. The Toyota part number is 16100-59035. I’ve looked everywhere I know and am coming up empty. I found one place overseas that said they can get me one in...
  12. Algonquin

    Water Pump & Timing Belt Price

    Hi Guys, I jut got a quote for the water pump & timing belt at Grappone Toyota in Bow, NH for $891 total (no tax in NH). They said its a 6 1/2 Hr job. What is your take on the price? And what is a fair price for the work at a Toyota dealership? The rig is a 2005 Landcruiser. Thanks
  13. F

    FJ60 fan clutch installation

    What is the best way to bolt the cooling fan/clutch assembly back onto the water pump pulley ? I had removed the radiator, fan & shroud, all the belts and coolant hoses in an effort to clean and tighten up some things on the front of my 2F engine. I had put all the belts on (alt/PS, AC...
  14. Formulaonehd

    Video tutorial, How to replace radiator, belts & water pump 1FZFE

    Another basic vid of how to replace the rad, water pump and belts. While im sure there are some short cuts i wanted to do this for those with little exp in doing this, just as i did with my oil cooler vid last week :) I did forget to mention in the vid to looses the pivot bolt on the alternator...
  15. Vavrinyuk

    1991 LC over heating when AC on ... PLEASE HELP!

    Hello Everyone I need some help with my 1991 Land Cruiser. I had my water pump replaced because my old one was leaking so since I had to take front end apart I decided to change water pump, thermostat, fan clutch, radiator, radiator hoses all part where NEW Toyota OEM. I also had radiator fluid...
  16. W

    For Sale  timing belt water pump kit

    brand new in box $160 cash for a local buyer located in SF Bay Area
  17. ewillis

    Water Pump Stud Double Nut Method...What Went Wrong?

    So...finishing up the water pump and have these studs to the clutch that came uninstalled. Common Toyota pump with the logo dremeled off and the Aisin sticker applied that's going around. Anyway...search results suggested double nutting the studs to get them on snug. I used the method, but the...
  18. ewillis

    Water Pump Identification and One Question

    About to replace my water pump. Nothing wrong with the original, but completing a complete refresh of the cooling system. I bought this pump from the classifieds awhile back. It is in an Aisin box, sealed in plastic, with an accompanying gasket. It has the stamps ground down with an Aisin...
  19. Tapage

    Wayne Water Pump

    Hello guys .. I got this small pump Wayne 1/2 HP Cast Iron, Portable Transfer Utility Pump-PC4 - The Home Depot by reviews seems to be a good one .. that works perfect, but I wonder if I can match it with an inline pressure switch to provide house pressure ( about 40 PSI ) . So I'm...
  20. Z

    3B water pump

    Hello, My 1982 BJ42 has sprung a coolant leak at the water pump. I found this pump: Water Pump, 81-88 BJ4# 60 FJ7# B 3B 13BT DSL With Fan Clutch Any other pump or part supplier I should consider before placing an order? (I just emailed them asking if it comes with a gasket.) -Jay
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