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    • AYM707
      and a few more...
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    • AYM707
      additional photos'
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    • AYM707
      I purchased this vehicle in 2014 in Qatar. Since returning to Toronto, its been in an underground garage. I have Ontario plates. I enjoyed driving / repairing it. I've replaced several parts, mainly original Toyota / OEM parts. I've documented...
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    • AYM707
      AYM707 reacted to Pighead's post in the thread Engine Oil Leak with Like Like.
      I might clean and degrease that whole side of the head so you can more easily visualize the leak if it continues. Might also pull that sparkplug out and look at the sparky end, paying special attention to how much torque it takes to get it...
    • AYM707
      So took my FJ40 (1982) for a cruise around Toronto. At a stop; I noticed an oil leak; it was a little more than just a few drops.... so it was concerning. Traced the oil to the 2nd spark plug. At least, that was the only wet oil stain that...
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    • AYM707
      AYM707 replied to the thread Rear View Mirror.
      I was think the same. Thanks
    • AYM707
      FJ40 1982 / FJ45 1983 My review view mirror broke! It was one of those plastic / flimsy mirrors (left). I would like to replace it with something more solid. I noticed the mirrors for the older models are metallic (right); but it looks...
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    • AYM707
      AYM707 replied to the thread Alternative Drum Brake Cylinders.
      After seeing several youtube video's; I decided to change the drum brake cylinders myself. For the record, for a 1983 FJ45; the bore size for the cylinder is 1 1/8" [28.57 mm]. After a heavy dose of brake cleaner fluid; changing the cylinders...
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    • AYM707
      AYM707 replied to the thread Alternative Drum Brake Cylinders.
      Apparently they were leaking when he removed the rubber boot. I never saw any leaks on the floor so it maybe minor. In fact, I was happy with my brakes...but I think the mechanic wanted me to contribute to his retirement fund. Problem is that...
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    • AYM707
      I've got a 1983 FJ45 - GCC Specifications I need to quickly change my drum brakes cylinder, quickly (got only 7 days before my temp plate expires). Are the drum cylinders inter-changeable; maybe with other Toyota / US models? I've ordered...
    • AYM707
      AYM707 replied to the thread Electrical Headlight Issues.
      SUCCESS!!! Was super frustrated, but went back to basics. Pulled every fuse out of the fuse box and checked the fuse again...and that's it!!! Just needed to be pulled and re-inserted back. Thank you @45Dougal and @73FJ40 for your support and...
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