1. Christian

    High as a kite, hard as a rock! (Yes AHC again...)

    Hi guys! I have a 2001 VX100 1HD-FT diesel with 300,000 miles on it. I've owned it for two years and love the comforts over the HJ61 it replaced. But the AHC is acting up! I don't want to go conventional, I want to keep the AHC. AFAIK everything except height sensors are original, and I know...
  2. Paulrotterdam

    Recommended tyre pressure HZJ75 on different surfaces

    I have been looking in the owner manual and on the bfgoodrich site, but can't really get a clear answer on what pressures to run in different conditions. What are your best practices & recommendations? 1996 HZJ75 troopy with an aluminium flip top roof, full camper interior, 80L water tank...
  3. T

    AC temps not as cold and temps fluctuating

    Last weekend, I made a foolish mistake trying when removing my alternator. I couldn't move what i now know to be the ac compressor far enough out of the way so I disconnected the tube going in to the top of it, result in the ac venting nto the air on my 1990 hdj81. This weekend I rented a...
  4. David Hollenback

    no oil pressure

    ok guys, i installed engine and did everything correctly. i went to turn over and it runs. however the oil pressure is zero. before i time it do i have to prime out pump or should it automatically read when turned on and running.
  5. jeffj40

    Brake pressure switches

    So one of the switches underneath my master cylinder has begun to drip. I tightened it up to no avail. Since I'm not using them anymore and they're only function is to plug holes, which they're failing to do at the moment, can I just get some metric pipe plugs and swap them out?
  6. J

    Coolant Pressure

    I have noticed that my top coolant hose has alot of pressure build up in it and would like to know if it seems normal. The engine doesn't overheat or lose coolant, the gauge seems steady, the engine runs good without the radiator cap on without any coolant overflowing. I ask this as I have only...
  7. P

    Oil pressure sender

    I've just changed the oil in our new (to us) 78 FJ40. Changed the filter as well and now the pressure gauge is reading nothing (way below the L so you ant as the arm). Engine sounds fine, looks like fresh oil in the top. The old oil was very black, is it possible something in the sensor got...
  8. L

    Recommended tire pressure for OEM tires?

    I recently took possession of a 2017 LC, with Dunlop AT23 tires. Despite the door placard indicating 33 p.s.i. front and rear, the vehicle came with 40 p.s.i. in the front, and 38 p.s.i. in the rear. My first thought was you #$%% hillbillies at the dealership (we've had a few other issues)...
  9. shocktower

    Home made Pressure brake bleeder

    Ok I hear people complaining about getting their brakes bled, and all the difficulties and the need of another person, I bought a small garden sprayer, cut the sprayer handle off, got a 3/16 male threaded nipple, took a new MC cap took the one way valve off, got a small hose clamp to clamp the...
  10. RyRoRyan

    tire pressure when off-road

    What tire pressures are you guys running when on the trails? In my previous yj and in my friends 88 4 runner, we ran around 16 or so when in the San Juans and around 12 or so when in Moab. With my new to me LX being so much heavier, I was debating running them a few lbs higher...
  11. coldtaco

    fuel tank pressure question

    Greetings, so when I remove the rear tank cap there is no pressure, when I remove front tank cap there is a bit of pressure. Which is correct? Guessing the rear? Anyone have a picture of what the tank vent looks like? Thanks.
  12. B

    Oil pressure gauge woes

    I know this has been beaten down but I need a little quick help. I looked at some threads on this but wanted to ask about mine specifically. When I turn my key on my oil pressure gauge needle goes to the middle reading. When I turn my FJ62 on the needle drops to 1/4 and when I get on the highway...
  13. mpreston73

    1HDT oil pressure sender removal?

    Hi. Iv got a 1990 HDJ-81 With the 1HDT. How do you get the oil pressure sender out? I need to replace it. Is there a trick to this or do I just need smaller hands? Any help would be great. Thanks. Michael
  14. mpreston73

    1HDT oil pressure sender removal?

    Hi. Iv got a 1990 HDJ-81 With the 1HDT. How do you get the oil pressure sender out? I need to replace it. Is there a trick to this or do I just need smaller hands? Any help would be great. Thanks. Michael
  15. S

    Can I ballpark AHC Nuetral Pressure range based on height?

    I just got a 2000 LX and have an absolute mountain of preventative maintenance to catch up on before i get to neutral pressure adjustments. I have two small children who id rather spend my time with so i only get about 30 minutes of maintenance time per night after they go to bed so its likely...
  16. natas801

    Wanted  2lte pressure plate 8 bolt

    in need of a pressure plate for my 2lte bought a automatic motor trans combo went to put it in my old 2L truck and the plate off my old one is only 6 bolts please let me know if you have one laying around 801-564-9029 Ryan
  17. flintknapper

    Oil pressure gauge install.....couple of questions?

    Yeah....I know, If its running and not knocking...its probably OK. But I just can't stand the factory gauge. After warm up, basically indicates ZERO (or right at it) at idle (650 rpm). It DOES rise immediately with engine rpm, but I'd just like to be able to see numbers instead of an indicator...
  18. D

    Effect of intercooler pressure drop on turbo

    Hypothetically, if I was running a stock CT26 turbo at 11psi measured at the manifold and fitted an intercooler I would likely see a pressure drop if u measured boost at the same point. Let's say this drop is 3psi. My boost is now 8psi. If I use a boost controller to increase this back to my...
  19. bahamasair

    Fuel pressure line flare nut size?

    I'm adding an extra inline fuel filter and want to tap into the flare nut where it transitions from the hard line to the rubber line that supply's the original filter. Does anyone know the size, type and pitch of the thread that the flare nut uses? I'd like to order all the adapters I need...
  20. red66toy

    Electric Pressure Washers- found answers

    Found answers in other forum area. Thanks!
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