1. YSG2017

    Wanted  One Vintage ONE Vintage Aluminum Jackman-Style 15X8 6X5.5 8-Spoke Wheel in Good Cond.

    Finally found a terrific set of four of these wheels! Now I need one last matching wheel for the set for my spare tire on the back of my rig. Anybody know of where I can find just a single Aluminum Jackman-Style Vintage 8-Spoke wheel in the size 15X8" with 6X5.5" lugs? Looks like this (but...
  2. B

    1976 FJ55 one owner

    Here is my 1976 FJ55 one owner vehicle I recently purchased. It was a complete, not running and bought off the elderly couple. I have already sourced a good running, low km 3F engine and a Factory 5 speed to suit. Factory Air-conditioning and Power Steering as well. Looking forward to sharing...
  3. bumpersignal

    can i set alarm to unlock all doors one key press?

    i have a 98 lx470 and the factory keyless entry system. I have to press unlock twice in a row to unlock all doors, otherwise one press only unlocks driver door. Is there a way to program the system so that one press unlocks all?
  4. chappohj47

    Check this 79 series out
  5. G

    2011 Cruiser Non-Nav- Never seen one before

    In my search for a new 200 series for my wife, I ran across this one. It's for sale in OH and looks like some kind of base model. No nav, no spoiler, no rear tv screen. I wish it were a better deal, but at $42.5k with 70k miles, the price is only fair. Either way, thought I would share it...
  6. emac

    Blinker on solid on one side no matter what I do....

    My 77 FJ40 has been pretty flawless electrically since the restoration. I went through the entire harness replacing every connector that looked bad. Today, I left the car idling and when I came back the driver side blinkers were on. Not flashing, just on. Dash light was solid on as well. I...
  7. KY Tundra

    Tire swap only works in one direction!

    I swapped the wheels between my 2012 Tundra and 2005 LC. The fit was fine on the LC, with the exception of the front center caps, just as others described. I didn't realize that I would have an issue on the Tundra. Brake calipers are hitting the inside of the wheel. Anyone ever dealt with...
  8. alia176

    Anyone got one of these I can borrow?

    This tool will be the only way to remove the AFR sensors from Jessica's exhaust manifolds. O2 Oxygen Sensor Flex Head Wrench Removes & Installs Auto Repair Installer Tools: Automotive
  9. ColoradoCarlisle

    Wanted  One small jump seat or parts

    Hello I really need only the half you actually sit on but let me know what you have Thank you For a 75
  10. Dedtruk

    SOLD  One 15x10 wagon wheel in southern NJ, USA

    SOLD On CL for $20 but $10 $5 picked up Mud price. Package deal with other stuff I'm selling here on Mud. Want this $%!&* thing gone! Has a 35 inch BFG AT mounted on it that has a lot of tread but its desiccated. Holds air for a little while and a shot of that green Tire Slime type stuff...
  11. M

    Another one bites the dust

    An unfortunate accident happened last weekend, and a tree decided to fall on my LX450. Insurance has declared it a total loss. This is my first time handling a loss, so any suggestions how to negotiate the best payout from the insurance is much appreciated. Any guesses what I'll get from...
  12. K2KK

    What the heck and where can I find one

    I spun an axle a while ago and for the life of me I can't find a spindle for my '70 FJ40. It's from my rear driver side and my axle is a ff, disc break conversion. Any ideas fellow cruiser nuts?
  13. jkl72-40

    anybody have one of these radiators????

    I have an 82 pickup was wondering if this would fit, is anyone running it?? PRO 3 ROW CORE ALUMINUM RADIATOR - IMPALA CHEVELLE CAPRICE MULTIPLE MODELS 1963-1968, ONLY FOR CHEVY MODEL CARS: Automotive
  14. ewillis

    Water Pump Identification and One Question

    About to replace my water pump. Nothing wrong with the original, but completing a complete refresh of the cooling system. I bought this pump from the classifieds awhile back. It is in an Aisin box, sealed in plastic, with an accompanying gasket. It has the stamps ground down with an Aisin...
  15. rc51kid

    Which one of you guys stole my LX450 seats?

    I have been searching for seats for my 80. Probably going to make mounts and do something late model. Anyway last night i saw this LX450 with these seats. Went by before work and the guy said the seats were gone, obviously. Whoever got them scored some NICE seats. Hopefully someone here got them.
  16. Murckman

    Unichip - Anyone else put one of these in??

    I have to say that the Unichip ECU plug and play really made a difference. This truck was really a dog before, especially at mid range speeds trying to pass. It made a huge difference and the ECU accepted it just fine, no check engine lights. It was definitely worth the money. The...
  17. LeRoy Cordova

    For Sale  Time for a new project so this one must go!!!!!

    Totally love this truck and I'm pleased with what it is. This has been a bit of a journey but fun all the same. 1978 FJ45. Rebuilt 2F with a 3FE head and fuel injection, H55 5 spd transmission and super smooth transfer case, Rebuilt knuckles, 4 wheel disc brakes, custom 25 gallon fuel cell...
  18. S

    new tires for my one and only

    bought some new tires for the 80 today went with bfg 33x10.5x15,they ride great a lot smoother.
  19. meatloaf

    Need a 2F Oil Sending Unit, Anybody got one for sale?

    As the title says, need the oil sending unit for my 83 fj60. Anyone have a spare laying around? Let me know how much? Thanks, Luis
  20. R

    one step ahead...

    and two steps back... just had to vent for a sec...replacing rotors and learning as I go. Got my paper FSM today and read through it like it was the Sears-Robuck. Figured I had this project licked, as I only had to reassemble the components...made the mistake of having a beer before the final...
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