1. MtnCruiserFZJ80

    Transfer Differential Fluid Change

    Hi there, I just bought a 1994 Toyota FZJ80 about a month ago, and I just got around to changing the differential and transfer case fluids. Furthermore, I put Mobil 1 75W-90 in all three, and I've noticed twice now just for a few seconds a slight grinding noise as I am driving to the end of my...
  2. dirtrick

    uphill driving making power steering angry

    I have a leak from the power steering reservoir which i've just been topping off for quite a while.. any kind of extended uphill driving seems to make the power steering louder and it tends to leak a little more. first off, exactly what should i be using in the power steering res? secondly, does...
  3. SB Closer

    2F Engine Sound - How Much Valve Train Noise is Too Much?

    Hi, I got my hands on my first FJ60 last June. Have been going through it since then. Standard stuff, vacuum & exhaust leaks, carb, ignition, emissions, rust etc. I adjusted the valves about 700 miles ago (per instructions in the many threads on here) but ever since I have found myself...
  4. Snickklefrittz

    Funky Engine noise in my 1FZ-FE. Help?

    I thought the culprit was leaky flange gaskets. After getting those replaced, the sound is still there. Any ideas? It's in a 1996 LC80 with 184k miles. > Thanks!
  5. W


    Hey guys thanks for viewing this just hoping for some advice. My straight drive 4x4 pu is making a squeaking noise as soon as i let out the clutch through 1st and 2nd only and the noise pattern speeds up along with the speed of the truck...3rd, 4th, and 5th and neutral nothing can be...
  6. Rusty72cruiser

    Fj40 weird engine noise.

    Hello, I have been on this site researchingfor awhile now and decided to now join. Anyway I recently bought a 1972 fj40 for a project and hopefully restore. Im usually good with engine work but this noise has me stumped doesn't sound like rod bearings or anything from the bottom end also not...
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