1. 2019LCruiser

    Noisy Transmission

    Hello, I have a brand new 2019 Land Cruiser. I’ve put 1,300 miles on it. I noticed it sounded very tappy almost like a diesel when I was going through a drive through. I parked it and listened underneath. It sounds like it’s coming from the transmission pan area. I thought the transmission fluid...
  2. T

    What could be the source of this noise?

    2004 LC with 175K miles. bought it 6 years ago and perform maintenance by myself. It has been rock solid for the past 6 years. But recently, it start to have strange noise behind the dashboard. I am in Houston area, so weather start getting cold recently. I am still not sure about the pattern of...
  3. JackAttack13

    Help diagnosing noise

    Hi all, I am at a loss with trying to identify a noise on my rig. It makes this strange medium pitch honking sounds while accelerating. I first thought it might be the tranny or transfer case but it shifts smooth and it is not at specific shifts. There is no grinding feeling, just this...
  4. dudenhoeffer

    Vortec 5.3 Swap - making a "thumpy ticky" noise @ back in Intake Manifold

    I posted this video on a couple Vortec forums, noone so far seems to know what the cause of this noise is... I posted this video: So I'm going to throw it up here and see if all you "toyota guys" can shed some light on the situation. Happens when warm. Takes a minute to start again when...
  5. froto1

    Strange Noise

    There is a strange noise coming from the front of my 2005 cruiser, it is intermittent and seems to happen at lower speeds when letting off the accelerator. The noise is like a rub/light scraping sound, and is rotational. I found a video on youtube which sounds extremely close to what I am...
  6. Tchecki

    98 LX470 Rock In Rear Brake Drum

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I recently returned from hunting trip (more accurately 'hiking with a gun' based on my success rate) and was off road for a good portion of the trip. From our home in Denver to NW Colorado, I drove approx 400 highway miles as well and at 60-75 mph. Got home...
  7. J

    Exhaust rubbing on u-joint due to unknown broken part (pictures incl.)

    Does anyone know what this part is? The exhaust pipe in the middle is grinding against the u-joint. And noticed the exhaust was sagging lower than it should. Then noticed that this piece was broken. Anyone know the name of it and how to replace?
  8. Fuentesfranko

    New noise coming from...?

    I started hearing this noise 2 days ago. It seems to be coming from the fan, belt or some pulley, not sure. Any ideas?
  9. E

    2013 LC200 (American) whirring noise behind the dash on cold start

    Hi everyone- I have a 2013 LC200 (American) with about 35,000 miles on it. Last winter, when it would sit in my work parking garage during the day (open air) and temperatures would be between 17-27 degrees Farenheit, upon turning on the car there would be a 3-5 minute cycle of whirring somewhere...
  10. offroadvegan

    This sound is driving me NUTS

    Noticed this for a while now. Thought at first it was a rock in my brake shield or something. So I replaced all the rear brakes and components. No dice. I have been all over the underneath of my rig and cannot see anything that would be loose or rattling. To me it sounds like a heat shield...
  11. W

    Clanking Noise

    I know, I know. There are tons of forums out there with this same title, but I feel like I will only get helpful feedback if I post this audio clip from my specific truck. The noise is happening mostly at lower speeds, specifically when coasting in drive or neutral. It won’t let me upload an...
  12. EscapeWagon62

    FJ62 Speedometer Noise - Disassemble, Clean , Swap WITH PHOTOS

    Ive been chasing noise in my FJ62 speedometer. Replaced the cable, lubed where the cable enters the speedo but the fluttering noise still existed. I disassembled, cleaned and eventually realized that the noise was coming from the speed cup (magnet) which isn’t serviceable as far as I know. (I...
  13. Richfj60

    Mystery Noise???

    Hey all, Driving my FJ62 home from work the first time tonight and heard a clanging noise that corresponded to a rotating something. Pulled over and looked underneath and didn't see any loose u-joints or anything hanging down. Started off and noise returned. Pulled over and put it in reverse...
  14. M

    Pto winch slipping grinding under heavy load

    Hi, any ine who can point me into the right direction. My pto winch is slipping with gear noise under heavy load only. Checked the bronze gear in the winch and all splines on the drive shaft. All ok. Break pin replaced by 6mm bolt also still intact. Any thing in the pto it self that can...
  15. EscapeWagon62

    FJ62 noise at freeway speed 60-70 mph SOLVED

    I am experiencing a deep bass waa waa noise while traveling 60-70 mph. The rig has 225k miles. I’m a recently new owner and I’m not sure how long this has existed. It’s a resonance type sound for 1.5-2 seconds, waaa for a half second to 3/4 second, no sound. Bearings are fresh...
  16. Frkens

    Noisy coil springs FJ62, 1988

    Hey everyone. I bought my Fj62 three weeks ago, and I am not only in love with it - I also discovered the beauty of 4x4's in general. My first but definitely not the last 4x4! I had it by a mechanic because I needed a brake adjustment, and needed new shocks. As I'm traveling through Mexico...
  17. killrdanasurfer

    Funky squelch on cold engine starts

    2000 LC 293,xxx miles, on cold start ups there is a squelch that sounds like it's coming from driver side behind the firewall, very distinct inside the cabin, hard to locate in the engine bay over the engine noise. Some times it'll last about 30 seconds. Other times it'll go for a bout a mile...
  18. CaptHamster

    Gear Noise from Transfer...Bearing?

    Hey all Over the past few months, I have been getting a progressively louder gear noise coming from the transfer case over ~20MPH...Here's some more info: 1.) TCase work done by a local shop approx 5 years ago (overhaul w/new shims, bearings, races and seals) 2.) Gear noise only when under...
  19. O

    Mysterious noise

    We just rebuilt both knuckles and replaced front rotors and pads. There was always this noise, but light. Now it's consistant. We think it's coming from the rear of the rig. Here's a link of a video of the underside with the sound. We can do more if it's not clear enough. Thank you!
  20. F

    Ticking Noise on FJ62

    I went to run errands the other day and experienced a weird ticking noise before I got out of the neighborhood, so in case it was something important, I came home. It starts at around 30mph, frequency increases with speed and cannot be heard with the truck parked and increasing RPMs. We had a...
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