1. DuckLN

    Wet streets = road noise from way back

    is there some rubber that needs to be replaced? Every time it rains, the sound you hear while driving makes you think the rear hatch was left open. I know im not alone in this but is there something i can replace to fix it?
  2. MtnCruiserFZJ80

    Help w clicking noise

    Hey again. 1994 Fzj80 238k on the clock. About 3-4K on the current m1 high mileage 5w-30. Just removed my egr valve and all the other components necessary to do so. Cleaned with carb cleaner, steel wool, and air, and reinstalled with new gasket. Perhaps,not allowing the cleaner to fully dry...
  3. Tacoma08

    2008 Tacoma Front Humming Noise After 2" OME installed

    Has anyone had a problem with a vibrating humming noise coming from the front. I can actually feel it through the gas pedal. Thanks
  4. sj

    This doesn't sound good. 100 series noise

    Drive belt noise I'll see about taking it to Murf.
  5. sj

    Drive belt noise

    There is a strange noise coming from the front of the engine. It looks like the drive belt or fan clutch could be the problem. It acts like it wants to stall almost. I made a video but can't seem to post it. I'll keep trying. I don't think I will drive it. Anybody know how I can post a...
  6. R

    '11 LX570 rear wheel noise when turning

    Guys, I have had '11 LX570 for couple months now and it has 70k miles. Yesterday, I noticed the following: When I make left turns there is a noise coming from the rear left wheel (driver side). I'm 100% sure it's from the rear wheel. If I go very slow (parking lot speed) no noise. But as you add...
  7. C

    Loud Road Noise or Normal???

    I grew up driving our FJ60 as a teenager when it was new and was finally given it to fix up for ourselves. Now that I got it going everything seems to sound like I could remember but some of my friends with Jeeps think the noise coming through the floor from the transmission is excessive and...
  8. gatormark91

    drip rail wind noise

    Getting a good bit of wind noise around the front corners of my windshield at the forward end of the drip rail. The passenger side rail was sticking up a bit, so I pushed it down with a few taps with a brass drift. But I'm not sure what the is proper orientation of the side covers over the...

    Wind noise in my 200

    I have rather serious wind noise inside my 2011 200 Series when I get above about 70 mph. I've tried multiple times to locate it, but I can't figure it out. It sounds like a plastic bag stuck rattling in a strong wind. It appears to come from near the top of the A pillars on both sides, and...
  10. matt80sc

    New Clanking Noise (Video)?

    Hello All, I have a new Clanking? noise coming from what seems to be the mid/rear of the drivetrain. It is only noticeable upon decelerating. I didn't get the best angle but not sure the visual is even needed. Any ideas?...and Thank you in advance for any advice. UPDATE @BILT4ME had it...
  11. fooldall1

    Bearing noise from front of engine - how to diagnose?

    All: I'm hoping that all you guys or gals might share some knowledge on this topic.. I have a 2k LC, 215k miles. Engine runs smoothly, but has what I suspect to be a bearing noise coming from one of the pulleys in the front. So my question basically is, how does one locate the correct...
  12. rc51kid

    funny boiling or gurgle noise

    every once in a while when i shut the truck off i hear a boiling of "glug glug" noise. Today i noticed it sounded like it came from the rear of the truck. it dawned on me that it might be fuel pressure building in the tank from a bad charcoal canister. When i fuel the truck i get some wosh of...
  13. M

    Noise in front left engine compartment 2001 LX 470

    Hi everyone - relatively new owner of a 2001 LX 270. Recently notice an intermittent clicking noise that lasts for about 5 seconds and sounds like something cutting on and off. Noise seems to be coming from engine compartment on drivers side behind the steering wheel. Here's a video where I...
  14. midfat

    New noise after rear brake overhaul

    So I overhauled my rear brakes this weekend. Now, I have a very distinct knocking/pinging noise emanating for the rear driver's side wheel. Noise seems to present each time the wheel rotates one full revolution, forward and reverse. Definitely gets louder when I depress the brake pedal. I'm...
  15. T

    Noise at back of truck?

    Hi all, This probably should belong in the SQOTD but I figure I'd post a new thread. Was in the garage and heard a quiet compressor type noise coming from the back of the land cruiser. Last drive was about 6 hours prior. Crawled under the truck and located the noise coming from the pictured...
  16. gomotomoto

    Idle belt noise - bit of squeeking/chirping

    At idle, I'm noticing a little squeek/chirp. I'm pretty sure it sound like a belt judging by the rhythm of the noise. Any idea what might be causing that? I know it's a vague question, but I bet someone knows exactly what it is...
  17. HitTheDirt

    Grinding Noise at High RPM - Transmission or Transfer case?

    After some searching nothing really matches the issue I'm having. I've recently done a full knuckle rebuild with wheel bearings, rotors, calipers and pads. The noise was present before and still exists; basically when I have the truck in gear it starts making this grinding noise whenever I go...
  18. BRob2756

    Installed remanned CVs, new noise

    Took out my old CVs and installed remanned unit from CVJ axels. This eliminated the pops I was experiencing in the front end when going over bumps and rocks. However, a new noise has popped up. When going over a rock or bump, I will now get a very faint pop when the wheel returns to level...
  19. burtoncr

    Rumble strip noise on light throttle to no throttle transition

    Next and hopefully last small issue to diagnose and fix on our new GX. At highway speeds when I transition from very light throttle to no throttle or the opposite I get a noise / slight vibration like hitting a rumble strip only much much quieter. It happens more going from on to off throttle...
  20. BGlynn19

    '74 FJ40 Road Noise

    I started to have really bad road noise from 45-60 mph. It isn't very noticeable above or below that. It also goes away completely when steering to the left or right. The tires are 33" but I have had them for a while and they didn't make this amount of noise before. I did recently change the lug...
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