1. U

    For Sale  So Cal (LA) - Wind deflector, rear glass, left fender, knuckle rebuild parts, seat parts, etc...(80 series/FJ/FZJ)

    For sale I have the rear tailgate wind deflector that came with my 93 LC. The PO had not installed it and I have no use for it. I rather sell it and use the money to fix the LC since its getting pretty pricey. Has some scratches, nothing a can of paint couldn't fix. Includes hardware but no...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - FJ80 Axle and Front End Parts

    Complete Front Axle Housing for non locker 91-97 $135 Front Axle housing for locker - seal leaks, slight bend $125 Axle Shafts - Both Sides Driver Knuckle ABS also Driver Knuckle Non ABS Passenger Knuckle ABS also Passenger Knuckle NON ABS Steering arms One Birfield Spindles Hubs Misc...
  3. R

    Front Axle Knuckle Service

    Hey all, I recently purchased my first land cruiser, -a 95’ FJZ80- and it’s not exactly in tip top shape. My main concern and first project I plan on working on is the drivers side (and passenger side for that matter) knuckle. I have no experience whatsoever with solid front axles, but from what...
  4. S

    Wanted  FJ60 knuckle to hub

    Hi, I’m looking to convert my non-US spec FJ43 from drum to disc brakes. In search of a front pair of FJ60 (knuckles to hub). Please let me know if you are interested in selling. Thanks
  5. Grimmjow

    Front End Wobbly - Fluid All Over but Can't Find Source

    Back in an 80 for less than a month and already posting up an advice thread... It's a beautiful start of a love hate :) Picked up a 91 with 179k miles in West Phoenix. Mechanic owned. Checked out when I bought it. 1 week later noticed a pretty significant leak in the far front driver side when...
  6. JDNs78FJ40

    Axel not pulling out?

    Starting to rebuild the knuckles on my 78 FJ40. I’m in Utah so I’ll be purchasing the rebuild kit from @cruiseroutfit. Had the diffs sandblasted to remove most of the old grease and gunk. I’ll use Por15 on all the components. Is there a secret to pulling out the axel? It seems to rotate...
  7. R

    Inner Knuckle Damage, Salvageable?

    Howdy all, A while back I had a ds birfield failure out on an adventure that ended with me limping the vehicle home. I was in a position where having a local mechanic rebuild the corner for me was my only recourse, so I purchased a new birf, seals, etc and had a 'fixed' vehicle back in my...
  8. H

    Disc Brake Swap

    I want to apologize first if this question has specifically been answered on this forum in the past, but I haven't been able to find this exact answer. I have a 1974 FJ40 and looking to upgrade to front disc brakes. Can disc brakes from a 1978 FJ40 be bolted on my 1974, from the knuckles out...
  9. Matt Zimmer

    knuckle rebuild

    Has anyone used this kit on their landcuiser? Trail-Gear Knuckle Rebuild Kits 140006-1-KI Trail Gear 140006-1-KIT: Knuckle Rebuild Kit | JEGS
  10. ChiroFJ

    Longfield front axle shaft / birfield won't come out

    I have the driver front on a '78 FJ40 front axle tore down to the inner knuckle. I am unable to get the Longfield axle out. I've lined up the flat spots and everything but the trunion races have been removed, but it won't come out. It looks and feels as it's getting stuck in the inner knuckle...
  11. ChiroFJ

    Knuckle Stud - larger size needed

    I previously updated the upper knuckle studs on my '78 FJ40 axle to Magnum ARP HD Knuckle Stud (140171-1-KIT); which are M12. I also added a 5th larger bolt. Sadly I managed to strip the knuckle from most of these and now need another repair. I'm running high steer arms. Does anyone know...
  12. H

    Knuckle rebuild?

    From a novice, beginner, hope to be somewhat competent mechanic someday. I was looking over my newly acquired 1968 fj40 to determine what are the "have to do's" before I get to the "what I would like to do's" and noticed this piece of rubber on front passanger side wheel knuckle. I'm assuming...
  13. S

    Fj80 Knuckle rebuild kits

    Hey guys Im looking for the most dependable parts at the best deal for knuckle rebuild kits for a Fj80. Thank you!
  14. H

    For Sale  80 Series passenger knuckle housing, birf, spindle [Bay Area]

    parts are used but in good condition. (1) passenger side knuckle housing w/ ABS sensor hole - $90 (1) birfield/CV - $80 (1) spindle - $40 or $190 if you take everything Prefer local sale
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  FJ80 Front Axle

    SoCal Send Personal message for requests and prices.
  16. bw86newman

    When to perform knuckle rebuild? mileage or year interval

    I recently bought an FZJ80 from the original owner with complete service history going back to 2004. Truck currently has 125k on it and has been a city car/babied all its life. Last knuckle rebuild was only 20,000 miles ago. Although, that was 8 years ago. I plan to take a trip from Florida...
  17. abosely

    Certain yrs Mini-Truck Knuckle Balls, spindles & hubs same as 60/62?

    Are there a year range that the mini-truck knuckle balls, spindles & hubs are the same as FJ60/62? Where I live FJ60/62 are few & far between, but there are lots of mini-truck of all years around. If they are the same in a certain year range it will make getting some a lot easier. Cheers, Allen
  18. ewillis

    White Knuckle 66.5" or 69"?

    Bout to place the order. Need to determine if I want to go 66.5 (easy for mud flap retention) or 69 (full coverage). Looking for pics of a lifted 80 with either. Specifically, if anyone has the 69" with notched mudflaps that would be much appreciated. TIA...:beer:
  19. savvas

    1993 PZJ75 8'' HP & 9.5'' FJ40 front smaller knuckle arms diff

    Can I swap the knuckles/disks/hubs from the 8'' HP over to the 9.5'' FJ40 front diff with the smaller knuckles arms?
  20. savvas

    1993 pzj75 8'' HP knuckles on FJ40 smaller knuckle arms

    Probably being covered but couldn't find any info. Wondering if the knuckles/disks/hub from a 1993 pzj75 front 8'' HP will fit to an FJ40 fine spline smaller knuckle arms housing.
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